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WIP Wednesday ~ a random update

It's knitting update time! And I'm going to start with something I promised you in the last monthly wrap-up: details on what went wrong with the Fork in the Road socks. First, I had mentioned that there was a knot in the yarn which meant I had to go through the yarn to get to… Continue reading WIP Wednesday ~ a random update

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WIP Wrap-up for July 2019

Happy July! As I mentioned last month, July is when the Tour de Fleece reminds me to spin all this lovely fiber I have so that I can make it into yarn which I can knit. So (while there has certainly also been A LOT of knitting progress! Hooray!!) there are significantly more pictures of… Continue reading WIP Wrap-up for July 2019

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WIP Wednesday ~ the Nessie Socks edition

So... last month I finished Nessie Sock #2. I am very happy with that progress. However... As you can see, the heel on Nessie Sock #1 is wrong. It's way too shallow. It's easier to see in comparison to the correct heel on Sock #2, so I guess I can't get too mad at… Continue reading WIP Wednesday ~ the Nessie Socks edition

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WIP Wednesday ~ the Tour de Fleece starts!

The Tour de Fleece officially started on July 6th. (Links here to the Ravelry group and more information from Interweave Magazine.) Since I've officially stated here that I'm going to participate again this year, let's see how much I've gotten accomplished so far! This is Wonderland Dyeworks fiber in the Blooming Meadow colorway, but… Continue reading WIP Wednesday ~ the Tour de Fleece starts!

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WIP Wrap-up for June 2019

I've been gradually getting back into knitting this month. I know I didn't talk about it much, but I did have a small knitting slump at the end of May and first half of June. Lunch break knitting was fine, but it was weird and sad and strange to sit on the couch knitting at… Continue reading WIP Wrap-up for June 2019

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WIP Wednesday ~ Minstrel Progress

I've mentioned a lot how much I love working on the Minstrel Sweater, but that's about all I've said about it for a while. So, how about a little focus on it this week? That's the overall progress I've made so far. I'm pleased with how it's going, and when I give myself some… Continue reading WIP Wednesday ~ Minstrel Progress

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WIP Wednesday: the startitis edition

So I have mentioned the Fork in the Road socks on here before, since they are my current travel knitting. However, I didn't talk that much about them and I am really fascinated by the way the socks work up so I want to look at them in a little more detail. The heel… Continue reading WIP Wednesday: the startitis edition

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WIP Wednesday for spring!

Happy spring! (I know, depending on where you are, it has possibly been spring for ages, or it's already summer, or you're heading into fall, and not spring. But my weather has been very nice and spring-like this week, and I love it.) So: I was hoping to have the Close to You shawl done… Continue reading WIP Wednesday for spring!