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Sunday Summary 12.26.10

Um. Oops. I guess I haven't blogged in over a week. Not entirely sure how that happened. I could blame the holidays, but I have blogged during more stressful times than this year's Christmas. (It was a surprisingly relaxing one for me. I got most of my shopping and knitting done well in advance this… Continue reading Sunday Summary 12.26.10

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The Holiday Spirit

For the second year running, Jen & John of Cake Wrecks are doing a Christmas Charity Countdown - for the days from now until Christmas, they're sponsoring a charity a day and asking their readers to donate $1 each. One dollar. Twelve days. Good causes. It all adds up. I'm joining them this year, even… Continue reading The Holiday Spirit

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Why My Wednesday Blog Posts are Boring in December

So, I've been doing some crochet again lately. But, I can't show it off here on the blog because it's Christmas crochet and some of the people I'm crocheting for read the blog. I've also been playing with knitting toys. But I can't show that off either, because the toys are for someone who reads… Continue reading Why My Wednesday Blog Posts are Boring in December