Make It So

I have an FO post for you today! Hooray!

Star Trek socks - finished - 1

(Sorry for the blurry photo… I had to include it because the cat’s foot is in the frame.)

Here are the completed Star Trek socks. I really like the way they turned out, even if it took a bit of doing to get them there.

The pattern is here (as a free Ravelry download), and it’s a fun knit. Or at least, the top part is. I think I’m learning, though, that repetitive Fair Isle bores me. Some people like knitting color work no matter how easy or hard it is, but this is not me. I think I’ve learned that if I’m doing color work I want to have to follow a pattern. I don’t want it to be easy enough to memorize, because it feels too easy to make the annoyance of carrying the floats worth it. I dunno. Maybe it’s just because I’m tired of knitting the pattern on the foot of this sock. I might change my mind later.

I’ve also decided that if I do this sock pattern again, I will be making a few alterations.

  1. I will make the sock toe-up.
  2. I will have the Star Trek insignia on one side of the sock, and the Klingon (or who knows? I might chart up the Romulan insignia, or some such) on the other side. And then for the mate, I will make sure to place the heel so that the matching insignia face each other, so one is on the outside of the leg and the other is on the inside.
  3. The foot will be a solid color. I will start the color work on the leg.
  4. The toe and heel will probably be in the contrasting color. Just for fun.

Anyway, I suspect I will be making at least one more pair of these socks, because my brother-in-law likes them. And I really don’t want to do color work on the foot portion of socks his size.

Star Trek socks - finished - 2

Another thing I have learned from making this sock is I actually need to follow the instructions I write down. When I knit the second toe, I had to tink back because I didn’t follow the instructions I’d written. And then when I DID go back and follow my notes, I discovered that whatever I’d done on the first toe WAS NOT WHAT I’D WRITTEN DOWN. Very annoying.

Oh well. Not my ideal way to knit a pair of socks, but they’re done now. And they fit me. So I guess that’s the part that matters.

Star Trek socks - finished - 3

SPECS: (link to my project in Ravelry)

Pattern: Star Trek Socks
Designer: Laura Hohman
Yarn: Knit Picks Stroll
Needles: US 1 & 2
Start/end dates: 12-28-10 to 8-2-12
Mods: I did both patterns listed as options, instead of making the pair with only one insignia. Also, I have no idea what actually happened when I got to the toe, but it didn’t match what the written instructions are.


WIP Weds ~ Solely Socks!

Today’s WIP post will be all about socks. Two socks, each part of a different pair.

But first, I’m going to quickly touch on yesterday’s Ten On Tuesday post, which I didn’t do yesterday because I can only answer One On Tuesday, which doesn’t have the same ring to it.

The Ten On Tuesday topic was “Ten Good Deeds We Did This Week.” We even had advance notice for it, so I should have been paying attention and doing more Good Deeds. I only did one.

That one Good Deed was actually publicized elsewhere on the Interwebs, because it was a part of the Yarn Harlot’s Karmic Balancing Gifts. I donated the below scrapbook album to someone who donated money to Stephanie’s bike rally effort, and the money donated there went towards the “Friends For Life” bike rally, which supports people living with HIV/AIDS. I figured this album was doing nothing in my storage unit, and could be doing something in someone else’s house, so when Stephanie asked if people wanted to offer up things for her to giveaway, I added this to her already impressive pile of reader donations.

CM album donated

Actually, I just realized I could have done Two On Tuesday, which has the same ring as Ten On Tuesday, if not a better one. The second of the two Good Deeds I did this week was to help my parents clean out some stuff in their house. Things always get a bit crazy during theatre productions, especially when every single member of the family is heavily involved. (I’m talking about my sister directing, my mom producing, my brother-in-law acting as one of the lead quintet, my dad stage managing, and me and my honey Co-Flight Directing. That type of “heavily involved”. I think it’s more commonly known as “insane”.)

ANYWAY, things get crazy, and household chores fall to the least important things on Earth. So last weekend I went to visit and helped clean up. And that’s my Two On Tuesday.

But, you came here for knitting pictures! I’m only going to share one, but it’s a two-fer:


This is the current progress on both my Break-It-Up Jester socks and my Star Trek socks. I’m nearly to the heel increases on the one, and the toe decreases on the other. Hopefully I’l have an FO post for you this week! And if not this week, than definitely next week. Because I want the Star Trek socks DONE. They’ve been a WIP for too long.

WiP Weds ~ 7-25-12

It’s been a while since I’ve done a WIP Weds post, hasn’t it? Actually, it’s been a while since I’ve done any kind of knitting post. Probably largely because there hasn’t been much knitting. I’ve been busy with theatre, mostly, but then also have been just on the tired side. Also, knitting doesn’t usually happen at Disneyland (though sometimes on the car rides to and from) so when we were visiting Cars Land there was next-to-no knitting happening.

But that’s okay, because I’m knitting now!

This is a sock-heavy knitting post again. I like socks, so I see nothing wrong with this. The first sock pair is one that was going to be for me, and then was going to be for my sister because it didn’t fit me, and now is going to be for me again because it actually does fit. I think that I was too close to the heel turn when I tried it on last, and so the sock was too hard to get over my heel because of the way the needles were misbehaving. You know how they do.

Star Trek progress 7-24

At any rate, the Star Trek socks are going to be mine again. I’ll just have to make my sister another pair – which I was planning on anyway, since she likes blue best. Besides, I have some ideas on how to make the sock easier for a fair isle newbie like myself. Idea #1: only do colorwork on the top half of the sock. Leave the heel and foot in a solid color. Much easier that way.

And then a pair of socks that were going to be mine, maybe, and are now not. These are going to be a present for my mom, because they turned out wider than I like my socks to be. (This is either the fault of the stitch count, the needle size – big – or both. I picked the combo because I liked the way it looked, and not because I liked the way it fit. I don’t think I even bothered to try to the sock on for a long time.)

Jester progress 7-24

At any rate, the pattern is called “Break It Up” and it’s written by my good friend Meg. Very fun. And I’m on the toe of the second sock, so we’ll see if the striping pattern on the foot matches the way it turned out on the first one. You never know with yarn like this.

The last project for today is a sweater named Shirley.

Shirley progress 7-24

This is made from a laceweight yarn, because I could. I’ve seen some commercial sweaters in fine yarn that look great. And I had this yarn laughing at me from the WIP bag of a stole that I got mad at, so I decided to repurpose it. And now it’s becoming a sweater instead of a stole. I’ll share more details as I get further along with the project.

Have a great Wednesday everyone! We’re halfway to the weekend!

Star Trekking

So, I told you a couple weeks ago that I was working on the second Star Trek sock again. What I didn’t do was show you a picture. I tried to, honest, but for some reason it wouldn’t upload via the WP iPhone app, and I never got back to the post to attempt it again.

Wanna see a pic now? I hope so, because there’s one here:

Star trek sock logo!

It’s getting to the point where you can see the emblem on the leg. It’s fun knitting the Federation logo this time instead of the Klingon Empire one. I think this will make for a very fun, very geeky fraternal pair of socks.

It also makes me want to look for other emblems in the Star Trek universe. Things I can do in the other Federation uniform colors. For instance, I could knit a blue pair with the second sock being a Romulan symbol instead of the Klingon one. (I think the Romulans use blue. They should if they don’t. It seems to suit them.) But what about the yellow? I can’t think of anyone who would fit the yellow color, and doing a Klingon sock in yellow just wouldn’t work.

Any thoughts?

A Tale of Three Socks

This is a tale of three socks. Not three PAIRS, mind, but three socks.

Two Socks

The MTT Sock (sadly not pictured), the Emergency Backup Sock, and the Klingon Sock.

Each is finished and waiting for its mate. Which one shall I cast on first? Let’s meet the contenders.

MTT Socks 05

First, the MTT Sock. This one was knit so I would have a plain vanilla sock to keep me occupied during long car rides (say, to Disneyland). In that sense alone, it would make sense to start this sock. I have been taking many long car rides lately, and having something to do during them (when I’m not driving) is a good idea. However, many times the driving gets done at night, when I can’t see to knit, so this is not an automatic answer.

I should also cast on this sock because the whole point of it was to learn a new cast-on technique for toe-up socks. And the first sock was cast-on around 6 months ago. I took notes, but if i don’t do the second sock soon, I’ll forget how to do it. Plus, the yarn is fun, and the socks will be for me so I’m looking forward to wearing them.

On the other hand, the socks are for me.

Emergency Socks 05

Wouldn’t it make more sense to finish the mate to the Emergency Backup Sock, which is *not* for me?

Besides, this is close enough to a plain vanilla sock that I could also knit it in the car. (The only difference is the line of ribbing I carried down from the cuff on either side of the leg for some interest. Though, it’s hard to tell because the yarn is so busy.)

This yarn makes a good summer weight sock, too, so finishing it in time for summer makes sense too… or would, if it weren’t for the fact that these will be a Christmas present. Not a belated Christmas present, either, but a real, honest-to-goodness Christmas 2011 present. (Yes, I’m getting started early. It wasn’t intentional, but it may be the only way I can get everything finished in time. I buy presents year-round; why shouldn’t I also knit them all year?

Klingon Socks 04

On the other hand, the Klingon Sock is colorwork with wool. Which makes it not so great a summer weight sock. One layer of wool yarn in the spring/summer is sometimes too warm. Two layers would be too much for me. And since I doubt I’ll make the second sock fast enough to wear the pair while it’s still cold (remember, warm weather comes early to California) I probably won’t be wearing these until next fall/winter no matter how early I finish them. (These ones, like the MTT Socks, are for me.)

Then again, I’ve gotten an unofficial request for a pair of Star Trek Socks as a gift for my BIL. (The word used was “commission,” but that’s just silly. Like I wouldn’t jump at the opportunity to give him a gift I know he wants without having to ask for a wish list.) And if I’m going to be knitting a second pair of colorwork socks in the same basic pattern, I want there to be time in between for other sock knitting or I will get bored. So I should finish the Klingon Socks now, and do the Star Trek Socks later.

Yikes. Too many decisions to make. Whatever will become my purse knitting?

Qiviuk Mitts 03

Mitts. I only have one pair of those in the works.


(There won’t be a detailed ROW80 update this week, because I have been involved in other personal life things that aren’t going up here. However, progress is being made, even if it is limping progress. It will continue to be made, one step at a time, this week. Next week might pick up, or it might not. But progress will be made even if it is in halting steps rather than sprints or jogs or mad dashes. Hopefully by March I will have settled down into a regular schedule. I have a schedule planned, but don’t yet have the ability to stick to it and still get Life accomplished. Regardless of the interruptions, I am writing actual new words, and that is more than I had been doing before I started this challenge.)

What I do have for you today us a current picture of my Klingon sock. I’m nearly to the tie decreases on this first sock, and am very ready to cast this guy off. Why? Because. I enjoy the knitting of it, but I – like many in the blog-o-sphere and in my knitting circle – am on a finishing kick. Having WIPs languish in my knitting bag is starting to drive me nuts.

Will I get this one done soon? Yes. Will I finish the pair soon too? We’ll see. But I will probably not be casting on anything new for a while now. (Of course, having said that…)

(Argh! Where is my sock picture? Trying it again…)

Life, WiP, and the Pursuit of Happiness

So, it’s time to check in with the Round of Words again! (Somehow I thought I’d be posting something in-between this and the last check-in, but ah well.)

Things have not nearly gone so well in the writing front this time. Partly because that lovely headache I mentioned on Sunday? Might be gone now. After 3 days of pain. I’m not holding my breath until it’s been gone for over a day straight.

The writing also has not been going as well because I have a full-time job again now, something I’ve been lacking since the spring. I’m not going into details, this being on the interwebs and all, but suffice it to say that I’m hopeful about this position. I like the people, the work (so far, after one day) is well within my skill set and yet should be varied enough to stay interesting, and the location isn’t bad either.

So. All that to say that I haven’t really gotten much of anything written. Yes, I feel bad about that. But this is The Writing Challenge That Knows You Have A Life. So I’m not going to beat myself up because said Life handed me a bunch of Things Other Than Writing these past few days. I think I will have some time for more iAnnie tomorrow, and I will be getting into a routine that will allow for planned writing time. And after all, that planned/scheduled writing time is what the whole point of me joining this challenge really was. So this is a Good Thing.

(At least I’m thinking in the steampunk/gaslamp mentality. You can tell, because I am Using Caps. A lot. This is part of how I behave when I’m mentally in that genre.)

So, to make your trip here worth something, I have two more things for you. One is a picture of the current state of the Klingon socks.

Klingon Socks 02

They’re fun to knit, and so far they fit me. I hope they continue to do so!

And the second fun thing before I send you off with Happy Wednesday wishes, is a book meme. I got it from My Middle Name Is Patience, whose author, I just discovered, is a mutual friend of Chris @ SoC and yet lives near me. Funny how these things work.

Anyway, the MEME is to use the books you read last year to fill in the blanks in the list below. As for myself, I read 76 books (not all finished, a couple I gave up on) in 2010. The links are to the LibraryThing listings.

I spent my New Year’s Eve: with Eyes Like Stars (Théâtre Illuminata book #1, by Lisa Mantchev)

I’ve made a resolution to: keep Searching for Dragons (Enchanted Forest Chronicles book #2, by Patricia C. Wrede)

I plan to quit my habit of: getting Frostbitten (Otherworld book #10, by Kelley Armstrong)

I hope I’ll get to visit: The Sleeping Beauty (500 Kingdoms book #5, by Mercedes Lackey) (or at least her castle in Disneyland.)

One project I didn’t finish last year but want to finish this year is: Mine To Possess (if I work hard enough) (Psy-Changeling book #4, by Nalini Singh)

I want to learn: A Matter of Magic (book by Patricia C. Wrede)

I’m not looking forward to: being Rain Lashed (a Kyndred novella by Lynn Viehl) (second link is Lynn’s link to the novella itself on Google Docs)

My biggest dream for the year is: to survive Fortune and Fate (Twelve Houses book #5, by Sharon Shinn)

I hope I don’t end up: Broken (book by Shiloh Walker)

I’ll probably spend a lot of time: watching Movies in 15 Minutes (book by Cleolinda Jones) (and if you want to sample her work without getting the book, look no further.)

So, that’s it for my Wednesday. I hope you have a great one!