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Make It So

I have an FO post for you today! Hooray! (Sorry for the blurry photo... I had to include it because the cat's foot is in the frame.) Here are the completed Star Trek socks. I really like the way they turned out, even if it took a bit of doing to get them there. The… Continue reading Make It So

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WIP Weds ~ Solely Socks!

Today's WIP post will be all about socks. Two socks, each part of a different pair. But first, I'm going to quickly touch on yesterday's Ten On Tuesday post, which I didn't do yesterday because I can only answer One On Tuesday, which doesn't have the same ring to it. The Ten On Tuesday topic… Continue reading WIP Weds ~ Solely Socks!

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Life, WiP, and the Pursuit of Happiness

So, it's time to check in with the Round of Words again! (Somehow I thought I'd be posting something in-between this and the last check-in, but ah well.) Things have not nearly gone so well in the writing front this time. Partly because that lovely headache I mentioned on Sunday? Might be gone now. After… Continue reading Life, WiP, and the Pursuit of Happiness