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Romance Top Thirteen

I'm stealing this idea from Shiloh Walker (who stole it as well)... Only I'm making it 13 instead of her 10 because it's a Thursday 13 this way. (And because I can. So there.) Now, these are not all "official" romance novels. But they all have a romance (to one degree or another) in them. So… Continue reading Romance Top Thirteen

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Dragon Age Thirteen

Because it's Thursday, I'm going to do another Thursday Thirteen. And I'll give you a hint about what I've been doing this week when not at work or rehearsals or sleeping... Thirteen Reasons why Dragon Age: Origins is Awesome 1. Incredible worldbuilding. Maybe it's because I'm an author, but I notice things like this. The world… Continue reading Dragon Age Thirteen

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In Which There Are Thirteen Random Things

Anyone remember when I used to do Thursday Thirteens? Lists of 13 things every Thursday? I haven't done them in a while. Haven't seen anyone else doing them, either. But today? I'm doing one. Mostly because I want a post that is worthwhile, yet I don't have much else to say today. So without further… Continue reading In Which There Are Thirteen Random Things

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Blog In Review

Something that I've done before which Lynn Viehl has reminded me of is a "year-in-review" by blog posts. As in, not a "this is what I've done this year" which I've seen in several places, but a "this is what I blogged (and liked) month-by-month." So why not? I can do that. January: January had… Continue reading Blog In Review

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Thursday 13 #83 ~ All the World’s a Stage

I am pretending (for now) that I haven't been such a slacker. I will be less of a slacker shortly. I hope. In the meantime, here is a list of the various theatrical endeavours that have been eating up that elusive thing called "free time" since January.... (they're roughly chronological from most recent to oldest)… Continue reading Thursday 13 #83 ~ All the World’s a Stage