Ten On Tuesday Retirement

I just found out that the reason we haven’t been getting 10 on Tuesday prompts lately is that Carol is switching the 10 on Tuesday weekly prompts to be a 10 on the Tenth monthly prompt. I haven’t decided yet whether I will continue with the monthly instead of weekly prompts, but that is why there has been radio silence on Tuesdays lately. I guess I’ll need to re-think my blog schedule and decide what I want to blog about most. I have been skipping writing updates lately since there haven’t been any, but with November and NaNoWriMo right around the corner, it might be time to bring back a writing blog post. We’ll have to see.

Have a great day!


Ten On Tuesday ~ Summer and Fall

Hi Everyone,
We’re going to shake things up a little bit this week and do two lists of 5 things. First, I want you to write about the 5 best things you did this summer. And then I want you to share 5 things you are looking forward to doing this fall.
Have fun!

So that’s a bit of a different prompt for today. Still very similar to the “normal” 10 on Tuesday prompt, but not quite the same. I’ll be writing this list on the fly as I go, listing the best things I can remember off the top of my head, and I hope I’ll remember some great things about this summer (and some wonderful plans for this fall) as I go.

5 Best Things I Did This Summer (in no particular order)

  1. Tour de Fleece. I always enjoy it when I have the time to spin for the TdF.
  2. Theatre. I enjoy the time I spend working on shows. However, they do take up a lot of time, so there wasn’t really much else that got done this summer.
  3. Started the 101 in 1001 Challenge. It might not seem like something that belongs on this list, but if nothing else it has already helped me figure out what items in my life are the most important to me. I intend to see it though the whole 1001 days, but even if I don’t it has already benefited me.
  4. Celebrated a friend’s 60th birthday. This friend moved about 2 hours away a couple years ago, and I don’t get to see her as often as I like. It’s always nice to have a chance to visit.
  5. Went to a wine crawl! I’ve been wanting to try out some local wineries, and this brought several of them to one place so I could sample them. Now we have a short list of places we want to visit so we can do a full tasting.

5 Things I am Looking Forward to Doing This Fall

  1. A lot more knitting. It’s something I always look forward to with the cooler weather coming up. This year, though, I hope to get caught up on my Geek-A-Long knitting so that I can have a finished blanket to submit for the GAL prize drawing.
  2. NaNoWriMo!!! I have missed writing because I’ve been so busy with other things. This fall I should finally have the time to put energy back into the writing. NaNo couldn’t come at a better time this year.
  3. Baking a pumpkin pie. I may or may not be hosting Thanksgiving dinner, but I will definitely be handling the dessert baking. (I took that over from my grandma when I got a copy of her apple pie recipe.) I’ve never made a pumpkin pie before, though, so this Thanksgiving I’ll be making both a pumpkin and an apple pie.
  4. Drinking spiced cider. So yummy.
  5. Wearing fall clothing. Fall clothes are my favorites to wear. Warm and cozy. Yay!

Ten On Tuesday ~ Football Foods

The Ten On Tuesday prompt for September 13, 2016 is 10 Favorite Football Foods. As in, your favorite things to eat while watching football.
Have fun!

Um. Favorite foods to eat while watching football? I only watch – at most – one game a year, and that’s only when our friends have a Superbowl party. And even then, we’re only kinda watching the game. But I guess I can list my favorite foods to eat at that party. That should count.

  1. Meatballs. You know, the Crock Pot version with the BBQ sauce.
  2. Chips and dip. Preferably the French Onion kind of dip with Ruffles.
  3. Cheeseburgers. Home grilled. Yum.
  4. Cake! Our friends’ party is a potluck, and it’s a tradition that one other couple always brings a cake. Usually decorated in one football them or another. (It’s been a football field, a football itself… you get the idea.)
  5. Veggies with ranch dip. Have to get the vegetables in somewhere.
  6. Nachos! Another Crock Pot favorite.
  7. Pigs in a Blanket. Sometimes I remember to make these for the potluck, and sometimes someone else does, but they’re always tasty whenever someone remembers them.
  8. Chocolate! Someone usually brings a box of Sees or Godiva. (Sometimes it’s me.)
  9. Hot dogs. Not quite as preferred as the cheeseburgers, but also tasty.
  10. Cookies! Again, someone always brings cookies. Usually chocolate chip, though sometimes other flavors. And I always eat them. Because cookies.

Have a great day!

Ten On Tuesday ~Labor Day Weekend

Hi there everyone! I hope those of you who got the day off enjoyed your Labor Day long weekend. (For those of you who didn’t, either because you live somewhere other than the USA (or Canada I believe) or because you work in a service job that requires you to work on holidays, I hope it was still a great day for you.)

The Ten On Tuesday prompt for September 6, 2016 is 10 Things You Did This Weekend.
Have fun!

Since this was a long weekend, Mr. Wyrm and I had more time to do things other than our usual weekend TV binging and video game playing. Of course, there was some of that as well, but there was more other stuff than usual. Here’s a sampling of what I did:

  1. Started playing “The Witcher 3”. (I told you there was still some video game playing.)
  2. Watched several MST3K episodes. (We backed the #BringBackMST3K Kickstarter, and have since been re-watching all of the original episodes in order. It’s fun.)
  3. Went to a friend’s birthday BBQ.
  4. Went to rehearsal for the show I’m Stage Managing. (Amazingly enough, a lot of the cast didn’t go out of town for the long weekend, so we were able to hold rehearsal even though it was a holiday.)
  5. Tried out 2 new recipes for my Instant Pot. (One was a slow-cooker recipe, and the other was a pressure cooker recipe. I do like the versatility of this appliance.)
  6. Watched “Soap Dish”. (Because it’s funny. And it’s on HBO Go, so I didn’t have to pay anything extra for the rental.)
  7. Did laundry. (Holiday weekend or not, the regular chores need to be done.)
  8. Stayed in my PJs as much as possible.
  9. Knit. A lot.
  10. Did lots of dishes. (I’m trying to cook dinners over the weekend that will hold up well as leftovers during the week so that I can eat real food before running off to rehearsals, but that means lots of pots and pans to wash over the weekend.)

How about you? Do anything particularly fun this past weekend?

Ten On Tuesday ~Homesick

The Ten On Tuesday prompt for August 30, 2016 is 10 Things You Miss About Your Home When You’re Away.
Have fun!

We missed out on the Ten On Tuesday prompts for a couple weeks, but they’re back now! Here’s this week’s list:

  1. My cat!
  2. My bed. (Some hotel beds are more comfortable, true, but many of them are less so.)
  3. My pillow. (Even more than my bed, I miss my pillow.)
  4. Cooking in my kitchen.
  5. The variety of clothes in my closet. (Even though I pack too many clothes for most vacations, I still prefer being able to pick whatever I want.)
  6. My TV habits. (We don’t watch a lot of shows, but we do have our habits.)
  7. My family. (At least, when they aren’t vacationing with us.)
  8. My schedule. (It’s not work I miss, but I do miss the routine.)
  9. My shower. (Most hotel showers are too low-pressure.)
  10. My library. (Yes, I bring books with me, but sometimes I change my mind about what I want to read.)

Have a great day!

Ten On Tuesday ~ Heatwave

The Ten On Tuesday prompt for July 26, 2016 is 10 Ways to Beat the Heat.
Have fun!

Sounds like great timing! We’ve been getting hot weather now in my part of California. While I loved the spring-in-July we had been getting, this is more “normal”. If the weather patters can truly be said to be “normal” anymore.

Anyway, here are the first 10 ways I can think of to beat the heat:

  1. Go swimming.
  2. Ice cream!
  3. Watch a movie in an air conditioned cinema.
  4. Take a road trip to somewhere with snow. (Provided you are lucky enough to live close enough to one of these places. We used to go on vacations that took us places like Mt. Shasta, and snow in summer was always a weird thing for me.)
  5. Shave ice. (We usually got ours at the Boardwalk.)
  6. Afternoon naps. (Alas, work gets in the way. When I’m able, though, I love napping in the afternoon and staying up later at night when it’s cool.)
  7. Sit / lay on tile floors. (Our pets have this one down.)
  8. When you go outside, wear tank tops, shorts, and big floppy hats. (And lots of sunscreen.)
  9. Popsicles! (We used to love combining a Popsicle with vanilla ice cream. Home-made creamsickle in any flavor!)
  10. Root beer floats. (Yes, ice cream features in a lot of my ideas. What of it?)

Try to stay cool! (Unless you’re in the Southern Hemisphere. And then I guess it would be “try to stay warm.”)

Ten On Tuesday ~ Summer Camp

Good morning! I hope you’re having a great day. Here in NorCal we’re currently having spring in July, so I’m happy. (But we had summer in May, so I guess it’s all even.)

Did you go to camp as a kid? Day camp or sleep over camp? I’m hoping you did because the Ten On Tuesday prompt for Tuesday, July 12, 2016, is 10 Things You Loved About Summer Camp.
Have fun!

This should be fun. I did go to summer camp as a kid – it was with the Girl Scouts, but that totally counts. We never bothered to consider the other camps, since I always enjoyed the Scout camps. We did mostly day camps, though there was one week-long sleepover camp we went to, and our favorite day camp had a one-night sleepover at the end of the camp. Anyway, here’s my list of things I loved about camp (in no particular order):

  1. Crafts! They were often silly, but they were fun.
  2. Home-made ice cream!!! This is one of the things I enjoyed most about camp. Yes, we had to spend a lot of time taking turns at the manual crank on the ice cream maker, but the result was worth it!
  3. Creek walking. I don’t know if I would enjoy this as much now, because some of those creeks looked nasty. But at the time, walking around in the creeks was one of camp’s highlights.
  4. Night hikes! These were rare, since most of my camp experience was the day camp variety, but they were one activity I looked forward to all week during our camp that had the sleepover at the end.
  5. Singing. Around campfires when we had them, but there were songs more often than there were campfires. This was Girl Scout camp, after all. We had songs for just about everything.
  6. Weird competitions. One of the camps that I went to when I was older (this one was a local Camporee for junior high Girl Scouts) included a bunch of competitions. Things like knot tying and plant identification and fire building and cooking actual food with random ingredients. This was probably my FAVORITE CAMP EVER because it was a great team-building experience but it also felt like we were actually learning something useful.
  7. Aging-out of “camper” status and becoming “CREW”. (Which stands for “Cadettes Ready Eager Willing”. (Don’t ask me how I remember that. I’m not sure.) AKA junior high Scouts who assisted the adult Leaders in corralling a bunch of younger kids around camp.) Being a camper was fun. Being CREW was at least as much fun. I guess I’ve always enjoyed being in charge of things…
  8. Dinosaur Egg hunts. I don’t remember much about these, but I vaguely remember decorating watermelons with spots and hiding them on the outskirts of camp for the younger campers to find. I remember it being amusing, at any rate.
  9. Family time! Since my family was also all involved with Girl Scouts, we usually all went to camp together. This would annoy some people, but I loved it.
  10. Being outdoors really early in the morning. Yes, this also only happened on the morning of the sleepover night. Granted, camp started much earlier than I get up now on mornings when I don’t have work. That time of day was enjoyable too, but the really early mornings while everyone (except my dad) was still sleeping were my favorites. Seeing the sunrise from the campsite was amazing.
  11. (Bonus item! Yay! Because once I thought of it, I couldn’t leave it off my list.) Stargazing. Another sleepover-only event, and it sometimes corresponded with night hikes, but I love and dearly miss stargazing from camp. I don’t miss sleeping on the ground in a sleeping bag instead of a nice comfy bed, but I miss the stars.