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Throwing In The Towel – At Least Mostly

When it gets to be Day 5 of NaNo, and you've written barely 300 words, and each of those words was pulling teeth, and there is just no enthusiasm for writing the story you've chosen for NaNo or anything of the sort, it's time to re-evaluate what is going on. I did my thinking, and… Continue reading Throwing In The Towel – At Least Mostly

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Goal Posts, 4/27 Edition

1. Quick polish SPN & send to Betas – due date 4/5/10 Done! Though the “quick polish” was exceptionally quick. Embarrassingly quick, even. 2. Send T to 5 sub ops – due date 4/30/10 Not done yet. Show has opened, but SPN still has priority. After that, it will probably be May before I touch… Continue reading Goal Posts, 4/27 Edition