WIP Weds ~ socks again

Unlike last week, this week there has been knitting on my Hedera socks. I do still like the knit, both the pattern and the yarn. One thing I especially like about sock knitting is that the rows don’t get tons longer the longer you work on the project. Unlike shawls.

Anyway, here’s the current state of the Hedera socks:

I’m getting close to the point where I can say I’m nearly done with sock #1. And then it will be time to start sock #2. It really is a good thing I like this knit, or I might end up with a single sock.

I have also been working on Babette blanket squares. Here are my latest two squares:

I only have some 6-round squares and some 4-round squares left to crochet before the joining is the only remaining part of this project. I have enjoyed working on it, but I will be SO GLAD to have it finished. Eventually. I’ve stopped looking at the start date and calculating how long it has taken me to do this project. (I’m sure I’ll look again when I finally finish it and write up an FO blog post for the blanket.)

Still, it’s a lot of fun when I can focus on the individual squares and not get overwhelmed by the way this project ended up taking so much longer than I’d originally planned. I had also originally planned to make a second one when this one was done… but that is no longer the plan. I’ll consider crocheting (or knitting) another scrap sock yarn blanket, but it won’t be another Babette. If it took me this long to do blanket #1, I don’t even want to THINK about how long potential blanket #2 would take. I’ll find a different pattern that has the benefit of newness going for it instead.

(Note: do not take this to imply that I dislike the Babette blanket. That is not true. I do like it. But it apparently lacks the ability to hold my interest for too long. Perhaps because the squares are so simple to crochet that I don’t really have to think about them? I had thought that simple squares would make the project easier to finish, but it turns out that projects which are slightly more difficult have a better shot at holding my interest.)

(Another note: I have been knitting on the Cats Will Play shawl, too. But the rows are now long enough that any pictures I took this week would look very similar to the picture I took last week. I may take another picture for next week’s WIP Weds, because there may be enough visible progress again at that point.)

Happy Wednesday!

WIP Weds ~ in which there is knitting again

Okay, so there is knitting again this week! Maybe not as much as I would like (there has also still been lots of Stardew Valley playing time) but there is certainly more knitting than there was.

Let’s start with the current Geek-A-Long square, the caffeine molecule:

Knitting WIPs ~ 1/25/17

I’m enjoying this one a lot, but it is also the one that is the most impacted by my gaming time. I tend to knit the GAL squares at home while Mr. Wyrm and I watch TV. So when our TV time turns into Stardew Valley time, I’m not knitting. In any case, there has been progress on it since you last saw an update.

The next project has been getting a bit more knitting time, since it is one of my at-work-during-breaks knitting projects. It’s the Hedera Socks:

Knitting WIPs ~ 1/25/17

As you can see, I have finished the heel turn and done most of the gusset decreases. This is still sock one, though, so I’ll have to make another one to match when this one’s done in order to have a wearable pair. Still, I like the pattern well enough that I can manage that. It just might take a while, because…

I’ve also been working on the Dangling Conversation scarf (or is it a shawlette or a wrap?) during work breaks:

Knitting WIPs ~ 1/25/17

I love this scarf: it’s a simple knit, yet the YOs and the beads make it interesting enough to keep going. The shaping is also quite interesting, and I look forward to blocking it and seeing what it wants to do. The reason I have started working on this more at work, even though the increasing row length means I don’t feel like I get as much progress made on it as I used to, is because I have decided it needs to be done in time to be a Christmas present.

Yes, I am doing Christmas knitting again this year. And yes, I am starting now. (Otherwise I will get distracted and not finish, or will finish only in a panic on Christmas Eve night.) Here’s the latest Christmas knit I’ve started:

Knitting WIPs ~ 1/25/17

That’s the Cats Will Play shawl, and I started it last night, so there’s not much to see yet. However, I’m knitting it with Blue Moon yarn, and have loved the previous version of this shawl that I made, so I’m looking forward to working on this one.

Hope you’re having a great day!

WIP Wednesday ~ Geekalong and Sock knitting

First of all, I am still considering this the 2016 Geek-A-Long blanket. I started it in 2016 with the 2016 squares and rules. I didn’t finish it in 2016, but that’s still officially which blanket this is. It doesn’t matter that I’ve already included some 2014 squares, or that I will be including some 2017 squares. If I can figure out a way to make the size difference work, I will be including some 2015 squares also. Because I like them all.

Anyway, here are two finished squares that I haven’t shown you yet. Mortal Kombat:

and The Legend of Zelda (Majora’s Mask).

Also my start on the very first GAL square ever, the Caffeine Molecule:

It will be knit with the same yarn combo as Majora’s Mask, because that’s what I already had out and I was feeling lazy. Plus, I had always planned to knit the caffeine molecule in a variegated yarn, so this still fits my grand plan. (Not that I really have a grand plan.)

I have also been working a little on the Babette Blanket (still want to get that finished this year!) though I have no new pictures of it. And my travel knitting has been the Hedera Socks. Since I’ve been working on that over my lunch breaks all year (hehe, I love being able to say that! One of my favorite things about New Year’s) I have gotten some decent progress on the socks. Here’s a slightly old photo of the first sock, taken just as I finished the heel flap and was going to start the heel turn.

Hedera progress 1/3/17

I have since finished the heel turn and started the gusset decreases. But again, I haven’t taken any newer pictures than this one.

I hope you’re having a great week, and get some good progress on your hobbies this year, whatever those may be!

WIP Weds ~ Socktober KAL Update

Okay, well I am behind on this KAL. The 1st Lattes and Llamas Socktober KAL was for the first two weeks of the month. And here it is the last (full) week of the month, and I haven’t finished the first sock yet. I’ve just gotten to the heel turn, though. That’s gotta count for something.

Sorry for the dark picture. It’s been hard to accurately capture the color of this yarn.

I’m enjoying the knit. It’s the MineCraft Sock pattern, and it’s pretty easy to remember as long as I have a row counter telling me how many repeats I’ve done of each section. (It’s three rounds of the same thing, and I’m liable to forget if I’ve done 2 or 3 rounds if I don’t keep count. And this yarn is dark enough to make reading the knitting more difficult than usual.)

Anyway, I may be behind on the KAL, but I’m still plugging along with the knitting. Hope you’re having a great day!

WIP Weds ~ Wark!

Okay, so last week I skipped nearly all of my regularly scheduled blog postings, so I don’t think I’ve shown you this square yet. Here is the (now finished) Final Fantasy 2016 Geek-A-Long square:

Final Fantasy GAL Square

Yes, that is a chocobo! I was so happy when I saw that the chocobo was selected to represent the Final Fantasy series on the GAL blanket.

Final Fantasy GAL Square

(Isn’t this side so cute? I love it so much.)

But yes, I realize that this isn’t really a WIP. This is a finished square (even if it’s part of a larger project which is still a WIP). For a true WIP, I have started the Oregon Trail square, and I tweaked the chart so that the letters will be readable from both sides. I’m still relatively new at this Extreme DK chart-making thing, so hopefully I worked it out right and won’t have to rip back any of my knitting. (Also, hopefully I’ll pay enough attention while knitting and won’t make any regular knitting errors.) I’ll try to get a picture of it next week. I haven’t made enough progress on this square yet to really show it off much.

I also couldn’t resist joining Lattes and Llamas for their Socktober knit-along. Because what I need right now is another project on the needles. However, I’ve been feeling the beginnings of startits, and so starting a sock project is in many ways the lesser of two evils. Socks are at least small projects, and travel easily (unlike the Extreme DK Oregon Trail square). I’d been itching to cast on a shawl project or to start a sweater, or… Yes. Socks are safer. Hopefully I’ll be able to work on the GAL square in quiet moments at home, and can take the Socktober KAL MineCraft socks with me in places where I wouldn’t be easily able to work on the GAL square.

MineCraft socks

Plus, I love this yarn. Zitron Trekking XXL is what I’ve made my favorite pair of socks from – which I then wore so often I wore a hole in the toe. Must find the time (and the leftover yarn) to patch them back up again, so I can wear them more! … and also just knit more socks from Trekking.

Quick WIP Update

Today there will be an extremely quick WIP post. (Partly, I’ll be honest, because progress has been limited. But also because my time is in high demand this week and I don’t have more time to write about knitting, no matter how much I want to.)

First up is the current progress on the Kingdom Hearts GAL square that I showed you last week:

I’m still loving it, but have less time to knit on it than I would like.

Next up is the not-quite-current picture of a new WIP, the Hedera socks by Cookie A.

I am enjoying the knit so far. I’m using Scout’s Swag sport yarn, in a colorway dyed specially for Miriam Felton. I won the yarn in a giveaway many years ago, and have finally decided on a project for it. I love it, and will get you a more current picture… as soon as I have the time to do that.

Happy hump day!

WIP Weds ~ the “what can I show you?” edition

I haven’t done a WIP Weds in a while, have I? I guess part of that is because I’m working on Christmas gifts. This time of year is a really bad one for knitting progress pics. There’s really not that much that I can share.

However, one thing I can share is the spinning progress I’ve made on the Kitty Mine Crafts SAL. (SAL = spin-a-long) Unfortunately, I have only taken one photo. Here it is! This is the first bobbin of singles I spun. I have since spun up a second bobbin of singles, let them rest, and plied them together, but I haven’t taken any additional progress pics yet. I will shortly, because I love the way it’s turning out, but I’ve been busy / lazy / sick and haven’t done it yet.

Hmm, I do have a knitting project I can share with you. This is a new sock (no, I haven’t finished either of the 2 socks-in-progress I have on the needles already, though one is close). It’s on Noro Taiyo Sock yarn, and I’m really enjoying the color changes. The sock is a combination of the Toe-Up Double Gusset Sock and Wendy’s Feather and Fan sock pattern – the first for the foot up through the heel, and the second for the leg. I have gotten further than this picture shows, but I haven’t gotten to any of the pattern stuff yet.

Looking at my calendar, there aren’t many more weeks until Christmas. Hopefully that means I’ll be able to share more WIP Weds shortly than I have been recently! Then again, one of the projects I’m going to be starting shortly is for my 2-year-old nephew, and he doesn’t read my blog, so I might share WIP pictures for that project even before Christmas. We’ll see. Have a great rest of the week, everyone! Hard to believe it’s already almost (American) Thanksgiving…

(Side note: sometimes I think the Canadians have it right by putting Thanksgiving earlier in the year. If nothing else, that way it gets more individual attention, rather than having it closer to Christmas and getting overshadowed…)