FO Friday: Mitts!

They’re done! Hooray!

Serpentine Mitts 09

The Serpentine Mitts, for your viewing pleasure:

Serpentine Mitts 08

I love them. They are awesome. They are not for me. Alas.

Serpentine Mitts 10

I also know that the person they ARE for will love them. And that there will be more of these mitts in my future. Also, the mitts I make for myself will be a larger size. I can get these on, but they’re not exactly comfortable in the smallest size on me…



You’re probably sick of the Serpentine Mitts by now, but they’re my current travel knitting and so when I don’t have the time to log at home, that’s what I have with me for photos.

I am binding off the top of the second mitt (again), and this time I’m in the right spot. I should have these finished by the end of the week. I hope.

I Hate It When I Do THAT, Too

Argh. Or oops. Or darn it! Or some other frustrated sound goes here.

I was knitting merrily along on my Serpentine Mitts, chatting happily at Knit Group, and not paying much attention because it’s an easy knit. Right? Right.

Go ahead. Laugh. You know what happens next.

Serpentine Mitts 06

Yup. A mistake.

Can’t see it? Here, how’s this:

Serpentine Mitts 07

I skipped the last bit of the cable pattern. Quite accidentally, too. I got to the right number of thumb stitches, and mistakenly thought I was done with the cable. So I knit the end ribbing and bound off, and then held the two mitts together and tried to figure out why they were different lengths.

Alas, now I have to rip out a bound-off edge and add the rest of the cable. Ah well. It could be worse. I could have also finished the thumb before getting to this point…

To Dream, Perchance to Knit

So it turns out that I missed the release day of a book I’ve been highly anticipating: Dreamveil by Lynn Viehl. (It came out yesterday.) I think I will be hitting up a bookstore today.

In the meantime, here’s her highly amusing list of 10 things you will NOT find in Dreamveil.

And now, on to the knitting.

I’m just going with one knitting project today: the Serpentine Mitts. Why? Because this is the only project where there has been noticeable change.

Serpentine Mitts 04

Mitt #1 is finished! (My DROPS sweater is still in progress, and doesn’t show much change. Same with the Serendipity Stole and the Mochi Entrelac socks. The new needle has arrived for the Sky Socks, but I haven’t wound the new yarn yet so haven’t cast on. So, the mitts it is!)

Serpentine Mitts 05

These are going really quickly. I love them. And they’re super stretchy! They fit me, but will also fit the recipient, who has smaller hands than I do. I’m going to have to make more of these later… maybe the rest of my family wants mitts for Christmas presents? I think they do.

WiP It!

Don’t forget to comment on posts between May 14 and May 31 to enter my current contest!

So it’s Wednesday, and I have knitting WiPs to show off! Hooray! (But this is a picture heavy post. Sorry!)

First we have the DROPS Sweater:

DROPS Sweater 14

It’s going pretty well. it seems like it’s taking FOREVER, but then I remind myself that this is the entire sweater knit all at once. It’s not just the back, or just the fronts. It’s all of it. I’ve even finished the seams (about 16 stitches worth total) so there’s only sewing in of a couple ends and adding the buttons left to do once I cast off.

DROPS Sweater 15

Next up: the Mochi Entrelac Socks. There isn’t much exciting progress on these, but they’re still going.

Mochi Entrelac Socks 11

Then a new project, the Little Sky Socks for my niece.

Sky Socks 01

The problem here is that I don’t have enough leftovers of the yarn I started with to make them big enough for the kiddo. So, I cast off so that I have a practice sock, and then will be using different yarn to continue with.

Sky Socks 02

Last knitting WiP for today is the Serpentine Mitts.

Serpentine Mitts 02

(Yes, that is a JessaLu box bag in that photo…)

These will be a gift, but I suspect that when I’m done with them I’ll be knitting another pair. I love them.

Serpentine Mitts 01

So does the cat…

Serpentine Mitts 03

And last, we have the Babette blanket (which is a crochet project, not a knitting one).

Cool Babette 06

I do love the way this is turning out. Though I am also trying to not crochet all of it at once, since there is more sock yarn in progress that will be leftover semi-soon and can be added to the Babette blanket if I have a little patience.

Cool Babette 08

Patience and I don’t usually get along, so this should be interesting.