WIP Wednesday for Valentine’s Day 2018

I was supposed to have little knit hearts to show you today, but I haven’t started knitting any yet. Finding the right yarn and needle combination won’t really take me that long, but I’m procrastinating knitting them using that as my excuse, so… yeah.

What I am knitting is this, the “Thor” Geek-A-Long square:

Suzy is helping me as often as she can.

I’m also knitting the Lacy Entrelac Scarf:

It is my current travel knitting (I haven’t moved my sock or mitt projects back to the “travel knitting” role since I’m so enamored of this scarf) and so it’s been getting worked on over my lunch breaks.

There are other WIPs on the needles, but these are the two I actively knit on this past week. I spent time doing stuff (that wasn’t knitting) with my family this past weekend, so there wasn’t as much knitting time last week as usual.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


WIP Wednesday for 7 February 2018

I recently needed to bring a travel knitting project somewhere, but I couldn’t bring the mitts I’m working on since the person I’m going to be giving them to was going with me. So I looked at the other travel-sized projects I have on the needles, and decided I didn’t want to bring any of them.

  1. The Raw Honey mitts were out, due to my travel companion.
  2. The Minecraft socks might be an easy pattern, but I was coming up on the heel turn soon-ish and didn’t want to have to do my measuring / trying on half-finished socks on the plane.
  3. The mitts for my SIL have been waiting long enough that it would take too long for me to remember where I was in the pattern.
  4. The GAL squares (both of them) are double knitting and therefore more balls of yarn than I wanted to be dealing with at once.

So of course I cast on something new.

I went stash diving in search of some nice striped yarn or something that I would be happy making vanilla socks from. I found a lovely ball of Chroma fingering yarn. Lovely, and wanting to be cast on with, and not what I wanted for socks.

So instead I cast on a new scarf. Easy, right? No fuss, right?

Um. No. I cast on a lace entrelac scarf. Not at all any easier to deal with than the other projects I already have started.

Entrelac scarf

But it is lovely, isn’t it?

WIP Wednesday for 22 November 2017

Happy almost US Thanksgiving Day! (Whew, that was a mouthful.) It wasn’t until this year that I really realized that I’m jealous of the Canadians’ choice in Thanksgiving timing. I would love to have Thanksgiving before Halloween so that I could be listening to Christmas music all November. Oh well. Two more days until I can listen to Christmas music guilt-free.

And in the meantime, there has been knitting! I did decide that 2018 will be a no-knitted-gifts year, so there are a couple of presents that are WIPs which are now hibernating. I will make them for gifts in 2019 instead. (It’s a very freeing feeling. I love it.)

I did cast on a new gift for the 2017 holiday season, though. I’ve decided to make a few quickie gifts, like coffee cup sleeves. Here is the first one of those:

And I’m still working on my scarf gift, too. I love this knit, and the yarn is scrumptious. There has hopefully been enough progress since the last picture that you can tell the difference now:

And I am also still working on my sweater. I’ve started the right front now. I considered knitting the fronts and the sleeves at the same time (aka both fronts, and then both sleeves, not all 4 at once). However, given that I’m already working with two balls of yarn so I can alternate skeins, I decided that would be too much yarn to work with at once. Here’s the progress to date on the right front:

Oh! And I recently cast on the second of the Vanilla Latte socks. I still love this pattern. It’s simple while still being interesting. I haven’t gotten very far on the second sock yet, but here’s a progress pic anyway:

I hope you’re having a great week! I won’t have any other posts or be visiting any blogs for the rest of this week because of the holiday weekend. I will be in a turkey coma, I’m sure. I’ll catch up with you all next week!

If you’re in the US and celebrate, have a Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow! Otherwise, have a good Thursday.  🙂

WIP Weds for 1 November 2017

Happy November! Happy NaNoWriMo! (Anyone here joining me in the novel writing?) We’ll see how much knitting compared to writing I get done this month. In the meantime, though, here’s some progress on the knitting I did the last week of October.

First off, a disclaimer: I did not knit on the Seeta Fingerless Mitts. Nor the Star Wars GAL Square, the Minecraft Socks, nor the Vanilla Latte Socks. Instead, I started a new project and worked on my previously newest WIP.

Said previously newest WIP is the Boyfriend Sweater I’m making for myself out of yarn I spun. I’m really loving this project, and I also love the mindless stockinette knitting that is the back of the sweater. It’s great TV knitting. So, is it any wonder that it’s only been a week since I cast-on, and I’ve already knit this much of it?

Stranger Things (season 2) + knitting = lots of progress. (Except when I stop knitting to stare at the screen harder. Yes, I can knit stockinette without looking at the work. But sometimes that show needs 100% of my focus.)

And the new newest WIP is something that will be a gift. Mr. Wyrm asked me to convince him that knitted socks would be a good thing to keep him warm as he waits for his bus this winter. I told him that they would… but then would he get mad because his feet were too warm inside at the office? We discussed it, and decided that a scarf would be a better gift knit for him. (Baby steps. This is the first time he’s expressed an interest in anything knitted.) So, the scarf I’m making is Stephanie Pearl Mc-Phee’s One Row Homespun Scarf, and I’m making it out of Knit Picks Capra because it’s so soft and warm and comfy. Here’s what the start of it looks like:

And that’s what I’ve been working on for the past week. Have a great rest of the week, and Happy November!