FO Friday ~ Swan Maiden

Today’s FO post is the finished object I have had off the needles the longest (unblogged):

My Swan Maiden Mitts!

Qiviuk Mitts - FO 2

These were made from Qiviuk yarn, and it was a JOY to work with. I would knit this stuff up again in a heartbeat. The only problem is the warmth of the fiber. (Well, it’s a problem in California, anyway.) It means that anything I *DO* knit from this will need to be winter wear or very, VERY lacy.

Qiviuk Mitts - FO 3

The Swan Maiden Mitts have a lace pattern, but are not lacy enough to wear Qiviuk in the summertime. So, these pretty things got their photo shoot, and then moved into the glove drawer to wait for fall.

Which is sad, but they are worth the wait. They are so soft, and so warm, and I will love wearing them. They didn’t use up the entire ball of Qiviuk, either. (Really, I can’t get over it. Who knew musk ox – even in a blend – would be so soft and comfy? Amazing.)

Qiviuk Mitts - FO 1

I did make one mod to this pattern, which was to flip the twist on the bottom cuff of the second mitt. Instead of both mitts twisting the same way, I wanted them to twist in toward each other. Some patterns (Fetching, I think?) do this on their own, and I loved the effect so much that I copied it here. Granted, the twist on this one wasn’t quite as easy a cable to satisfactorily flip, but it worked out fine. Of course, I can’t remember now exactly how I did it, so if anyone else wants to mimic this flip, they will have to figure it out on their own. Sorry.

Here are the specs: (links are to Ravelry)

PATTERN: Swan Maiden Mitts
DESIGNER: Holly Terrell
YARN: Qiviuk Majestic Blend
NEEDLES: US 2 (2.75 mm) magic loop
START/END DATES: 11/23/10 – 5/19/11
MODS: I flipped the twist on the second cuff (see above)


WiP Weds ~ 5.18.11

So here we are at another WiP Weds, and I have two projects to show you that I’ve shown you before. One of them, at least, won’t be seen much longer, because it’s pretty darn close to being finished!

The Swan Maiden Qiviuk Mitts are just about done. All I have left is a few rows of the top ribbing and both thumbs. I’m really looking forward to these being done, but I really didn’t want to need to wear them until next fall/winter… This return of winter when it’s supposed to be spring is really cramping my style.

The other WiP item pictured today are the Emergency Backup Socks. These aren’t as close to being done, but they are still close enough that I feel like they won’t take very long at all. I’m about 1/3 to 1/2 done with the leg of the second sock, and then there’s just the heel turn and working my way down to the toe. They almost certainly won’t be my next FO here on the blog, but they won’t be long.

I’ve also started a new WiP, which isn’t far enough along yet to warrant pictures. This is the Summer Mystery Shawlette by Wendy Johnson. What can I say? I’m a sucker for shawlettes and KALs and Wendy’s patterns. I’ll keep you posted on this one as it progresses.

WiP Weds ~ 4.27.11

I have a new WiP to show you today! Look – a new sock!

Do any of you know what this means? Yup – it means there’s a finished sock post in the works! Hooray! But in the meantime, new sock!

This is the second sock of the Emergency Backup Socks. Sadly, I didn’t get the job that I was applying for when I realized the need for emergency knitting, but I did get a present out of it. I had been planning on keeping these socks when I started them, but have since decided that they will be better as a gift. So I am working on Christmas presents. In April. Whee!

There are also still the Swan Maiden Mitts. Getting closer to done every time I post a picture of them… Granted, they’re not getting closer very FAST right now because I only work on them occasionally, but still. Closer to done is still closer to done.

The Isabella Sweater isn’t any closer to done. I haven’t worked on it since last week. Other projects were distracting me.

Various other things are in the works, but I’m going to leave you with a shot of the super sekrit project…

When is a blog belated?

Because let me tell you, it feels like this WiP Weds post is late even though it’s still Wednesday. I’m so used to having my blog posts up first thing in the morning on the day I post. But I suppose that posting every other weekday instead of daily makes a difference, too.

However, it’s still Weds, and I have WiP pictures!

That is the current status of the second MTT sock. I’m past the heel turn (even with the slight setback which was me knitting past the heel turn the first time around) and into the leg. Now I just need to match up the color repeat from the second ball of yarn, and finish this puppy. I want new knit socks, so I’m very motivated to get this one finished. Between rehearsals and prod staff meetings for my current theatre endeavor, and time spent in the car, this sock has been flying.

(Yes, I was lazy and knit from the first ball of yarn when I started this sock. Ah well. I’ll have to find the matchy-matchy part at some point, so I guess now is as good a time as any.)

Here is the second Swan Maiden (aka Qiviuk) Mitt. I’m finding that, like the first mitt, the body of knitting AFTER the twisted rib goes MUCH FASTER than the ribbing did. Quite likely some combination of the ribbing and the cable twists made that section drag on so… it’s a very lovely result, but a big time sink! It doesn’t look like it should be, but there you have it.

I fully expect these mitts will be finished in time to store for next fall. I should say – I HOPE that will be the case. CA weather has been doing stupid stuff lately, and I want my CA spring. NOW, please.

Next up is the Isabella sweater. The coloration isn’t what I had envisioned when I started this sweater, but c’est la vie. I don’t DISlike it, so to speak, but it’s not as pretty as I had expected. I think the striping isn’t helping in that regard, but I still maintain that it’s needed in order to not have the color do weird things when I get to the front. (Well, there are other ways for it to not do weird things, but those ways would drive. Me. Crazy. I mean, crazier than I already am.)

So. Is this a new favorite sweater? Not yet (through no fault of the pattern.) But it’s a fun knit, and season-appropriate, and I can hopefully at least practice making something that will fit me. (*fingers crossed*)

WiP Weds 4.6.11

Today we have a quick WiP post, but a WiP post nonetheless.

First up is the Isabelle Sweater. Progress is coming along nicely, and while I’m not sure I love the yarn colors at this point, I do know I like the blue section that’s coming up. I just didn’t realize the repeats were this LONG. (I am alternating yarn every other row to make the front coordinate better and make ball changes less obvious. But with such a long color repeat, I’m not sure this was the best idea. Oh well. Too late now; I’m not ripping it out and starting over!)

Next is the second Swan Maiden Mitt. I’m past the (reversed) ribbing for this one, and on to the Wings of the Swan pattern. I really like working with this yarn. I’m surprised, given how much I love the yarn and like the pattern, that I’m not done with these yet.

Last for today is the second MTT sock. It makes good travel knitting and good meeting knitting. (Of course, one must be the passenger to get knitting done while driving, and not be taking minutes to get knitting done in meetings. Still, good progress has been made.) And look how matchy-matchy they are! Not quite exact, but pretty darn near!

I hope you’re all having a great week so far!

WiP Weds – the Startitis Edition

First of all, I would like to congratulate Maria, who won my contest. I’ve contacted her regarding her prize. Thanks, everyone, for joining me! We’ll have more contests soon(ish) for those of you who missed out.

Now, about the knitting…

I was supposed to be so good. I wasn’t going to cast on anything new.

3-16 WiP #3

I suppose starting the second sock of a pair where I’ve already finished one sock isn’t too bad. You could almost consider it responsible. I’m not casting on something new, I’m trying to get a WIP turned into an FO. That’s a good thing, right?

Of course, that’s ignoring the fact that I wasn’t going to cast on any of the three mates to the single socks I have finished until I was done with my mitts. These mitts.

3-16 WiP #2

Which you can tell are not yet done.

I’m making pretty good progress, and am still enjoying the knit, but I just had to cast on, you know? For those who wondered, or cared, I am reversing the twist on the left-hand mitt. Instead of working the right-twist as written, I’m working a left-twist by knitting into the back of the 2nd stitch on the left-hand needle, then knitting the first stitch on the needle as usual, and slipping both stitches off. It’s very simple to do and the result is worth the teeny bit of research it took to figure out how to go about it.

In addition to that, there were two other projects calling my name, wanting to be cast on. I was good. I only cast on one of them.

3-16 WiP #1

This is the Isabella sweater, which is a cute little sleeveless top and hopefully will be great for sping/summer. Possibly even fall. And hopefully will actually be finished in time for one of those seasons. If my knitting timing works the way it usually does, I’ll be done with this one just in time for next winter.

Quicky WIP-y

Just a short WIP Weds post today, because I forgot to take more pictures last night…

Then again, I also only have three WIPs going at present: the Serendipity Stole, the Sweetheart Cardigan, and the Swan Maiden Mitts. (Hmm. I sense a theme. Not intentional, I promise.) All three are knit on very fine yarn, all three are lacy, and I love all three. However, only one is really portable: the mitts. Therefore, it’s what I have with me right now, and it’s what I can take a picture of on my break at work.

I’ve reached the top ribbing of the first mitt. I really love this yarn, and the pattern as well. They go quite nicely together. I’m looking forward to starting the left mitt, though it will take a little adjusting at first since I’ve planned to reverse the twist on the cuff (and the pattern is not written that way). I also have decided not to do the thumb on the first mitt until I have both mitts otherwise finished. Dunno why, really. But I don’t want to, so there.

Have a great hump day, everyone!