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Top Ten Tuesday ~ Book Food

It's time for another Top Ten Tuesday! Yay! Top Ten Yummy Foods Mentioned In Books (Does a character eat something you'd love? Or maybe the book takes place in a bakery/restaurant that makes yummy things? You could also talk about 10 of your favorite cookbooks if you don't read foody books.) Hmm. I have a huge… Continue reading Top Ten Tuesday ~ Book Food

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Friday Reads ~ in which I remember the Cat Who

Happy Saint Patrick's Day! Do you have any fun things planned for this holiday? I do, and they are all food-related. For dinner tonight I am making Mr. Wyrm and my favorite stew, the Drunken Irish Stew, though I am making it on the stove-top instead of in a slow-cooker. (It works just as well,… Continue reading Friday Reads ~ in which I remember the Cat Who