Sunday Shuffle

I mentioned enjoying my random iTunes shuffle the other day, so I thought I’d do a blog post with it! Here are the next 15 songs on my random shuffle today. Just for kicks! I hope you’re having a great weekend.

  1. Helplessly In Love” by New Edition (from the Dragnet soundtrack)
  2. Closing Time” by Semisonic
  3. Am I The Only One?” by Barenaked Ladies
  4. Unsurfed Waves” by Snowblink (this one was a gift from a friend)
  5. Allez Olla Ole” by Jessy Matador (France’s submission for the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest)
  6. Vampire” by People in Planes (another gift from a different friend)
  7. California Girls” by The Beach Boys
  8. A Matter of Trust” by Billy Joel
  9. Daft Punk” by Pentatonix
  10. The Waterwell And The Farmer’s Hand” by The Waltons
  11. Don’t You Worry Child” by Scott Bradlee’s Postmodern Jukebox
  12. Nature Boy” by David Bowie and Massive Attack (from the Moulin Rouge soundtrack)
  13. Swing Away” by RiffTrax
  14. Don’t Tell Me You Love Me” by the Cal-Aggie Marching Band-Uh! (Go Ags! (I’m a UCD Grad, and always loved the Band-Uh!))
  15. Our Love is on Wings” by Felicia Day, Neil Patrick Harris, and Patton Oswalt (from Mystery Science Theatre 3000: the Return, which you can watch on Netflix)

So that’s my current playlist. Are you listening to anything fun right now? Is your music selection as eclectic as mine? (And we didn’t get any of my many Disney songs or classical pieces on this list, either.)


Ten On Tuesday ~ Albums

Hi Everyone,
The Ten On Tuesday prompt for Tuesday, April 19, 2016, is 10 Albums You Love. As in, you love the entire album, not just a few select songs.
Have fun!

This is fun. Though I have to say, it seems to be more a product of my generation and older, instead of the younger generations. Now, with digital media being the way we consume music, I’m not always even aware of entire current albums. It’s rare that I’ve even HEARD the entire album anymore, yet I remember when I was younger, if we loved a song we had to buy the album in order to own it. (Singles were an option, but rarely a cost-effective one in my opinion.)

Anyway, I do know several albums that I love, so here’s my list of 10 albums I love, in the order in which I think of them. One note, though: Greatest Hits compilations seem like a cop-out, so I’m not including any of those.

  1. Weird Al’s “Mandatory Fun” – Okay, this is one of the few newer full albums I know and love. (And Mr. Wyrm got us tickets to see him perform live on this latest tour! Whee!)
  2. the “Aladdin” original Broadway cast recording – I enjoy the movie soundtrack as well, but the Broadway stage show music? SO MUCH BETTER. I LOVE the new songs!
  3. U2’s “Achtung Baby” – This was the soundtrack of my freshman year at college. It wasn’t a brand-new album at the time, but it’s what we listened to. A lot.
  4. Toad The Wet Sprocket’s “Fear” – This is one of my all-time favorite albums.
  5. The Waltons’ “Lik My Trakter” – Unless you’re Canadian, I doubt you’ve heard of this one. I have yet to meet anyone other than my Canadian friends who have heard of this band, but it’s one of the artists that my Canadian BFF introduced me to that I enjoy the most. Interestingly, even though I’ve never met another American who knows this band, I found this album in the “Used CD” section of my local record store (back at a time when there were multiple record stores…).
  6. The Barenaked Ladies’ “Gordon” – And speaking of Canadian artists… the Barenaked Ladies are quite a bit more American mainstream now. But I got to hear “Gordon” back before most of the US knew who they were, and this is still my favorite of their albums.
  7. Evanescence’s “Fallen” – I bought this album for the one song (“Bring Me To Life”) and ended up loving the album. I’m sure that’s every recording artist’s dream.
  8. Gin Blossoms’ “New Miserable Experience” – I’m not really sure what it is about the sound of this album that I enjoy so much, but I do enjoy it. I guess, for one thing, it feels like a cohesive album, rather than just a bunch of songs stuck on a disc together.
  9. the “When Harry Met Sally” soundtrack – Just a bunch of fun. Plus (IMO) Harry Connick Jr. at his best.
  10. Moxy Früvous’ “Bargainville” – Another Canadian band I don’t expect many Americans to know (but this time I know at least one other American who has heard of them without my introduction).

It seems weird to not include the Beatles or the Beach Boys on this list. However, I don’t know their music in album form nearly as well as I feel I should. I used to listen to their albums on vinyl, true, but I also listened to my parents’ 45’s, or mixtapes which – though they only contained the single artist – mashed up the albums into one “best of” cassette. I don’t really feel I know the Beatles’ or Beach Boys’ albums, even if I know many of their songs.

Have a great rest of the week!

iPod Shuffle

Hi there! Normally this would be a Ten On Tuesday post, but this week’s prompt didn’t speak to me. Instead, I’m going to shuffle my iPod and list the first 10 songs that come up. (Always a fun random blog topic…)

  1. “Walk Like A Man” by Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons
  2. Handel’s Water Music Suite #2 in D
  3. “Dreaming With My Eyes Open” by Clay Walker
  4. “Quero Ser Tua” by Suzy (from Eurovision 2014)
  5. “Telephone” by Lady Gaga, featuring Beyoncé
  6. “She’s So High” by Tal Bachman
  7. “Call Me Irresponsible” by Michael Bublé
  8. “Holiday” by Green Day
  9. “Children Of The Universe” by Molly (also from Eurovision 2014)
  10. “King Of Spain” by Moxy Fruvous

Have a great day!


HI there! It’s been nice having a blog break, but one thing that I didn’t pause during said blog break was the emails with the 10 on Tuesday prompts. And so, even though I wasn’t writing the 10 on Tuesday blogs, I was seeing the emails come through. And one of them in particular interested me:

The Ten on Tuesday topic for 6/2/2015 is List the first 10 Songs that play on your favorite Pandora station. Or Spotify, or whatever other music service you use. If you don’t use an online service then feel free to hit shuffle on your iPod and list the first ten songs that play. Or, if you don’t use any technology for music, go to your favorite radio station and list the first 10 songs that play. Get the idea?
Have fun!

It does sound like fun! And that’s why I saved this prompt to use as a random, non-Tuesday blog later, once I came back from my blog vacation.

Well, I use my iPod to listen to music. And I currently have a lot of random stuff on it — lots of Disney, 7 years of Eurovision, and even some Christmas music that accidentally carried over when I added all my jazz music to my iPod. So, let’s see what comes up, shall we?

1. “Candy” by the Manhattan Transfer

2. “Help!” by the Beatles

3. “The Girl From Yesterday” by the Eagles

4. “What About My Dreams” by Kati Wolf (Eurovision 2011)

5. “The Battle” by Alan Menken and Howard Ashman (Aladdin)

6. “P.S. I Love You” by the Beatles

7. “Joseph Smith American Moses” from The Book Of Mormon (original Broadway cast)

8. “Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!” by Michael Bublé

9. “Need You Tonight” by A C Rock

10. “More Than A Feeling” by Boston

And that’s my ten! I’m always amused by hitting shuffle on all of my music and seeing what I get. Yes, playlists are fun and have their time and place, but it’s sillier when you don’t limit the music to anything.

Have a great day!

Ten on Tuesday – Can You Hear The People Sing?

Today’s Ten on Tuesday prompt (which I am only slightly late to the party with, since it is still Tuesday) is 10 Songs That Put You In A Great Mood.

Well, that is a lot of songs for me, so I’m just going to go with the first ten that come to mind. And I’m not going to explain them, because for the most part there is no explanation needed, and sometimes there is no explanation to be had. Without futher ado, here are

Ten Songs That Put Me in a Great Mood

    1. Fantasmic! (especially the full version)
    2. She’s Got a Way by Billy Joel
    3. Something by the Beatles
    4. Real Gone by Sheryl Crow
    5. Moondance (especially the Michael Bublé version)
    6. Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen
    7. Beginnings by Chicago
    8. Black Magic Woman by Santana
    9. Still Alive from Portal 1 (yes, I am a geek)
    10. Carry On Wayward Son by Kansas

What about you? Any favorite mood-lifting songs?

Magical Musical Mondays (and a contest!)

Mondays can be incredibly annoying. I don’t know about you, but I seem to have so much more trouble getting up on Monday mornings compared to the rest of the work week. I suppose it’s because I allow myself to resume my preferred sleep schedule on weekends – stay up late, get up late. It’s much more fun, but it makes returning to my weekday schedule hard. (To be fair, my weekday schedule seems to be stay up late, get up early. So it’s not all that different. Just a lot less sleep.)

Anyway, today (being a Monday) was hard. I can’t really say that it was any harder than any other Monday, but… perhaps I just thought about it more. Or prepared for it less over the weekend. (IE there’s no blog post scheduled for today.)

One of the things that kept me going on the way in to work was the music I put on. I have a silly random playlist on my iPod, a playlist that gets almost no air-time, but that contains things I want to be able to play for friends on a moment’s notice. Things like the “Happy Working Song” from ENCHANTED. Or like Moosebutter’s wonderful acappella renditions of “Harry Potter” and “Star Wars”. Or like my newest addition, “Still Alive” from Portal 1. (I want the Portal 2 song, too, but have yet to find a copy of it to purchase.)

Music keeps me going. Sometimes it’s smooth jazz to relax me. Sometimes it’s show tunes that I can sing along with at the top of my lungs. Sometimes it’s oldies that bring back memories.

And sometimes it’s random silly songs.

Want to keep my day (or week) looking brighter? Leave me a comment with fun song recommendations. And since it’s been a while since I’ve done a give-away, we’ll turn this into a contest. Here are the rules:

1. Leave a comment. Either recommend a song to lift my spirits, or let me (and my readers) know that you need your spirits lifted, too.
2. Blog/tweet/otherwise share this post and tell me where you did so. (either in the comments or by e-mailing bookwyrmknits (at) gmail (dot) com).
3. Come back tomorrow and do it all over again. Each day you comment or share this post will get you another entry. (2 entries max per day.)
4. Wait patiently until next Monday when I will announce the winner (chosen at random).

I’ll send the winner a set of handcrafted cards (made by me). I’ll even let you help me pick the cards’ theme – birthday, Christmas, etc – within a range of supplies I already have available.

Kreativity, I Can Haz

Last week, my friend Julie nominated me for the Kreativ Blogger award. Wow! I guess it’s appropriate, but I never would have thought of it. Thanks, Julie! But now I’m supposed to blog seven things you might not know about me. Hmm. This requires thought.

1. While I prefer to be backstage for theatre productions, I have actually been onstage twice — both times in the 5th grade. I played Mrs. Cratchit in “The Christmas Carol” and the other of the good witches (aka not Glinda) in “The Wizard of Oz“. (Both productions were scaled way back to fit into the school’s assembly time period. But they were still fun.)

2. I took piano lessons for 11 years. (Of course, I haven’t played regularly in about that long, now, so I’m not sure they did any lasting good… *sigh*)

3. Two-tone roses are my favorite color. I especially like “Fire and Ice” and my namesake rose, “Nicole“.

4. I almost went to college in Washington state because I liked the rain. Instead I stayed in sunny California.

5. I am addicted to new stationary. Paper, pens, cards, Post-It Notes, you name it. And my favorite kind of pen is the fancy kind, usually fountain pens or the old fashioned, dip-it-in-an-inkwell kind.

6. I built my own PC once. I don’t know that I could do it again, because I haven’t kept up on ideal standards of computer parts. But I am (as a result) not afraid to try to fix a desktop PC. (Laptops are another matter.)

7. One of the things I miss most about high school is being able to stun the gamer guys of the era because I could play “Prince of Persia” (the original, which I played on an Apple where the graphics were 10 million times nicer) better than they could. Also the “After Dark” toasters. I really miss those.

(Normally this would have been a writing post on Thursday, but the Day Job has taken so much of my energy that a random post is the best I can do today. Sorry. We’ll see what I have the energy for tomorrow.)