Sunday Shuffle

Sunday Shuffle ~ 22 July 2018

I'm not usually the type of person who makes different playlists for different seasons, though I have noticed that different locations call for different playlists. For example, driving down to Disneyland calls for a Disney music playlist. Driving home from Disneyland, on the other hand, will prompt me to play anything except Disney music. Do you make… Continue reading Sunday Shuffle ~ 22 July 2018

Sunday Shuffle

Sunday Shuffle ~ 20 May 2018

I think it's time for another Sunday Shuffle. We'll be going to a concert this evening (more details in a future post) and while it's highly unlikely that we'll hear any of these songs currently shuffling on my iTunes, it's still fun to list them. Here's what's on my music shuffle right now. What are… Continue reading Sunday Shuffle ~ 20 May 2018