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WiP Weds ~ Triple Threat

Happy Wednesday! I’ve been knitting. It’s been nice to work on projects for me and not for gifts. For the past several months, gift knitting (or crochet) has taken priority over everything else. Now I can focus on my stuff. So I have been! Here are some of the things I’ve been doing. (Though the… Continue reading WiP Weds ~ Triple Threat

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Another Quick WIP Post

it seems all of my WIP Weds posts are quickies these days... but work and theatre prep are eating my brain, so that's all your're getting again today. Sorry. First up is the Gasteropoda mitts. Mitt #2 has a lot more hot pink (yay!) and the pattern is written so that the mitts spiral in… Continue reading Another Quick WIP Post

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FO Thursday ~ Galder and Owlings

(Photo heavy today, sorry!)It seems I have been churning out the FOs lately. I suppose that’s because I HAVE. It’s the first week of March, and I already have 5 items on my “finished knitting projects” list.Let’s make it 6, shall we?’s the latest finished project, my Galder socks. These are the quickest sock knit… Continue reading FO Thursday ~ Galder and Owlings