Mother’s Day Linkity

Believe it or not, there is a website page with Mother's Day Trivia. (I don't actually know that I believe all of it, but there you go.) Anna @ The Bibliotaph had a good post On Books About Realistic Moms. There are of course lots of lists with books about mothers: 100 must read books about… Continue reading Mother’s Day Linkity

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Poetry Linkity (and other things)

I thought I'd do a poetry linkity this month, since April is National Poetry Month. First, though, a couple other non-poetry links... Some links that I got from Chris... Seanan McGuire on fanfic Fanfic is a natural human interaction with story. Children do it before they know its name. People who swear they would never… Continue reading Poetry Linkity (and other things)

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Ten On Tuesday ~ All by my onesey

Before we get started with today’s Ten on Tuesday, I want to announce something exciting: my friend Julie has a new book release! Her novel SABASKA’S TALE has been released earlier than anticipated, and I really look forward to reading it. This novel is one that I’ve been following for years. Julie and I started… Continue reading Ten On Tuesday ~ All by my onesey