WIP Wednesday for 13 December 2017

Oops. I have a problem. See if you can spot it:


Yup. I didn’t do the pattern correctly on the second sock. I’ve been purling every row on the ribbed section instead of every other row.

Which means I now need to rip back to the cuff ribbing. And I just finished the heel turn, so that’s 1/2 the sock.


This is a gift sock, though, so I feel I need to fix it. If it was for me, I’d totally consider keeping a fraternal pair of socks. (I still might come to the same decision, though, since I’m a bit picky about matching striped socks.)


At least these are for someone who will understand if the gift socks are late.


Linkity on a Sunday

This week let’s do something different for the Sunday Summary! I haven’t written anything fiction-wise since NaNoWriMo ended, because I’ve needed to use my creative energy for making holiday cards and knitting gifts. So instead of discussing what I’ve written (which is nothing) let’s take a trip around the blogosphere and see what other people have written!

Lattes and Llamas shared this Llama Christmas Cookie link, and I think I mush make them. NOW. So cute!

Ally had this great discussion about medication in YA books, and how it’s not portrayed in a healthy fashion.

Zuky announced her December BookBum Club theme, and posted links to the November BookBum Club reviews.

In her linkity on Friday, Chris shared this tumblr post about how knitting led to the moon landing. She also had a link to a list of Mexican references in “Coco” (the Pixar movie, which I ABSOLUTELY LOVED — GO SEE IT).

I recently found out about Hunter Hammersen‘s knitting patterns (courtesy of the love given by SpaceCadet yarn). And for the first 3 weeks of December she has an advent calendar of sorts in the form of discounts on her knitting patterns! (Each day a different item is discounted through December 24th.) Love it, and I’ve already bought a few patterns as a result.

WIP Wednesday for 6 December 2017

There has been a surprising lack of progress on knitting this week. I guess that’s because I spent a lot of what would have been craft time addressing and mailing the first (and second) batch(es) of Christmas cards.

However, there has been some knitting! I have a few knitted gifts still on the needles, so I can’t stop knitting entirely.

First up is the latest coffee cup sleeve:

This one is a bit taller than the others. It still fits well, though I neglected to do the short row shaping that’s in the pattern. (I got carried away and missed the wrap & turn instructions.) I also just noticed that the color is way off in the WIP photo. I was emphasizing the stitch contrast when I took that picture and didn’t even pay attention to the fact that the color looked nothing like the real thing. The FO picture is closer to true.

I’ve also made progress on my gift scarf:

I’m on to the second ball of yarn now, so if all goes well I’m halfway done. I’m hoping that I’ll like the length when I’m done with this ball of yarn so that I don’t have to wait for more yarn to arrive in the mail.

Still, pretty decent progress overall! Have a great rest of the week, everyone!

WIP Wednesday for 29 November 2017

Today it’s all coffee cup sleeves, all the time! Not because that’s all I’ve been working on, but because that’s what I’ve felt like taking pictures of.

I’m knitting these for gifts, and they work up rather quickly. (Which is what I would expect from something using this little worsted weight yarn. Though I haven’t measured exactly how much yarn yet.) I plan to make at least 4 more besides what I have in pictures below, but haven’t gotten to them yet. I’m also planning to just make one at a time, both since they’re fast knits and since they will all probably use the same needles.

Here’s the first one, both a progress pic (which you saw last week) and a finished pic. (Yes, I’m making them specifically to fit the Starbucks reusable plastic cups. My family likes using those, so it makes sense.)

And here’s the second coffee cup sleeve. Nearly done, but not quite.

The pattern for the first sleeve is the Woven Cable Coffee Cup Sleeve by Linda Thach, and it can be found here. The second one is Celtic Plait Coffee Cup Sleeve (also by Linda Thach), located here. I’m enjoying them. They’re easy to understand. I’m going to try one by another designer next, I think, but might come back to these two since they’re so easy and fast to knit.

WIP Wednesday for 22 November 2017

Happy almost US Thanksgiving Day! (Whew, that was a mouthful.) It wasn’t until this year that I really realized that I’m jealous of the Canadians’ choice in Thanksgiving timing. I would love to have Thanksgiving before Halloween so that I could be listening to Christmas music all November. Oh well. Two more days until I can listen to Christmas music guilt-free.

And in the meantime, there has been knitting! I did decide that 2018 will be a no-knitted-gifts year, so there are a couple of presents that are WIPs which are now hibernating. I will make them for gifts in 2019 instead. (It’s a very freeing feeling. I love it.)

I did cast on a new gift for the 2017 holiday season, though. I’ve decided to make a few quickie gifts, like coffee cup sleeves. Here is the first one of those:

And I’m still working on my scarf gift, too. I love this knit, and the yarn is scrumptious. There has hopefully been enough progress since the last picture that you can tell the difference now:

And I am also still working on my sweater. I’ve started the right front now. I considered knitting the fronts and the sleeves at the same time (aka both fronts, and then both sleeves, not all 4 at once). However, given that I’m already working with two balls of yarn so I can alternate skeins, I decided that would be too much yarn to work with at once. Here’s the progress to date on the right front:

Oh! And I recently cast on the second of the Vanilla Latte socks. I still love this pattern. It’s simple while still being interesting. I haven’t gotten very far on the second sock yet, but here’s a progress pic anyway:

I hope you’re having a great week! I won’t have any other posts or be visiting any blogs for the rest of this week because of the holiday weekend. I will be in a turkey coma, I’m sure. I’ll catch up with you all next week!

If you’re in the US and celebrate, have a Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow! Otherwise, have a good Thursday.  🙂

WIP Wednesday for 15 November 2017

It’s WIP Wednesday again!

There has been knitting progress, but it’s not all that photogenic right now. Not at all like this is!

Christmas Cards 2017 - part 1

I’ve been knitting on my sweater, and have the back fully completed. It’s a bit more stripey than I expected it to be when I started it, but I still like it. Now it’s time to wind up a few more balls of yarn from the skeins I’ve already spun, and start on the fronts.

And there has been progress on the scarf as well. But since the scarf is going to be one long strip of matching knitting, the only reason for pictures at this point is to show off the progress I’ve made on the length. And while i have been knitting on it, it’s not enough to show a difference from last week.

Christmas Cards 2017 - part 1

So for now, neither of the knitting projects will make very good pictures because the progress won’t be that visible. Which means instead you get pictures of my holiday card WIPs! I stamped these using Lawn Fawn and Sweet Stamp Shop stamps (I have the dies for the Lawn Fawn ones as well, which made cutting them SO MUCH EASIER) and then colored them with my Copic markers. So fun! I still need to make the cards, and lots more stamped images, but this is a good start at least!

Happy Wednesday!

WIP Wednesday for 8 November 2017

I’ve been working on two knitting projects this week: my sweater and the gift scarf. Given that it’s NaNo month and I’ve also managed to stay on top of my word count, I’m surprised that I’ve gotten in as much knitting as I have. (They key here is word sprints. I can easily write 500-800 words in 15 minutes when I’m sprinting, so in an hour of sprints I’ve gotten in my daily word count plus a buffer. Which leaves time for knitting.)

So what’s the progress, you ask? It is this.


I’m in the armhole decreases on the back of the sweater. I love the way the differences in the fiber have worked up, first into the yarn I spun and then into the knitting. This is addictive. I’m going to have to knit projects from my own hand-spun yarn again. I’m starting to wonder if I’ll be able to wear this sweater during this cold season, after all. Granted, it’s more likely to be toward the end of the cold season, but still. I’ve never had an adult-sized sweater knit up this fast before unless it was made of really chunky yarn.


It hasn’t gotten as much love, because I’ve been knitting it only on my lunch breaks while I’m reading. (Yes, I can knit and read at the same time. It’s great for knits like scarves or vanilla socks that don’t require a lot of concentration during the long stretches between the cast-on and the bind-off.) I like the pattern, but partly because it’s interesting while being super-easy to memorize. I might have to make another with handspun yarn, which is what it was written for. I think the irregularities in the yarn width would make this an even more interesting pattern.

Happy Wednesday!