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WIP Wednesday: Fair Isle!

So... remember how one of my 19 for '19 tasks for myself is to knit a myself Fair Isle sweater? Well, I have cast on that sweater now. It's Minstrel, designed by my online friend Lorraine of Twisted Traditions. It's moving slowly so far, because I'm learning that corrugated ribbing seems to take forever.… Continue reading WIP Wednesday: Fair Isle!

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WIP Wednesday: Geeking Along

It's time for an update on the Geek-A-Long blanket! (This is still just the gift version, since I realized a little while ago that I have trouble working on essentially two of the same thing at once.) The worsted weight squares are nicer in some ways (thicker yarn means progress is more visible) and less… Continue reading WIP Wednesday: Geeking Along

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WIP Wednesday for 23 January 2019

We're on to the first WIP of 2019! Yay! For today, I'm not going to touch on my UFOs, just the projects that I'm actively working on. (We'll get to the UFOs soon, though, I promise.) So, that means we have: 2018 Geek-A-Long blanket (aka the worsted-weight gift one) Multnomah Shawl I don't remember what… Continue reading WIP Wednesday for 23 January 2019

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Sunday Summary ~ 30 December 2018

I'm considering how to re-vamp these for 2019. Between the changes WordPress made to their blog post editor and the (intentional) lack of organized reading challenges for next year, I'm not sure how I want to write these posts. (I'm also not sold on the new WP editor and might stick with the classic one… Continue reading Sunday Summary ~ 30 December 2018

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Sunday Summary ~ 25 November 2018

It's nearing the end of November, and the rains have started in California. Given all the troubles we've had this month with fires, I'm glad for the rain but I hope it doesn't cause too many more problems. (Flash floods or mudslides in the burned areas, or other trouble for the people who have lost… Continue reading Sunday Summary ~ 25 November 2018