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WIP Wednesday ~ the everything edition

So, my last couple of WIP Wednesdays have been entirely about the Minstrel Sweater. I don't have a lot else I'm knitting right now (because I REALLY want that sweater to be done) but I thought I'd touch bases with all of the knitting anyway. I'm not going to share new pics of the Changeful… Continue reading WIP Wednesday ~ the everything edition

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WIP Wednesday ~ Steeks!

Remember how not long ago I went into a little detail on my Minstrel Sweater, the first Fair Isle project I've done that involves steeks? (Refresher for those who forgot: steeking is where you cut your knitting. On purpose. For more detail, you can refer to that link to my older post about it.) Well,… Continue reading WIP Wednesday ~ Steeks!

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WIP Wrap-up for September 2019

I learned something about knitting with beads this month: I need to be more careful when I select beads for knitted projects. I learned that sometimes the finish on the beads does not like getting a bath in wool wash. Something in the wool wash can cause the finish on the beads to discolor or… Continue reading WIP Wrap-up for September 2019

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WIP Wednesday ~ the Geek-A-Long edition

I was reminded earlier this month that some of you are new enough to the blog that you haven't seen me talk about the Geek-A-Long blanket(s) yet. So, here's an update! First of all, what is the Geek-A-Long? The Geek-A-Long (AKA the GAL) was started by Lattes and Llamas in 2014 to "improve our double… Continue reading WIP Wednesday ~ the Geek-A-Long edition

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WIP Wednesday ~ a random update

It's knitting update time! And I'm going to start with something I promised you in the last monthly wrap-up: details on what went wrong with the Fork in the Road socks. First, I had mentioned that there was a knot in the yarn which meant I had to go through the yarn to get to… Continue reading WIP Wednesday ~ a random update

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WIP Wednesday ~ Minstrel Progress

I've mentioned a lot how much I love working on the Minstrel Sweater, but that's about all I've said about it for a while. So, how about a little focus on it this week? That's the overall progress I've made so far. I'm pleased with how it's going, and when I give myself some… Continue reading WIP Wednesday ~ Minstrel Progress

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WIP Wednesday: the startitis edition

So I have mentioned the Fork in the Road socks on here before, since they are my current travel knitting. However, I didn't talk that much about them and I am really fascinated by the way the socks work up so I want to look at them in a little more detail. The heel… Continue reading WIP Wednesday: the startitis edition

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WIP Wednesday: Fair Isle!

So... remember how one of my 19 for '19 tasks for myself is to knit a myself Fair Isle sweater? Well, I have cast on that sweater now. It's Minstrel, designed by my online friend Lorraine of Twisted Traditions. It's moving slowly so far, because I'm learning that corrugated ribbing seems to take forever.… Continue reading WIP Wednesday: Fair Isle!

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WIP Wednesday: Geeking Along

It's time for an update on the Geek-A-Long blanket! (This is still just the gift version, since I realized a little while ago that I have trouble working on essentially two of the same thing at once.) The worsted weight squares are nicer in some ways (thicker yarn means progress is more visible) and less… Continue reading WIP Wednesday: Geeking Along