Spooky Linkity!

Okay... not entirely spooky. But I'm scheduling this for just before Halloween, so I'll be including holiday-appropriate links where I can. This is a long one today, so grab a cup of coffee or tea before diving in! Have you ever heard of knights battling snails? (I hadn't either, but thanks to a link from… Continue reading Spooky Linkity!

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Friday Reads: Welcome June

I'm going to start with a bit of a rant: while reading The Princess Saves Herself in This One, I saw a lot (I mean a LOT) of "this isn't poetry" complaints. Um, really? Really? Have you read some of the poets we now consider classics? How about E.E. Cummings? That is somehow poetry while… Continue reading Friday Reads: Welcome June

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WIP Wednesday for 25 July 2018

We FINALLY get back to a traditional WIP Weds post this week! There has been knitting! On more than one project! And I'm here to show them all off for you! First though, because I am a sucker for stash photos, here are three new skeins of yarn I *ahem* somehow acquired over the past… Continue reading WIP Wednesday for 25 July 2018



Oops. I just realized it's Wednesday and I didn't post a WIP Weds blog. Nor was there a Ten On Tuesday prompt that I saw for yesterday. The blog has been dark for no good reason! Yikes! To make up for it, how about a kitty picture?