WIP Weds ~ in which we talk queues

I have been knitting, honest. But much of that knitting has been on a pair of vanilla socks which are now on another section of knitting that doesn’t show progress very well. (Just so that you aren’t totally without pictures, here’s one I took last weekend when I tried the sock on to see how the heel fit.)

Vanilla is the New Black sock progress

(Now with bonus kitty content!)

Instead of talking about what is essentially fun-knitting-but-boring-blog-material, let’s talk about queues! Specifically, what I’m excited to knit next but am trying to make myself wait to start until I finish something currently on the needles.

The very first item in my queue is the Dumpling Kitty. OMG, so cute. The main reason I haven’t knit these yet is I’m afraid they will turn into a Pinterest Fail (yes, I did see them first on Pinterest).

Second in my Ravelry queue is the Longfellow shawl. But since I already have two shawls OTN (one for me and one for a gift) I’m not going to let myself cast this one on yet. As a bonus, though, I do have yarn and beads already picked out for this one.

After that are a few snail patterns – two snail toys and one snail hand puppet. A certain member of my family loves snails for some reason that I can’t fathom, and so I want to make one (or more) of these snails for Christmas gifts. And that means I need to cast it/them on soon, but haven’t done so yet because I’m undecided about the yarn.

Last featured item in my queue for today are the Wild Rose Mitts. They look very cool, and like the perfect amount of colorwork. (I love doing colorwork, but am not yet good enough at it to get a good, consistent gauge while knitting multiple colors at once.) (On the other hand, I haven’t tried any Fair Isle knitting since I got proficient at double knitting due to the Geek-A-Long, so maybe I’d be better at it now than I was last time.) In any case, they look like fun, and might be another good way to use up scraps of sock yarn.

That’s what’s at the top of my knitting (and crochet) queue. How about you? Anything fun waiting in the wings to be made next?


WIP Weds – drive-by edition

This will be a super-fast WIP Weds post today, with pictures that are a little out of date, but I felt guilty for not sharing these things on the blog. They need their time to be seen too, right?

Here is the Mortal Kombat GAL square. I haven’t played this game, and don’t intend to play it. However, it is a classic game and the logo HAS A DRAGON, so of course I had to knit the square. (I’m nearly done with the square now, but have been knitting in artificial light, so this is the best picture I’ve been able to get.)

And here is an old photo of the Leaving Cowl. I may have talked about this one a while ago… or I may not. I’m not sure and don’t have the energy to look it up. Anyway, I started knitting it, then started focusing exclusively on the GAL, and then needed a break from all blanket knitting, all the time. So I picked the cowl back up, and started working on it again.

I have made a bunch more progress on it since this picture was taken, but this is a better picture than anything I’ve taken since. Because kitty.

Have a great rest of the week, and happy December Eve!

Ten On Tuesday ~ Audiobooks

I hope everyone had a great weekend! I baked an apple pie for Father’s Day, so that was a good contribution to our family’s celebration. I also got to meet my sister’s new kitten (so tiny!), and that was an extra bonus. I also got to help her clips his claws… less of a bonus, but certainly important.

The Ten On Tuesday prompt for Tuesday, June 21, 2016 is 10 Things To Do While Listening to an Audiobook.

Have fun!

Well, I listen to audiobooks a lot. I don’t do all of these things while listening to audiobooks equally – some of them I do a lot more often than others, but the list isn’t weighted in favor of that. It’s, as usual, written in the order in which I think of them.

Drive. Whether it’s a road trip or a commute.

  1. Knit! Best way to do two of my favorite things at the same time.
  1. Work. My day job is a place where I can listen to music or podcasts or even audiobooks, and no one blinks an eye. Of course, I have to make sure the task I’m working on will allow me to concentrate on both the work and the book, but I have a few busy work style tasks that work well for this.
  1. Read along. Some books require the extra focus.
  1. Nothing. Sometimes it’s nice to just listen.
  1. Exercise. It can help take your mind off the monotony of a treadmill, for instance.
  1. Sit on the beach. I used to read paper books on the beach, but audiobooks would work just as well and would let you enjoy the waves while you read.
  1. Sew. Not so much the machine sewing part, but this works for either hand sewing or cutting out fabric and the other parts of sewing that don’t involve a machine adding noise. (Of course, if you have a super-quiet sewing machine, I guess it wouldn’t make a difference. I don’t. Mine is too loud to properly enjoy a book while it’s running.)
  1. Get your hair or nails done. Some people listen to music while doing this. You could as easily listen to a book.
  1. Take notes. This is one that I haven’t done in a while, but when I listen to non-fiction books especially, there are often little things I want to remember, so I make note of them.

What about you? Any audiobook tips you have to share with me?

Here’s a bonus kitten picture, since I know some of you will want to see my sister’s little cutie:


Ten On Tuesday ~ Last Week

The Ten On Tuesday topic for 4/28/2015 is 10 Things You Did Last Week. I really missed reading your blogs and hearing about your lives so I’m selfishly hoping you can catch me up with this topic!

Have fun!


This one should be fun, provided I can remember all the fun things I did. Otherwise, this list will just be a bunch of chores like laundry and grocery shopping. (In other words, if I have to resort to laundry and grocery shopping, it’s because I ran out of fun stuff.) Here goes…

  1. Made myself a new bag. Because. Why not?  
  2. Worked on some presents that I will post about later, after they have been gifted.
  3. CAST OFF THE “AND SO ARE YOU” SHAWL! Those were long rows by the end, there. Now I still have to block it, but I’m otherwise ready to wear the shawl! Can’t wait. I love the way it turned out.
  4. Went to my S’n’B and got to visit with one of our members who moved out of town last year (I think… maybe longer ago). That was great! I don’t get to see her often enough.
  5. Read. I finished an audiobook, and the review will be up in a bit. And I started a new paperback, which I’m enjoying so far.
  6. Set up a new cat tree for Suzy.  
  7. Got an oil change for my car. Not super exciting, I know, but it’s the first time I’ve had a car that had the first few years of service included with purchase. The invoicing process was wonderful!
  8. FINISHED SEAMING THE SWEETHEART SWEATER. Finally. Now it just needs buttons, because I’ve decided not to do the beaded crochet edging.
  9. Splurged on a Cheesecake Factory dinner of appetizers and cheesecake. This is one of Mr. Wyrm and my favorite dinners, though we do try not to do it too often so our waistlines don’t get too huge.
  10. Watched a lot of “Bleach”. Mr. Wyrm and I have gotten quite addicted to this anime. It’s to the point where the other day he couldn’t fall asleep because the theme song to the show was running through his head and wouldn’t stop.

What about you? Did you do anything fun this past week?


Oops. I just realized it’s Wednesday and I didn’t post a WIP Weds blog. Nor was there a Ten On Tuesday prompt that I saw for yesterday.

The blog has been dark for no good reason! Yikes!

To make up for it, how about a kitty picture?  

Labor Day Ten on Tuesday

The official Ten On Tuesday has been on hiatus for the end of summer, so I’m going to do my own Ten On Tuesday today, and tell you ten things I did over the Labor Day Holiday Weekend. Just for kicks, and because it’s been a while since I wrote a list for the blog. It feels like too long. So here you go: a list.

1. Played Skyrim. A lot. I love this game, and have been absorbed in it again lately. (I escaped for a while, but enjoy playing it too much, so I started a new game.)

2. Knit. On exclusively Christmas gifts. You’ll get to see a new one tomorrow, though that doesn’t mean I’ve finished either of the other two yet. (But I will, and shortly. I just needed a change of pace, and this was the best way to remain on-track for Christmas gifts instead of working on a non-gift project.)

3. Slept in, though not nearly enough. I had a hard time sleeping in too late, and due to staying up late playing Skyrim, this meant I didn’t get as much “extra” sleep as I normally like on holiday weekends. But it was enough.

4. Laundry. I know, boooo-ring. But necessary.

5. Went out for dinner with Mr. Wyrm to celebrate our dating anniversary. Great fun. We have a tradition of sharing a small dinner at PF Chang’s (first official date as bf/gf) and then getting cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory for dessert. Yum.

6. Fussed over the cat. Suzy is still either annoyed that we went to Disneyland without her, or convinced that if she doesn’t sit on us, we will leave her alone for a few days again.
7. Watched “Ghostbusters” at the cinema. Even at 30-years-old, it still looks good. (Except the really grainy “Columbia Pictures” screen that opens the film. That looked awful. But the film itself was good.) And the jokes and culture and everything still holds up. Love it!

8. Started watching a new (to us) anime: Noragami. It has a cute cat (Milord). And the cat is in the title of the first episode. We couldn’t help it.

9. Took more books to the library than I brought home. Strange, I know. But we had some donations to drop off, so…

10. Tried to catch up on my blog stuff. I didn’t do as much as I’d hoped, and I didn’t get much blog reading and commenting in, but I got some of it done. And I’m intending to do more throughout the week to get back in the habit of it.

I hope you had a good weekend, whether it was long or normal!

Ten On Tuesday ~ Memorial Day Weekend

The Ten On Tuesday prompt for today is “10 Things You Did This Weekend.” Well. That should be easy… I’m counting “this weekend” as starting on Friday, okay? It was a long weekend for everyone, but a longer weekend for me because I took some extra time off. (The items in this list are not chronological.)

1. I went to Disneyland. (And no one is really surprised.)

2. We joined the crazy people who were at Disneyland for the 24-hour party. The parks (both Disneyland and Disney California Adventure on this coast, plus at least Magic Kingdom in Florida) were open from 6am Friday to 6am Saturday. It was so much fun, but so crazy. We were in the parks for a total of about 20 hours of those 24 — we took a couple hour nap in the afternoon, but other than that we were there the entire time.

3. I spent Monday relaxing. And letting other people cook for me, mostly.

4. We rode the Mark Twain at 4:30am. Very cool to see the Rivers of America at night.

5. I knit! Lots. Always a nice way to spend a holiday weekend.

6. There was also some cleaning up. It’s a must-do after any vacation, and on most weekends period. But I managed to temper the cleaning with fun and relaxation.

7. I scheduled a massage. For today, as a matter of fact. Wonderful.

8. I got attacked by the cat. (Love attacked. She sat on me, purring, and wouldn’t get up.) She doesn’t like when we go on vacation, but it does mean that we get more than usual affection when we get back.

9. I remembered our fallen. I am proud to have members of my family in the military (both past and current), but I am also glad that so far none of them have had to make that ultimate sacrifice. (I don’t think it’s selfish to hope that none of them do, even while I am proud of their service.)

10. I saw it’s a small world at 5:30am. It was so pretty. I’m sad that there was so much cloud cover that we didn’t get any decent sunrise shots, but it was still neat being in the park from dawn to dawn.