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So, earlier this week, I got YARN IN THE MAIL! YAY! This yarn was a fun contest win from the lovely Miriam, of Icarus fame. And I had intended to take pictures yesterday so that I could show them off today. But then the pictures would have been in icky man-made light, and anyway I… Continue reading TGIF!

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My Weekend

I was going to post about a Fun And Happy Event over the weekend, but I was so caught up in the fun of it that I didn't. Here it is now instead. My new computer. A lovely MacBook. All for me, and now I can use Scrivener! Yay! I hope you all had a… Continue reading My Weekend

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Writing Wednesday: June Goals

An author is a fool who, not content with boring those he lives with, insists on boring future generations. - Charles de Montesquieu The goals post worked well for May, even if I didn't get them completed. It did give me something to aim for, and an easy way to sort out priorities. So, we're… Continue reading Writing Wednesday: June Goals