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Wrap-up: 19 for ’19 goals

Believe it or not, it's a new year. I don't know where 2019 went — but it's probably the same place 2018 went a year ago. Not that it feels like it's been a full year since I set myself these 19 challenges for 2019. One quick note: since the POPSUGAR 2019 Reading Challenge wasn't… Continue reading Wrap-up: 19 for ’19 goals


Backlist Reader Challenge 2020

I have decided to join Lark's Backlist Reader Challenge again this year. It was really helpful to me in clearing out books that I had let linger on my TBR when I participated in 2018, so I'm hopeful that I can do even more with it in 2020. From Lark's post, here are the rules: The… Continue reading Backlist Reader Challenge 2020

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2015 Round Of Words part 1 ~ Goals

Part of me thinks that I don't have enough time for the Round of Words right now. I'm headed into the start of rehearsals for a big musical, and won't have as much time to write as I'd like. Plus I have some knitting projects I'm excited about doing for myself, and work is getting… Continue reading 2015 Round Of Words part 1 ~ Goals

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Ten on Tuesday ~ Goals

Today's Ten on Tuesday prompt, unsurprisingly, is "10 goals you have to 2013." Given that it's the first 10 on Tues after the new year, a resolutions post is what we should have all been anticipating. This is actually something that is a good thing for me to do, as I haven't yet posted anything… Continue reading Ten on Tuesday ~ Goals