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Friday Reads: Come Tumbling Down

Come Tumbling Down (Wayward Children #5) by Seanan McGuire (fantasy) Summary: When Jack left Eleanor West's School for Wayward Children she was carrying the body of her deliciously deranged sister — whom she had recently murdered in a fit of righteous justice — back to their home on the Moors. But death in their adopted… Continue reading Friday Reads: Come Tumbling Down

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Friday Reads: East

East (East #1) by Edith Pattou (YA fantasy, fairy tale retelling) Goodreads Summary: Rose has always felt out of place in her family, a wanderer in a bunch of homebodies. So when an enormous white bear mysteriously shows up and asks her to come away with him--in exchange for health and prosperity for her ailing… Continue reading Friday Reads: East

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Friday Reads: December 2019 Wrap-Up

So, there are still a handful of days left in December, but I'm doing my wrap-up post now anyway. Any books that I read between now and the 31st can get included in my 2019 Reading Wrap-Up. I gifted several graphic novels and picture books for Christmas this year, and wanted to read them before… Continue reading Friday Reads: December 2019 Wrap-Up

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Triwizard Tournament Readathon Wrap-Up

Today is the Yule Ball! So that means it's time to catch up on my progress for the Triwizard Tournament Readathon. Triwizard Tournament Readathon Wrap-Up (The official site is here, and they're @triwizardathon on Twitter and use the hashtag #triwizardreadathon.) For task one, I read Prince Caspian for the dragon (Swedish Short Snout), and Pumpkinheads for the method of defeating… Continue reading Triwizard Tournament Readathon Wrap-Up

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First Line Friday 56 – SquirrelTerror

This is the last of the First Line Friday 56 posts that I am going to be doing. I will still be posting quotes from page 56 and the first line, but it will no longer be officially part of either meme. Instead, as I mentioned last week, they will be more like regular reviews that… Continue reading First Line Friday 56 – SquirrelTerror

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Friday Reads ~ the update edition

For a while now I've been blogging rather randomly. I have a very general theme, but it also means that some posts I want to do get forgotten about. For example, I (years ago) used to post more blog reviews on this site, often cross-posting them with my Book-Wyrm-Reads sister site. But then I got… Continue reading Friday Reads ~ the update edition

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Friday Reads: November 2019 Wrap-Up

I ended up reading more books in November than I'd really been counting on, since this month was also NaNo. It does help that a lot of these books are shorter ones, though. The Forward Collection, for example, are more short story length (or novellas at best) and so they bump up the book count… Continue reading Friday Reads: November 2019 Wrap-Up

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First Line Friday 56 – Legion: The Many Lives of Stephen Leeds

This is a fun book! I didn't know when I initially decided to read it that it was a collection of three novellas about the same main character. But I'm really glad I picked it up. It's a much more enjoyable Sanderson book for me than the first one of his I read. (Steelheart. You… Continue reading First Line Friday 56 – Legion: The Many Lives of Stephen Leeds

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Five 5-Star Books with Under 500 Goodreads Ratings

Louise @ Foxes & Fairy tales has been doing a series of 5-star reads with low numbers of Goodreads ratings, and I thought it was a good time for me to revisit my own 5-star reads with minimal love on GR. I have done a few posts on this subject now: 5-star books with under… Continue reading Five 5-Star Books with Under 500 Goodreads Ratings

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Series I’m Reading (late 2019 review)

I haven't really made much progress with finishing book series. I've gotten caught up on a few, but they're not finished series, so they have to stay on the "pending" list. I've started more series than I've gotten caught up on, though! Oh well, at least I'm still enjoying them all. If you want to… Continue reading Series I’m Reading (late 2019 review)