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WIP Wednesday ~ a random update

It's knitting update time! And I'm going to start with something I promised you in the last monthly wrap-up: details on what went wrong with the Fork in the Road socks. First, I had mentioned that there was a knot in the yarn which meant I had to go through the yarn to get to… Continue reading WIP Wednesday ~ a random update

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FO: Katy Jubilee Shawl

I believe I promised you FO pictures for the Katy Jubilee shawl! Here we go! I really love the way this turned out. You can never be quite 100% sure when knitting lace, because during the knitting process it doesn't look the way it's going to once it's finished. I would argue that the… Continue reading FO: Katy Jubilee Shawl

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WIP Wednesday for 3 October 2018

There has been knitting! And finishing! I'll start with that, because it happened longest ago. I finished the Raw Honey mitts! They are soft and squishy and it will be hard to give them away as originally planned instead of keeping them for myself. Still, here they are: So yummy. I really… Continue reading WIP Wednesday for 3 October 2018

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FO: Purple Majesty Boyfriend Sweater

IT'S FINISHED!!!! I have finally finished my Purple Majesty Boyfriend Sweater! The picture above is from before I added the buttons, but trust me, the buttons are sewn on now and I can wear the sweater as soon as the weather cooperates. Actually, it's been cool enough when I leave for work in the… Continue reading FO: Purple Majesty Boyfriend Sweater

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FO: Ectoplasm Shawl Test Knit

There has been more knitting going on, and on a new project in addition to things you know about, but I can't wait to share my finished Ectoplasm Shawl with you. I cast off and blocked the shawl Friday, just in time for the test knit deadline: It easily blocked out to the 66"… Continue reading FO: Ectoplasm Shawl Test Knit

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WIP Wednesday for 16 May 2018

Well, okay, today's only kinda a WIP Wednesday post. It's more of an FO post, really, since I have a finished GAL square to share with you. But I suppose the square might be finished but the GAL blanket isn't, so it's still a WIP... Oh well. I'm overthinking this. Have a finished square!… Continue reading WIP Wednesday for 16 May 2018