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Friday Reads: Tinker

  Tinker: Elfhome book 1 by Wen Spencer narrated by Tanya Eby (fantasy, futuristic urban fantasy, slight romance) This author has been on my radar for a while, but I don’t recall hearing about TINKER until it showed up in an Audible book sale. I think it was part of a recent “two books for one… Continue reading Friday Reads: Tinker

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Friday Reads ~ The False Princess

The False Princess by Eilis O'Neal (fantasy, YA) This YA fantasy is a really enjoyable book. I don't remember how I heard about it (probably Tez Miller, who is my biggest source for new authors), but I am so glad my library had it and I could pick it up and read it. I'll probably… Continue reading Friday Reads ~ The False Princess

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Weeks 38, 39 & 40: Book Review Catch-up

So, after complaining that I didn't get a book read in time to review two weeks ago, I have three books to review this week. As a result, I'm going to do mini-reviews because there are three of them. Mini-Review #1: Veil of Shadows by Shiloh Walker I really enjoyed this book. It's the second… Continue reading Weeks 38, 39 & 40: Book Review Catch-up

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Week 24: The Enchanted Forest Chronicles

Here is this week’s 52 Books in 52 Weeks post… In addition, I had to link to The Rejectionist's post about a place that sounds like a book lover's heaven. ~*~ The Enchanted Forest Chronicles (Dealing with Dragons, Searching for Dragons, Calling on Dragons, & Talking to Dragons) by Patricia C. Wrede (YA fantasy) Instead… Continue reading Week 24: The Enchanted Forest Chronicles