WIP Wednesday for 7 February 2018

I recently needed to bring a travel knitting project somewhere, but I couldn’t bring the mitts I’m working on since the person I’m going to be giving them to was going with me. So I looked at the other travel-sized projects I have on the needles, and decided I didn’t want to bring any of them.

  1. The Raw Honey mitts were out, due to my travel companion.
  2. The Minecraft socks might be an easy pattern, but I was coming up on the heel turn soon-ish and didn’t want to have to do my measuring / trying on half-finished socks on the plane.
  3. The mitts for my SIL have been waiting long enough that it would take too long for me to remember where I was in the pattern.
  4. The GAL squares (both of them) are double knitting and therefore more balls of yarn than I wanted to be dealing with at once.

So of course I cast on something new.

I went stash diving in search of some nice striped yarn or something that I would be happy making vanilla socks from. I found a lovely ball of Chroma fingering yarn. Lovely, and wanting to be cast on with, and not what I wanted for socks.

So instead I cast on a new scarf. Easy, right? No fuss, right?

Um. No. I cast on a lace entrelac scarf. Not at all any easier to deal with than the other projects I already have started.

Entrelac scarf

But it is lovely, isn’t it?


FO: Mochi Entrelac Socks

Look! Another FO post in a short period of time! (And if I ever get around to it, I’ll have a third to show off my sweater.)

Mochi Entrelac 15

These are the second pair of Toe-Up Entrelac Socks I’ve made, this pair with Mini Mochi yarn. They’re a fun pair of socks, both because I like the yarn and I like entrelac. However, they’ve got an odd fit to them because of the tension I was holding the needles I used for the first sock with. (Sorry about grammar. It’s late.)

Mochi Entrelac 14

So I’ve decided that I like Mini Mochi yarn, though it does have some issues as you’d expect from a single-ply yarn. (Especially a FUZZY single-ply yarn.) And I already knew I liked the entrelac technique. But I’ve also decided I don’t like square DPNs. I tried them, and they made my tension all wonky without giving me any stress relief on my wrists (like the advertise). If anything, they hurt my hands more to hold them than regular rounded DPNs do. I can’t speak to the evenness of the stitches, because the yarn’s irregular enough to impact that.

Mochi Entrelac 16

But. The socks, they are done. And I am pleased with them.

A WiP That’s Not Mitts

Ooh, look! A Weds WiP post that’s not focusing on the Serpentine Mitts (because they’re finished)!

Mochic Entrelac 12

This is the current state of my Mini Mochi Entrelac Socks. I’m pretty pleased with them. They’re going faster now that (1) I’ve reached the interesting part of the knit, and (2) I’m working on them again. You know. Silly stuff like that.

Mochic Entrelac 13

I don’t know how much longer it will take for me to finish these, but it shouldn’t be too long, seeing as a little over a week ago I hadn’t yet turned the heel, and now I’m a good chunk of the way up the cuff.

They have been a fun knit, and I would certainly use the yarn again, but I will be glad when these socks are done. The needles I started them with (Kollage square DPNs) just didn’t work for me — so much so that I switched to two Addi Turbo circs (which also didn’t work well — the join kept sticking with this yarn) and then to my trusty KnitPicks classic circ for magic loop. I’ve decided I really like magic looping. Though… I will still also love the way DPNs feel in my hands. Socks on two circs, though, are something I haven’t bothered much with since I learned to magic loop. Anybody want a pair of Addis?

WiP It!

Don’t forget to comment on posts between May 14 and May 31 to enter my current contest!

So it’s Wednesday, and I have knitting WiPs to show off! Hooray! (But this is a picture heavy post. Sorry!)

First we have the DROPS Sweater:

DROPS Sweater 14

It’s going pretty well. it seems like it’s taking FOREVER, but then I remind myself that this is the entire sweater knit all at once. It’s not just the back, or just the fronts. It’s all of it. I’ve even finished the seams (about 16 stitches worth total) so there’s only sewing in of a couple ends and adding the buttons left to do once I cast off.

DROPS Sweater 15

Next up: the Mochi Entrelac Socks. There isn’t much exciting progress on these, but they’re still going.

Mochi Entrelac Socks 11

Then a new project, the Little Sky Socks for my niece.

Sky Socks 01

The problem here is that I don’t have enough leftovers of the yarn I started with to make them big enough for the kiddo. So, I cast off so that I have a practice sock, and then will be using different yarn to continue with.

Sky Socks 02

Last knitting WiP for today is the Serpentine Mitts.

Serpentine Mitts 02

(Yes, that is a JessaLu box bag in that photo…)

These will be a gift, but I suspect that when I’m done with them I’ll be knitting another pair. I love them.

Serpentine Mitts 01

So does the cat…

Serpentine Mitts 03

And last, we have the Babette blanket (which is a crochet project, not a knitting one).

Cool Babette 06

I do love the way this is turning out. Though I am also trying to not crochet all of it at once, since there is more sock yarn in progress that will be leftover semi-soon and can be added to the Babette blanket if I have a little patience.

Cool Babette 08

Patience and I don’t usually get along, so this should be interesting.

A Tale of Two Socks

One sock was not making me happy.

Frogging Bayerische 1

I had been knitting it for well over a year. And could barely bring myself to pick it up to even knit one round on it. So I frogged it.

Frogging Bayerische 2

Sad, but sometimes necessary and freeing.

The other sock had been aggravating me, but is now in my good graces again.

Mochi Entrelac Socks 05

For a while, the entrelac part was all the same color. Which is kinda the entire OPPOSITE REASON for doing entrelac in the first place. So I was highly annoyed at the sock.

Mochi Entrelac Socks 07

Now, however, the color has changed again, and I love it.

Mochi Entrelac Socks 06

The Mini Mochi yarn is fun to work with, the sock pattern* is enjoyable, and I am just generally having a good time of it.

Too bad I’ll be giving these away…

* You can tell I like the pattern well enough, as this is the first repeat sock pattern I’ve ever done. Ever.

Finally Friday

This has been a long week. Long, long, long.

I think that I will be giving you a mash-up of things that I missed out on earlier this week due to it being such a long and difficult week. There will be a steampunk novella snippet at the end — a short one, but I like it anyway.


We missed our Monday kitteh picture:


Are you there Ceiling Cat? It’s me, Suzy.


…and our Weds WiP pictures (links are to Ravelry):

Serendipity Stole 09

The Serendipity Stole… I’ve been working on it more again, and I’m onto a new chart (3 of 5). Then I have to repeat the whole thing for side 2.

DROPS Sweater 05

The Olympic Sweater, aka the DROPS sweater since it wasn’t finished during the Olympics. It’s nearly to the garter stitch bodice part with the shaping and buttonholes and that means I need to start paying attention to the knit.

Mochi Entrelac Socks 04

The Mini Mochi socks, which have ended up being for my sister since they fit her better than they fit me. I bought the yarn intending it as a present anyway, so no big deal. I’m nearly to the entrelac part, and that makes me happy.


The state of the writing is going pretty well, all things considered. I didn’t get any writing done Tuesday even though I was home sick all day with food poisoning (oh, didn’t I mention that? Yeah. Fun). Instead of doing any writing or knitting or even reading I spent the day in bed (when I wasn’t losing my breakfast, or lunch…). 20 hours of sleep later, I felt human again. But it did put me back a fair bit from my writing plan.

Now for a SPN snippet, as promised… This is from shortly after Kate encounters Frederick for the first time. It’s not a very happy occasion. The details are not for public consumption (and actually, the closer I get to “the end” on this one, the less I will be sharing) but here’s a teeny snip:

She shivered in the cold, though mercifully dry, morning air. The detective had scowled when she’d given her description. A strong jaw and blue eyes were, she supposed, a useful enough description. But no constable wanted a murder suspect to have a kind mouth or honest face. Kate didn’t even know where the image she had of him had come from; she certainly didn’t notice anything of the sort at the time.

But now she had a picture of him in her head, and it would not go away.

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