Friday FO ~ Artichoke Socks!

Lookie here!

Finished Artichokes 1

Finished socks!

Sorry the picture’s a little blurry. The lighting wasn’t great, and while I tried to clean it up a bit, I think all I succeeded in doing was making the blurriness more obvious. It’s a pretty good representation of the color, at least.

Finished Artichokes 3

This was a fun pattern. While it was my first mystery sock KAL, it was by no means my first mystery KAL. (KAL = knit-a-long, for you non-knitters.) It was also not my first beaded KAL, but it was my first pair of beaded socks. So it’s got a lot of firsts and a lot of not-firsts going for it all at the same time.  🙂

I really enjoyed making these socks. While I had an advantage of knowing what the whole leg of the sock looked like before I started (I found out about the KAL late) I hadn’t seen the foot before I cast on my pair. I’m glad. I don’t really like the way the foot looks in pictures, but it’s kinda neat looking when on. Also, it’s so very comfortable!

Finished Artichokes 2

The way the sock is structured, it sorta wraps around your foot. There are increases at the bottom, and decreases moving ever inward until they reach in the middle. The result is a sock that fits with no sagging. (At least, mine did.) It was a smidge constricting when I first put them on in the morning, and I was worried how well they’d wear throughout the day, but – being wool – the socks had enough give in them to be a perfect fit by the time I took them off. Very comfortable. I may have to tweak this method of gusset decreases for all my socks.

Finished Artichokes 4


PATTERN: Artichoke Socks (Ravelry link)
DESIGNER: Janel Laidman
YARN: Hazel Knits Artisan Sock in Chocoberry
BEADS: Toho glass beads, size 6/0 (“E”), color 1952-57 (I think)
NEEDLES: US 1.5 (2.5mm) circular, magic loop style
START TO FINISH: 5/24/11 to 9/7/11
MODS: none


WiP Weds 9.7.11 ~ A Tale Of Two Socks

I just realized that I didn’t apologize in advance for not having a post on Monday. It was a holiday in the US (Labor Day) and I just didn’t feel like doing anything typical. So instead of writing a blog post, I spent time trying to teach my family how to play Rock Band (with varied success).

And now, for better or worse, we are back into a “normal” week. So, that means a WiP Wednesday post!

There are two socks in today’s post. One is the newer sock, the Twisty Ribby Sock.

Twisty Ribby Sock 9-7-11

As you can see, it has progressed nicely in the week since I wrote of it last. I don’t actually know how long it is in the cuff (supposed I should have measured), but it was the length I wanted. And then I did a heel — standard short row heel, but with garter stitch, for anyone who’s wondering — and now am on the foot. This is nice, mindless knitting. Every knitter needs some of that once in a while.

(Side note: wrapping the heel stitches on a garter heel was weird. I will probably do the second sock the same as this first one, but I doubt I will even do a wrapped garter stitch heel again after this project.)

And then there’s the Artichoke Sock. Don’t be surprised if you see it on Friday (as an FO), too.

Artichoke Sock 9.7.11

That’s the toe decreases I’m marking off there with the white stitch markers. I’ll be happy to be done with these, but glad to have knit them as well. They were fun. Plus, they look REALLY comfy. I’ll have to report back once I can say for sure.

WiP Weds 8.31.11 ~ The Twisty Edition

As I write this, my boyo is playing “Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet,” and between that and the second of today’s WiPs, this is a very twisty blog post. (Or at least it is to me.)

I guess the first thing to show today is the progress I’ve made on the second of the Artichoke socks.

I’ve turned the heel, finished the gusset decreases, and (if you know the pattern this will make sense) continued with the paired increases & decreases until getting to the point where I’m going to start decreasing the instep stitches. So I figure I have about half of the foot left to go, maybe less. Very close to finished.

So of course I had to cast on another sock. And no, it wasn’t the sock I’d planned to start next (the second Star Trek sock). I just can’t bring myself to do a colorwork sock right now. It’s too warm.

Twisty Ribby Sock 1

So I started something cooler, using TOFUtsies yarn from SWTC. I’m doing a sock of no discernible pattern, just stuff I’m combining as I feel like it. It started with a Twisted Garter Cuff, a la Turtlegirl Christi. Then I moved into a k3 p1 pattern, and I’ll knit until I’m ready to do the heel. And then we’ll see what I feel like when I get there, but I’m kinda leaning towards something squishy. And maybe a new heel, one I haven’t tried before. Same goes for the toe… I’d like to use something padded (such as garter stitch maybe) but also a new technique. I’m not sure what heel or toe I’ll end up with. Any suggestions?

Twisty Ribby Sock 2

And that’s that. A twisty wip-y blog post.

WiP Weds 8.24.11 ~ back on track

So, here we are at another WiP Weds. And this time, I’m back on schedule! I am once again working on what I had planned to: the Artichoke Socks!


I am now to the heel flap, and still enjoying every minute of knitting this project. I’m also looking forward to wearing them!

In addition, I’ve spent some time making cards. I won’t show you a picture of the cards themselves yet, dice I don’t know if they’ve arrived (and some I KNOW have not), but they have already made me incredibly happy. Why? Well, let me show you…



Have a great day, everyone!

WiP Weds ~ 8.3.11 (In which there are flowers)

So, did any of my blog readers go to Sock Summit this year? (I know there’s a possibility… but it depends on whether the ladies in my S’n’B have recovered from Sock Summit…) I did not. It seems silly for it to be on my coast and such a KNITTING EVENT and not go, but there you have it. Money and all that.

Instead, I knit my own little sock while at home.

Artichoke SoupI didn’t get a whole lot of progress, but I did finish Clue 1. (And hey – in my defense I wasn’t knitting all weekend long, like SOME people I know.) And I still love this pattern, so that’s a good thing. I actually did take the sock places with me, though I don’t have photos of it traveling. It went to the theatre with me, and got worked on while I was waiting for THE MUSIC MAN to start. A fellow knitter (who was an usher) came up to me and asked questions about it. That’s always fun. She, however, says she knits on size US 18 needles, and couldn’t imagine using such small ones. Personally, I cringe from the thought of size 18s… I guess it takes all kinds.

The back panel of the Sweetheart Sweater still isn’t done. I don’t feel like taking another picture of something that’s in (visually) about the same place as it was a week ago, so you’ll have to use your imagination. I only have about 1.5-2 inches left to knit, though, which is promising.

And the Serendipity Stole, while getting there, is also not much different to look at. That’s one problem with knitting lace… unless it’s blocked/blocking, it can be hard to tell progress from week to week. I’m at the part in Clue 4 where I get to add more beads, though, so that makes me happy.

Flower 1, 8-3-11Instead of more knitting pictures, I’ll give you some flower pictures. These guys made me smile the other day while I was taking a break from work and walking around the block, so I took pictures. Hopefully they’ll make you smile, too.
Flower 2, 8-3-11And if the flower photos don’t do it, just think: we’re halfway to the weekend!

WiP Weds ~ 7.27.11

A quick reminder before the WiP part of the post… if you go to Monday’s post and comment with the name of a song to cheer me up, or a request for cheering of your own, you will be entered to win homemade cards! And you can enter daily for more chances!

This week has seen a lot of knitting progress! It might not always look like it, however. The second Artichoke sock, for instance, looks pretty pathetic when it comes to progress. I think I’ve knit maybe 4 rows on it.
WiP Progress 7.27.11 01

But, as you can see, I have actually started it. Which is undeniably progress. I still like this pattern, and I love the yarn. (Hazel Knits) I’ll have to get some more of it sometime.

There has also been progress on the Sweetheart Sweater. But, as is common with large projects like sweaters, it’s often hard to tell when progress has been made.

WiP Progress 7.27.11 02

I’m about halfway done with the back-after-armhole-shaping. And I’ve come to the conclusion that I’ll need more yarn. Drat. I hate when that happens.

The bedbug has progressed too, and is now to the point of being done with the knitting and only needs some finishing work. I won’t be showing it off again here until it’s an FO.

And for a surprise, I’ve been working on the Serendipity Stole as well.
WiP Progress 7.27.11 03

It’s been a while since you’ve seen this on the blog, so you might not remember how long it was last time I shared it here, but trust me. It has grown. I’m in the middle of Chart 4, so am nearing half-way done. (You knit Charts 1-5 on one side, then put that aside and knit 1-4 again. I think they get grafted after that. I’m not 100% sure… and I’m not looking ahead to see, because I don’t want to know. I’d rather knit them together, because I think that style generally looks better, but I’ll trust the designer. Hopefully after all the time I’ve put into this thing, I’ll like the end result.)

Happy hump day!

WiP Weds 7.13.11 ~ In Which I Have Willpower

Well. After telling you all that I needed to adjust my Artichoke Socks because of my row gauge, it turns out I didn’t need to after all. So I had to rip back a little bit (AGAIN) and continue the instep pattern decreases as written. (This is really a good thing, as the faster decreases made the end of the sock very uncomfortable when I tried it on for length.)

It is still a fun pattern, though, and I knit merrily along the foot until I reached the toe.

Artichoke Sock 7-12-11

And that’s where the sock stands today. Not bad progress at all, if I may say so. I really like this pattern. The way the sole is written is fun and really hugs your foot. I had been planning on doing TurtleGirl’s suggested heel decreases (instead of the traditional side-gusset decreases) but with the decreases already put in a different place I decided not to. The next pair of socks I knit I want to try the heel decreases, but I may use the artichoke sole again for other patterns. I really like it. Here’s a close-up:

Artichoke Sole Detail

I’ve also been knitting on the Sweetheart Sweater. It hasn’t made much visible progress, so I’m not going to bother with another photo. It is moving along, though, and I should get to start the armhole shaping soon. (Yay! Something other than continuing the pattern for miles and miles!)

And, in addition, I worked on the Babette Blanket. I needed some mindless knitting for a meeting, and realized I didn’t have any. Instead of casting on something new, I decided to work on mindless crochet. Here’s how much I’ve gotten done in the last week:

Babette Squares 7-12-11

Not all of these were made during the meeting, though probably more than half were. (After working on the squares for my 2-hour meeting, I decided to sew I the ends when I got home. And then after I was done, I kinda kept crocheting…)

I am glad I’ve been sewing in the ends as I go. Well, most of the ends get covered with the next row of crochet. But the starting ends, and any other random ends (except the last one) have been sewn in already. I’m leaving the final ends because I might want to use them for sewing the squares together. I haven’t decided yet, but I want to leave the option open.

Babette Squares 7-12-11 2

I love this blanket so! I never thought I would make a granny square afghan, but this one is not your standard granny square afghan. It is so much cooler, and I can’t wait to lay it all out and determine square placement. It’s going to be so pretty when it’s all done!

(Also – I have so far resisted the urge to cast on something new, even if it is a Christmas present. The week has been gradually improving since Monday. Here’s hoping that holds…)