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Friday FO ~ Artichoke Socks!

Lookie here! Finished socks! Sorry the picture's a little blurry. The lighting wasn't great, and while I tried to clean it up a bit, I think all I succeeded in doing was making the blurriness more obvious. It's a pretty good representation of the color, at least. This was a fun pattern. While it was… Continue reading Friday FO ~ Artichoke Socks!

Craft Central · Misc Socks

WiP Weds 9.7.11 ~ A Tale Of Two Socks

I just realized that I didn't apologize in advance for not having a post on Monday. It was a holiday in the US (Labor Day) and I just didn't feel like doing anything typical. So instead of writing a blog post, I spent time trying to teach my family how to play Rock Band (with… Continue reading WiP Weds 9.7.11 ~ A Tale Of Two Socks