Series Shakedown

I borrowed the idea for tracking the (many) series I was reading from Sarah @ Dragons & Zombies. (Yes, other people have done this too, but that’s where I got the inspiration for tracking my series reads.)

And then I borrowed the name of the series tracker from The Captain, since she had a much better turn of phrase than I did.

For my lists, I am not including short stories. Novellas can be included if they are published as separate volumes. I’m also not making any indications here whether I read a paper book, ebook, or audiobook. That would make this already long project way too involved.

The following items listed here are what I decided to track:

  • Completed series that I have not finished reading but intend to
  • In-progress series that I have not finished reading but intend to
  • Series (completed or not) that I’m unsure about
  • Series (completed or not) that I want to start but haven’t yet
  • Completed series that I have finished
  • Series (completed or not) that I have abandoned

You may note that there is no page for series that I have no intention of starting. That seemed like it would end up being way too long a list, so I’m not going to bother.

In addition, there will be an occasional time when I read a book with no intention of reading the series. (One example is One Word Kill by Mark Lawrence. Another is Frank Herbert’s Dune. I prefer to consider those as standalone novels.) In those cases I will not be recording the series on these lists.