Written Deer

Written Deer by Maggie Smith Why does this written doe bound through these written woods? —Wisława Szymborska My handwriting is all over these woods. No, my handwriting is these woods, each tree a half-print, half-cursive scrawl, each loop a limb. My house is somewhere here, & I have scribbled myself inside it. What is home… Continue reading Written Deer


My Love Is Black

My Love Is Black by DéLana R. A. Dameron You might say fear is a predictable emotion & I might agree. Whenever my husband leaves for his graveyard shift, when he prepares to walk out into the abyss of black sky, I am afraid tonight will be the night I become a widow. I don’t… Continue reading My Love Is Black

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Poetry Linkity (and other things)

I thought I'd do a poetry linkity this month, since April is National Poetry Month. First, though, a couple other non-poetry links... Some links that I got from Chris... Seanan McGuire on fanfic Fanfic is a natural human interaction with story. Children do it before they know its name. People who swear they would never… Continue reading Poetry Linkity (and other things)

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First Line Friday 56 – #1 (Rose)

Kat @ Here There Be Dragons recently combined two Friday Book memes that she found, and it was such fun that I decided to play along on occasion. Here's how she described the memes she mashed-up: “First Line Fridays” and is hosted over at Hoarding Books and is all about the first line of current read. A… Continue reading First Line Friday 56 – #1 (Rose)