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Scheduled Snippet

I'm not here today! But I feel sorry for anyone who would expect a Friday Snippet and not get one, so here is a short section (that I just wrote) from my WIP. (Oooh, shiny! Brand new fiction! Probable typos and maybe even grammatical errors! Heh. Be gentle.) Have a great weekend everyone! “I am… Continue reading Scheduled Snippet

E1 · Friday Snippet · Write Now

August Snippet the First ~ 8.6.2010

This week's snippet follows off of one two snippets ago, in which we met the girl. It actually follows on that one in the same scene, without the jump to last week's snippet in between. This is after Lindra's been challenged by her archery tutor to prove her skill and has succeeded. Beyond that, there's… Continue reading August Snippet the First ~ 8.6.2010