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WiP It!

Don't forget to comment on posts between May 14 and May 31 to enter my current contest! So it's Wednesday, and I have knitting WiPs to show off! Hooray! (But this is a picture heavy post. Sorry!) First we have the DROPS Sweater: It's going pretty well. it seems like it's taking FOREVER, but then… Continue reading WiP It!

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Just When I Was Getting Used To Them…

I love my KnitPicks Harmony Wood needle tips. Love. They are awesome. However, they are not for every project, so I also have a set or two of nickel plated KnitPicks (KP) tips. When KP introduced the Zephyr Acrylic tips, I thought, "why not try them?" and bought a set in a needle size I… Continue reading Just When I Was Getting Used To Them…