FO: Babette Blanket!!!

Okay, there has been knitting, and there has been crocheting, but I am not going to show you the progress on any of my current projects because I CAN’T WAIT TO SHOW OFF THE BABETTE BLANKET!

Sorry for shouting. But this project has been a WIP for over 7 years, and it is so (pick one or more) exciting / freeing / wonderful / much of a relief to have it done. So here it is!

Finished Babette!

This picture was taken pretty much as soon as I finished the edging and sewed in the final end. It hasn’t been blocked or even washed in these pics. I’m not 100% sure I am going to wash it, since I don’t know if any of these yarns will bleed and I’m more interested in keeping the colors crisp than in getting the edges straight.

Finished Babette!

If I was to make another one of these — which I am NOT — I would probably block it as I went so that the squares were all the same size before I started joining them. However, I don’t think it’s too big a deal that they were a bit off. Given how many different yarns I used for this project, I think it’s cool that the squares were all as close as they were.

Finished Babette!
cat included for scale

Well, okay. There was one square that I crocheted, noticed was a bit large, and ignored. And I kept ignoring it all the way up until it was time to join it into the blanket. And then I had to look at it and admit that no matter what I did, it wasn’t going to fit. (I think that square was made out of Kauni yarn.) So, I had to get rid of that square and make one more. It was the smallest size square – which meant both that it was fast to make the replacement, and that there was no room in which to ease in the too-big square. (Some of the larger squares have irregular yarn thicknesses in them, but because they’re that much bigger I could get away with it.)

Finished Babette!

In any case, the blanket is finished! I couldn’t tell you what all the yarns that went into it are, though. I started tracking yarn on Ravelry, so that I’d have a record of it. And then my knitting friends heard that I was making a scrap sock yarn blanket, and some of them brought me THEIR sock yarn scraps to include. While I am grateful for the addition — it’s made my Babette much more colorful and special than if it was just my own yarn scraps — it also means I have no idea what some of the yarns were that went into the blanket.

Finished Babette!

This is going to live on my desk chair, so that I always have something warm to pull onto my lap while I’m working. It’s not really big enough to be a sofa lap blanket, much less something that goes on the bed. And since I want to keep it instead of giving it to a child (since I think it would be large enough for a child to wrap-up in) I have limited options on how to use it. But I think desk chair is a great option.

Finished Babette!

Here are the specs, since this has been such a long-term project:

Babette Blanket by Kathy Merrick
Started: 27 April 2010
Finished: 3 September 2017
(my Ravelry project)


WIP Wednesday ~ Babette!

I’ve been working on a bit here and there this week — and I’ve been working on several things since my last WIP Weds (due to the blog vacation) — but I’m only talking about one thing today:

Babette blanket progress 8-22-17



Babette blanket progress 8-22-17

I can’t tell you how excited I am about this. I’m determined to have this blanket done by the end of the month, if I can do it without running out of yarn. (I think I can. I hope I can. But the edging might do me in.) This project has been OTN for 7 years now, and it’s time-and-then-some to have it finished.

Babette blanket progress 8-22-17

These WIP pics were taken Monday, so they’re pretty up-to-date. I have 8 of 10 sections fully joined and assembled. Section 9 is almost finished. I just have to finish joining section 9, add it to the assembled blanket, then put section 10 together and add it to the blanket, and then edge the whole thing.

Babette blanket progress 8-22-17

I’m not positive what the official edging is, but that doesn’t matter because I’m not reading the instructions for that part. While I was joining squares, I was thinking about the edging, and I decided that I wanted to edge it as if it was one big granny square (of the type made in the blanket). So I’m going to work the edging as 1 or 2 (depending on how 1 looks when I’ve finished it) rounds of double crochet all the way around, with (2dc, ch 2, 2dc) in each corner. I think that should look pretty good.

Anyway, hopefully by the beginning of September I’ll have a finished Babette blanket to show you! Though I might wash and block it before showing it off. We’ll see how it looks once it’s edged.

Babette blanket progress 8-22-17

WIP Weds ~ in which the Babette Blanket returns

I have been knitting. Promise. But! For the first time in a while, I have also been crocheting!

Last weekend, I finally decided to finish weaving in all the ends on the Babette Blanket. I also remembered that this only meant I needed to weave in the inside ends — the ends that I’m going to be crocheting over in order to join the pieces can be hidden while I crochet, so I don’t need to take the extra time to weave in those ends.

And I am pleased to report that the (inside) ends are now finished! So now it’s just a matter of joining the blanket, edging it, and cuddling with it. One thing to keep in mind — I am making the Babette Blanket as a scrap sock yarn blanket, so it’s not going to be as large as intended. But, for me, part of the joy of this blanket is the memory of some of these yarns. I’m thinking this blanket is going to live on my desk chair as part of my “make my desk space usable” 101 in 1001 Challenge task. (Tangent: my desk is a lovely old piece that used to be my grandma’s. I don’t want to get rid of it. However, it’s not anywhere close to ergonomically correct the way it is, so I need to do a lot of work to it in order to make it useful as a modern desk.)

Anyway, here is the blanket as I laid it out Monday while planning which squares would go where. Please excuse the wrinkled blanket underneath. I was in the middle of doing laundry, and wasn’t planning on sharing these photos. (I decided it was easier to share these working photos than take new ones just for blogging, though.)

Babette progress 8-2-17

I am pleased with how it’s turning out. There’s a lot more color variety than I had originally planned on, but that makes it more fun as a scrap blanket, in my opinion. You can see there’s a section in the middle there which is already assembled. (That’s how you’re supposed to join the blanket. There’s a whole spiral layout of assembly.)

Babette progress 8-2-17

That’s a close-up of the assembled section. Again, since these were intended as working photos, I took close-ups of each section as they are supposed to be assembled so that I can hopefully connect everything a little easier.

I also elected not to block the squares before joining them. Maybe that was a mistake, and it might cause me problems later. But… right now it doesn’t matter to me. (And frankly, I wasn’t sure that if I decided to block it if I would ever finish the thing. Besides, since I was using scrap yarn, there are a lot of different weights and I’m not sure all the squares will block out properly. I’m just hoping I can ease the seams all together… if not, I’ll be re-making a square or two.)

If this was a gift, I’d be a lot more particular with it. But it’s for me, and I would just like to have it finished at this point. It has been in progress for over 7 years. (I started it in April of 2010.) That’s plenty of time for it to be unfinished.

Babette progress 8-2-17

Since taking these working photos I have gotten a lot more work done on the blanket. It’s a pain to lay out the individual squares, though, so the next time you see a picture of the whole thing laid out flat, it will be completely assembled. (Maybe not edged yet, though.) I might have progress pictures of the sections, but I don’t intend to set out all the little pieces at once again.

Have a great rest of the week! Do you have any projects (knitting, crochet, or otherwise) which have been “in progress” for much longer than they should have been? Share your thoughts so I don’t feel so bad about my lingering project…  🙂

WIP Weds ~ in which it is all Babette, all the time*

* not actually true… there has been other knitting; it’s just not being shown here today.

Babette progress

Remember last week, when I told you I was almost done with the Babette squares? Well, this week I have finished them!

Babette progress

Or, I have finished them if I counted correctly. If I discover while joining the squares that I mis-counted, I will make whatever squares I determine I’m missing as I get to the stage of joining it. I’m hoping that I won’t have to do that, though, because I counted multiple times and came up with the same number each time.

Babette progress

Now I need to determine a basic layout for these squares and then start joining them. I don’t want it to be too planned out, because that wasn’t the point of this blanket. However, I also don’t want it to be too random, or with my luck I’ll end up with two essentially matching squares right next to each other. The blanket does have you join the larger section in sections, if I remember correctly, and then you join the big sections together. So at the least I will clump the squares by section and then join them randomly from there. We’ll see. I may lay out the entire thing. I haven’t decided yet.

Babette progress

The cat, of course, thought I was providing her with toys.

Babette progress

It didn’t help that I haven’t woven in all the ends yet. (I won’t be weaving in all of the ends – one of the joys of crochet is that I can hide the bind-off tail when I join the squares. But I will need to weave in the starting ends, and I haven’t done all of those yet.) Still, it’s very exciting to have hit this point in the project!

Hoe you’re having a great week, too!

WIP Wednesday ~ in which I am *that close*

I am so close. So close I can practically feel it. Close to what, you ask? Close to being done with crocheting squares for the Babette blanket! I still have a small handful to make, and yes – then I have to sew in starting ends and assemble the blanket – but I AM SO CLOSE!

For proof of progress, here are the squares I’ve made since my last photo update:

I’m not going to take a photo of all of the squares until I have finished making them. But still, this is definite progress. I really can’t wait until I’m done with this project, and this is a really good start to being done.

(another glamour shot of the squares)

I have also been knitting the second Circle of Love Cowl. There has been less progress on it, though, because the weather got warmer and it’s hard to think about knitting a mohair cowl on my lunch break when it’s in the 70’s. Also, I really have too large a crochet hook in the project bag, so while it works for getting the beads on the yarn, it’s not always easy. I need to remember to swap out hooks to speed the knitting along again.

There is the progress on the cowl, at any rate. I love the way it looks laid out, and am looking forward to trying it on once it’s done to see how the beads fall on the finished fabric. Well… I’ll try it on once it’s finished and the temperature gets back to something resembling cool weather. I might need to stand in front of the open freezer.

Have a great rest of the week!

WIP Weds ~ in which I knit for me

Most (not quite all, but most) of my knitting has been for me this week. One of the big exceptions to that was the cowl I showed you on Monday, but since that one is finished now, it’s not included in this week’s WIP Weds.

As I indicated then, I have also started a second version of that cowl, and this one is for me:

I do love the pattern. It’s easy enough without being boring. And adding the beads has worked out as well as I’d thought it would – once I found the right beads. I first tried with some lovely garnet chips, but those beads weren’t big enough for my crochet hook (in order to place the bead onto the knitting) or to hold their own individually against the mohair yarn. The strand of garnet beads laid on top of the ball of yarn looked great; one single bead nestled among the knitting got lost. So, new beads were found in the stash, and on we went!

So much fun. I do think I will limit myself to 2 of these cowls, though, or at least 2 for now. They are such a quick knit even with lace weight yarn that I will keep them in mind for a quick knitted gift option.

I have also been working on the Babette blanket. While that one is crochet, not knitting, it is also for me, so it counts.

I’m still in the square-making stage, though soon I will have all of them finished and can start joining them together again. (You may recall that I started joining them at one point in order to keep myself interested in the project. I stopped because I was not focusing well on the project and figured the best way to focus was to break it down into easy-to-identify steps.)

There has been a little other knitting, but no other pictures, so we’ll stop here for today. Happy March!

WIP Weds ~ in which I am late with the pictures

Okay, so this was supposed to be published a lot earlier on Wednesday than this… but I didn’t get my WIP pictures taken until lunchtime on Wednesday, so there was a delay. Anyway, I guess it doesn’t matter that much: it’s still Wednesday. Here’s what I’ve been up to:

I have been working on the Babette blanket as my TV-knitting (well, crochet). (TV-crochet doesn’t sound as good.)

I think these are all new squares for you. If not, then enjoy the repeats. I’ve decided to throw in a bit of additional color instead of just using blues and greens and purples, so we ended up with a watermelon square from the leftover watermelon sock yarn. That square makes me happy. (The others do too, but I really like that one.)

I’m down to just 6-round and 4-round squares now, so it shouldn’t take me too much longer. Though, I haven’t been blocking the squares (probably a mistake) and so they don’t all end up the same size due to subtle differences in the yarn weight. Some of these will take more finesse with easing them in as I seam up the blanket. Oh well. I knew that was a possible problem when I decided not to block the squares.

I have also been working on the Cats Will Play shawl. Still love the pattern, still love the yarn, not as fond of the row length. I can only get a couple rows done on my lunch break now, instead of finishing several. Oh well, I guess that means I’m getting closer to the end of the project.

Have a great day!