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WIP Wednesday for 25 July 2018

We FINALLY get back to a traditional WIP Weds post this week! There has been knitting! On more than one project! And I'm here to show them all off for you! First though, because I am a sucker for stash photos, here are three new skeins of yarn I *ahem* somehow acquired over the past… Continue reading WIP Wednesday for 25 July 2018

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WIP Weds ~ in which we talk queues

I have been knitting, honest. But much of that knitting has been on a pair of vanilla socks which are now on another section of knitting that doesn't show progress very well. (Just so that you aren't totally without pictures, here's one I took last weekend when I tried the sock on to see how… Continue reading WIP Weds ~ in which we talk queues



Oops. I just realized it's Wednesday and I didn't post a WIP Weds blog. Nor was there a Ten On Tuesday prompt that I saw for yesterday. The blog has been dark for no good reason! Yikes! To make up for it, how about a kitty picture?