WIP Wednesday for 17 January 2018

There have been lots of changes this week! I finished 2 projects over the weekend, started a new GAL square, and made progress on my Minecraft socks. I don’t have pictures of the socks, but this time it’s because I forgot to take pics and not because there’s been no visible progress. I’ll try to remember a picture for next week’s update.

First, here are blocking pictures of the Holiday Trinity Shawl:

Holiday Trinity shawl - blocking

I really enjoyed this knit, even though the final few rows were really long and my needle wasn’t really long enough to hold all the stitches as comfortably as I prefer. It turned out fine in the end. I was able to cast off the shawl and get it blocked over the long weekend. I haven’t yet unpinned it, but I’m sure it’s ready for its glamour shots.

Holiday Trinity shawl - blocking

I also finished the Star Wars GAL square that I’ve had on the needles on for ages. No fault of the square, it just initially got set aside for gift knitting, and then it was at the bottom of the knitting basket so it didn’t get worked on.

Finished Star Wars GAL Square

(The white yarn is sparkly. I love it.)

But over the weekend I cleaned up my knitting basket and had lots of time to knit while Mr. Wyrm and I watched the final days of Awesome Games Done Quick, so I was able to finish the Star Wars square and start my next one.

Finished Star Wars GAL Square

(Side note: working on the Geek-A-Long blanket, which benefits the Child’s Play charity, felt very appropriate while watching people speedrun video games on AGDQ.)

The next GAL square is the Periodic Table from the 2014 blanket. The 2014 squares are the same size as the 2016 squares, though, so I can include them in my blanket.

Knit GAL Square

I’m doing this one as XDK (extreme double knitting) so that it’s readable on both sides. The front will be “KNIT” and the back will be “TINK”. Seemed appropriate, and silly, and since I was doing the XDK anyway why not spice it up a little bit more? I’m having fun with this knit, and looking forward to having the square far enough along that you can see what it’s going to say.

I’ve also been knitting on the Minecraft Socks, as I mentioned, and while the Boyfriend Sweater is still on the needles, I haven’t worked on it this week. I’m almost done with the right front, though, so hopefully I’ll get that wrapped up soon so I can start on the left front.


WIP Weds for 10 January 2018

Wow. 2018. I’m still not used to that yet.

In any case, there has been knitting. I’m going to start with the most recent FO: the Vanilla Latte socks!

Vanilla Latte socks

These were finished in time to be a late Christmas gift. (But the gift wasn’t late… we celebrated late, so I had a few extra days to knit on them.) (Please forgive the creased tissue paper background. I took the pictures while I was wrapping the socks.)

Vanilla Latte socks

I really like this knit, and will probably make another pair sooner or later. The pattern was easy enough to memorize and yet interesting enough that I actually wanted to knit the second sock. I also like how different heel and toe options were given, so that I won’t have to look up any variations if I want to tweak the sock a little.

Vanilla Latte socks

And… of course I matched the stripes. I’m a little obsessive about that with self-striping yarn. But really, who can blame me?

PATTERN: Vanilla Latte Socks by Virginia Rose-Jeanes
YARN: Knit Picks Felici in Schooner
DATES KNIT: 1 Sept 2017 – 2 Jan 2018

And there has been other knitting, too. I’ve been working on the Minecraft socks again, now that the gift socks are off the needles. (No progress picture, though, since there hasn’t been much visible progress. That’s the problem with knitting a pattern on such dark yarn. It’s hard to see what’s happened.)

I’ve also been working on my Trinity Shawlette. This picture was from the cast-on, and shows how the colors look in natural sunlight.

Trinity Shawl start

And this picture shows the (approximate) current progress on the shawlette in artificial light. It shows how far I’ve come in the knit, but not the true lovely color of the yarn. This has been a fast knit so far, but it’s to the point where the rows are getting long and so it’s not moving as fast at this point. Still a very fun knit! I might make more of this shawlette pattern since there are pattern options I can play with.

Trinity Shawlette

I hope you’re having a good week so far! Happy hump day!

WIP Wednesday for 3 January 2018

So, it’s a tradition of mine to cast on a new project for me during the week between Christmas and New Year’s. Usually this is with new Christmas yarn, but this year I have had a particular skein of yarn sitting in the stash and calling my name, so I’m using that instead.

This is Hedgehog Fibers Skinny Singles in the Boombox colorway, and I’ve wanted to cast it on since I bought it at Stitches West this past February. I think gift knitting is the only thing that’s kept me from casting on with this yarn before now.

WIP Weds 1/3/18

And the project I cast on? That would be the Trinity Shawlette by Anniken Allis. (Yes, I have cast on, I promise. I just haven’t taken any glamour shots of the shawlette-in-progress which match the pretty of the yarn cake photos.)

WIP Weds 1/3/18

I’ve liked this pattern for a while, but I picked this one to cast on now because I saw that it’s being offered as part of the P-Hop: “pennies per hour of pleasure”. The pattern page says you make a donation and then download the pattern. The amount you donate is up to you and all the money goes to Medicine Sans Frontiere. A lovely pattern, lovely yarn, and a great cause. How could I resist?

WIP Weds 1/3/18

Anyway, the next pictures of this will show the actual shawl. Promise. I’m looking forward to finishing this and getting to wear it. I need to wear my shawls more, since I have so many of them. I just have them stored safely and forget to pull them out when I’m in a rush to get ready in the morning. I think that’s a goal for 2018: figure out how to make my shawls and scarves a larger part of my daily wardrobe. (Any suggestions?)

Happy 2018, and Happy Crafting!

WIP Wednesday for 27 December 2017

Here’s a project I’ve been working on which isn’t really a WIP anymore, since I’ve finished it. However, I am planning ahead (what? Me?) and scheduling this for the future so that I don’t forget to show you and yet don’t spoil any surprises either.

I’ve been making cards lately, as you may have noticed. Well, I enjoyed making cards for Thanksgiving and Christmas, as well as some December birthdays. And now that the birthday and Christmas cards have been opened, I’m going to share them with you!

Though, the Thanksgiving cards first, since that came first:

Turkey day cards

Aren’t they adorable? I wish I could take more credit for them, but since they’re Lawn Fawn stamps and metal dies and backing paper, I kinda feel like I just assembled them. Still, they were a lot of fun to make and very well received!

And here are the birthday cards, also made with mostly Lawn Fawn supplies:

Birthday smash!

I really love the way these turned out. They were so fun to make! And some of the stamp sets really do make card making super easy. Plus, they’re a good excuse for pulling out my Copic markers and playing with color.

Lastly are my Christmas cards:

Christmas otters

Christmas otters

Christmas otters

They are also made using Lawn Fawn stamps and dies, and colored with my Copics. So much fun! These use a random variety of paper and wash tape to accent the stamps.

(No, neither Lawn Fawn nor Copic pay me for anything. I just love these markers and stamp sets, especially in combination. I love other stamp companies too, but these aren’t made by those companies. (I’ll pimp those companies when I show off things I’ve made with their stamps, to avoid confusion.) I have yet to discover any coloring methods I like as much as Copics, but I recently picked up some Derwent Inktense Colored Pencils on Chris‘ recommendation, so I may show those off at some point, too.)

WIP Wednesday for 20 December 2017

It is Wednesday and there has been knitting!

First up, my Boyfriend Sweater. (This, for those who don’t know or have forgotten, is made with yarn I spun from Kitty Mine Crafts fiber.) I’m to the neck & armhole decreases on the first of the fronts:

WIP Weds 12/20/17

I’m really enjoying this knit. It’s a lot of fun, and I look forward to having finished it so I can wear it.

And speaking of knits I’ve been enjoying, here’s the status of the gift scarf:

WIP Weds 12/20/17

I folded it in half at the yarn join, so those few inches at the bottom which aren’t double-layer is what I have remaining to knit. So close! I think I’ll even finish this one before Christmas.

And lastly, I’ve been working on the Vanilla Latte gift socks:

WIP Weds 12/20/17

It was a wrench frogging back half the sock, but it needed to be done. And now I’m working on the socks again, in the CORRECT pattern, and they look good. Fortunately these don’t need to be finished by Christmas, so I should be able to finish them before they are given away.

And that’s it for me for this week. Have you had time for any arts & crafts among all the holiday shopping and baking?

Oh… speaking of baking, I made these too…

WIP Weds 12/20/17

WIP Wednesday for 13 December 2017

Oops. I have a problem. See if you can spot it:


Yup. I didn’t do the pattern correctly on the second sock. I’ve been purling every row on the ribbed section instead of every other row.

Which means I now need to rip back to the cuff ribbing. And I just finished the heel turn, so that’s 1/2 the sock.


This is a gift sock, though, so I feel I need to fix it. If it was for me, I’d totally consider keeping a fraternal pair of socks. (I still might come to the same decision, though, since I’m a bit picky about matching striped socks.)


At least these are for someone who will understand if the gift socks are late.

WIP Wednesday for 6 December 2017

There has been a surprising lack of progress on knitting this week. I guess that’s because I spent a lot of what would have been craft time addressing and mailing the first (and second) batch(es) of Christmas cards.

However, there has been some knitting! I have a few knitted gifts still on the needles, so I can’t stop knitting entirely.

First up is the latest coffee cup sleeve:

This one is a bit taller than the others. It still fits well, though I neglected to do the short row shaping that’s in the pattern. (I got carried away and missed the wrap & turn instructions.) I also just noticed that the color is way off in the WIP photo. I was emphasizing the stitch contrast when I took that picture and didn’t even pay attention to the fact that the color looked nothing like the real thing. The FO picture is closer to true.

I’ve also made progress on my gift scarf:

I’m on to the second ball of yarn now, so if all goes well I’m halfway done. I’m hoping that I’ll like the length when I’m done with this ball of yarn so that I don’t have to wait for more yarn to arrive in the mail.

Still, pretty decent progress overall! Have a great rest of the week, everyone!