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WIP Wednesday for spring!

Happy spring! (I know, depending on where you are, it has possibly been spring for ages, or it's already summer, or you're heading into fall, and not spring. But my weather has been very nice and spring-like this week, and I love it.) So: I was hoping to have the Close to You shawl done… Continue reading WIP Wednesday for spring!

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WIP Wrap-up for April 2019

(Disclaimer: not all of the pictures are new. Some are recycled. I am busy enough right now with other stuff that I don't care about this, but I thought I should warn you.) So far I have managed my startitis — I've only started one new project this month, and it's already finished. I have no… Continue reading WIP Wrap-up for April 2019

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WIP Wrap-up for March 2019

March had lots of other things happening for me, none of which I'm going to talk about on the blog, but they ended up cutting into my knitting time. So while I was productive, I don't have much knitting progress to show for it. I'll still give you a status update, though, because there have… Continue reading WIP Wrap-up for March 2019

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WIP Wednesday: Fair Isle!

So... remember how one of my 19 for '19 tasks for myself is to knit a myself Fair Isle sweater? Well, I have cast on that sweater now. It's Minstrel, designed by my online friend Lorraine of Twisted Traditions. It's moving slowly so far, because I'm learning that corrugated ribbing seems to take forever.… Continue reading WIP Wednesday: Fair Isle!

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WIP Wrap-up for February 2019

I have not finished nearly as many items as I wanted to this month. Alas. But at least there has been progress and there are finished objects! Yay! Always look on the bright side, right? FOs (aka Finished Objects) Mario Kart GAL square Multnomah shawl — It's washed and blocking! I had originally planned to… Continue reading WIP Wrap-up for February 2019

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WIP Wednesday: Geeking Along

It's time for an update on the Geek-A-Long blanket! (This is still just the gift version, since I realized a little while ago that I have trouble working on essentially two of the same thing at once.) The worsted weight squares are nicer in some ways (thicker yarn means progress is more visible) and less… Continue reading WIP Wednesday: Geeking Along