#6degrees: from Where the Wild Things Are to Tinker

It's been a while since I've done one of these, but welcome back to #6degrees, the Six Degrees of Separation book MEME! I'm pretty sure I lapsed on this partly because of Camp NaNo in April, and (in larger part) because Suzy's health was declining and I wasn't focused on things that were newer and… Continue reading #6degrees: from Where the Wild Things Are to Tinker

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The Identity Crisis Book Tag

Shaunna at Shaunna Reads recently tagged me in The Identity Crisis Book Tag. It's a fun tag, even if I haven't read most of the books that are involved in the tag itself! This is a new tag (created last month!) so I haven't seen it around much yet. The rules are: Take all the… Continue reading The Identity Crisis Book Tag

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BookWyrm’s Alphabeticals ~ H

These are so fun, I'm really enjoying the Alphabeticals posts. I think most times the hardest part is making sure I space them out so that I don't go through them too quickly.  🙂  (Of course, I also haven't hit the particularly hard letters yet...) Here are the rules as Alex posted them: Credit Alex… Continue reading BookWyrm’s Alphabeticals ~ H


Linkity for Cinco de Mayo (that has nothing to do with Cinco de Mayo)

It's been a week, hasn't it? It hasn't even been completely bad, but it's been LOOOOOONG. I can't even completely point to why. So, we're going to do some linkity today instead of whatever I had planned originally. This feels more appropriate. Hunter Hammersen of Pantsville Press has a link about the current IG debate… Continue reading Linkity for Cinco de Mayo (that has nothing to do with Cinco de Mayo)