Linkity for 11 February 2018

More linkity! This will be a semi-regular feature on the blog because I like sharing fun things with you, but it’s not going to be a weekly post because that takes too much work.  😉  Much of this isn’t new news anymore, since I’ve been compiling links off and on since the last linkity post. Still, they’re things I enjoyed.

Pantsville Press had a blog post with a method of blocking cowls that is obvious now that I’ve seen it, but wasn’t something I would have thought of on my own.

Did you see the Total Lunar Eclipse a week and a half ago? (I didn’t. I was sleeping.) If you missed it like I did, here are some pictures.

RIP, Ursula K. Le Guin. (Lark @ Bookwyrm’s Hoard had a wonderful post celebrating her life.)

Some Wednesday Wisdom from BookBum that I particularly enjoyed.

Thank you all for your lovely replies to my news about my friend’s cancer. However, since I posted that, I’ve been trying to figure out what more we all can do in order to prevent as many people as possible from having to go through what her family is dealing with right now. Here’s what I came up with:

  1. Donate, if you can. We most recently donated to the Prevent Cancer Foundation, which I’m happy to say is on Consumer Report’s “good” list. It’s also on Charity Watch’s list of top-rated charities, along with several other cancer prevention & research charities.
  2. Get checked. I mentioned this before, but make sure that you do all the recommended cancer screenings.
  3. Spread the word. If you can encourage your family and friends to get their screenings, and they tell their family and friends, then soon we’ll have a chain-reaction of testing and prevention.

And to end with something a little happier, even though it’s not technically a link…

My friend Chris sent me my very own Rainbow Scribble Doodle for the holidays. Now that the holiday decorations are all packed away, I framed the Doodle to bring some brightness to my mornings. It’s hanging on the wall of my bathroom vanity area (not in a spot where it’s going to get water damage from being near the shower) so I have a bit of rainbow brightness when I wake up in the morning.


Review: Kelley Armstrong’s No Humans Involved

Somehow I skipped a couple of months of the book reviews for Moonlight Gleam’s Women of the Otherworld reading challenge. I’m still not quite sure how that happened. At any rate, it worked out okay because HAUNTED and BROKEN aren’t my favorite of the stories. (They aren’t my least favorites either, but I’ve read them more than once, which was enough to know that they’re middle of the road in the series for me.) And, in addition to accidentally skipping stories that I know well enough, I returned to the reading challenge for one of my favorites in the series.

NO HUMANS INVOLVED features Jamie Vegas and her relationship with my favorite of the werewolves, Jeremy Danvers. These are both characters I’d enjoyed reading about for some time before they got their own book I think this is why I liked them:

PhotobucketUnlike most of the other supernaturals in this series, Jamie seems almost normal. She’s the first of the supernaturals we really meet who doesn’t have kick-ass powers. She can’t change into a wolf. She can’t cast spells. She can’t burn things with a touch or even use simpler half-demon tricks like Troy does to keep from getting wet in the rain. She can contact the dead, but based on our interactions with her up to this point, that seems frankly like a curse rather than a blessing. This makes my impressions of Jamie based on not what she can do, but how she does it – and I certainly like her personality. She’s just a lot of fun, in my book.

And Jeremy… the thing I like best about him, have ALWAYS liked best about him, is his reserve. Many of my friends go for the bad guy, either in real life or “just” in fiction. I’ve always liked the nice guy. The respectful guy, the one who will hold doors and just generally treat a girl “right”. So Jeremy, for me, was a perfect fit. (Lucas too, but he’s not in this story much.) I do like the fact that we get to see beyond that very basic feeling of “Jeremy’s a good guy” and see the wolf underneath. But I also like that he’s true to his nature, and is written in an utterly believable way (once you get past the whole changes-into-a-wolf thing).

The two of them as a couple? Works. And is sweet in a very grown-up way. There’s nothing else I really want to say about it… it just seemed very natural. It works.

Now, about the story itself… (I am going to jump to the end here. There will be a little in the way of spoilers, so you are fore-warned.) My biggest complaint is that we didn’t get enough in the way of actual answers. Most of our answers are inferred based on what the protagonists discover in their investigation.

But… was May part supernatural? We can assume so. The question is which kind? The comment about dried bits of body parts makes necromancer seem likely, but then why could she do magic and not see the dead? Also, in this world necromancy – as with the spellcasters – runs in families. I don’t remember hearing that you had to occasionally cross two lines of necromancers (or spellcasters) to keep the powers strong. This implies that May had some other kind of supernatural blood. Maybe half-demon? That would be my guess, but it’s just a guess.

Also, what happened to the children? What kind of rite was it that was being performed which prevented them from crossing over into the ghost world? There are guesses we can make, but it’s left unconfirmed.

Now, these unanswered questions could annoy me. The story is written well enough, though, that they don’t. I get the definite impression that Kelley knew what the answers to these questions were when she wrote it, but the answers don’t need to come out for the story to be finished. In fact, leaving them as unanswered questions makes perfect sense when you realize we’re also dealing with the Fates here… they tend to leave as many questions unanswered as possible.

All told, I really like this book. I think it’s my third favorite of the series (behind only the two books Paige narrates). Granted, I haven’t read THIRTEEN yet, but we’ll see. I have read other books narrated by Savannah, and I prefer Jamie’s voice to Savannah’s so far.

Joely’s “Save An Ent” Giveaway!

Author, blogger, and ‘net friend of mine Joely Sue Burkhart is giving away an eReader to celebrate her latest book release!

(Details are on her post, here.)

Now, I like her work, so I’m going to help promote her contest. I’ve also pre-ordered the book (due for release in a few days) and will review it once I’ve read it. This is one that I’ve purchased, though I have gotten review copies of other things from Joely in the past.

I also like eReaders. Another reason to promote the contest. I don’t like eReaders to the exclusion of paper books, but I think they both have their place. And MY HOME is that place. Both belong here, and I can’t see a time when that will change.

But the real reason I decided to promote this contest instead of just telling Chris about it and letting her work her magic with her much higher blog readership?

The post title mentions Ents.

I’m such a sucker for fantasy geek humor.

Happy Banned Books Week!

I don’t have much time for a post of my own today, but I’ll attempt to make it worth your visit by sending you off to a friend of mine who is holding contests for Banned Book Week.

My friend Bea over at Bea’s Book Nook is a part of the Banned Book Blog Hop. Go to her post about it to find out more.

And in the meantime, read a book! It doesn’t have to be a banned book, though this is a good time to remember that there are books out there deemed “too dangerous” for people to read. And this is not some sci-fi world where merely reading a book could set off a magical explosion or set loose a demon who will bring about the end of the world. This is reality. The reason some people have decided these are dangerous books is because they might impart information which said people disagree with. Or worse, these books could open your mind to new ideas. Oh, the horror!

Me? I say bring it on.

WiP Weds 8.31.11 ~ The Twisty Edition

As I write this, my boyo is playing “Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet,” and between that and the second of today’s WiPs, this is a very twisty blog post. (Or at least it is to me.)

I guess the first thing to show today is the progress I’ve made on the second of the Artichoke socks.

I’ve turned the heel, finished the gusset decreases, and (if you know the pattern this will make sense) continued with the paired increases & decreases until getting to the point where I’m going to start decreasing the instep stitches. So I figure I have about half of the foot left to go, maybe less. Very close to finished.

So of course I had to cast on another sock. And no, it wasn’t the sock I’d planned to start next (the second Star Trek sock). I just can’t bring myself to do a colorwork sock right now. It’s too warm.

Twisty Ribby Sock 1

So I started something cooler, using TOFUtsies yarn from SWTC. I’m doing a sock of no discernible pattern, just stuff I’m combining as I feel like it. It started with a Twisted Garter Cuff, a la Turtlegirl Christi. Then I moved into a k3 p1 pattern, and I’ll knit until I’m ready to do the heel. And then we’ll see what I feel like when I get there, but I’m kinda leaning towards something squishy. And maybe a new heel, one I haven’t tried before. Same goes for the toe… I’d like to use something padded (such as garter stitch maybe) but also a new technique. I’m not sure what heel or toe I’ll end up with. Any suggestions?

Twisty Ribby Sock 2

And that’s that. A twisty wip-y blog post.

Regretsy Photos FTW

I wasn’t going to post today, since today’s nearly over, but then I saw something made of so much win that I couldn’t resist. I don’t want these engagement photos for myself, but on the other hand, you can’t deny that they have a sense of fun that most engagement (and wedding!) photos lack. They also give you quite an insight into the couple’s interests and sense of humor…

Engagement Photos