(More) Linkity on a Sunday

I didn’t intend to do another Linkity on a Sunday quite so soon, but there were lots of new links that I wanted to share while they were still timely. So here they are! I hope your 2018 is great so far, and only continues to get better.

The Well-Appointed Desk had the 12 Days of Inkmas running last month, and that was a lot of fun. (I didn’t see a way to link to those posts exclusively, so the link will take you to ALL the ink reviews on TWAD.)

KM Kat posted a link to the First Flag of the Resistance, which looks like a lot of work. I think it’s a really neat art take on resistance. Its phrase is also something we must all remind ourselves of, no matter which side of the aisle we land on politically. This is NOT normal. And we need to not let it become normal.

Inkophile found the perfect way to decorate a Christmas tree. I don’t think Suzy would cooperate with me, though.

I didn’t make any of these crochet bookmarks for gifts this year, but still intend to. Maybe next year.

Some time ago, Chris posted links to some short stories. I re-read then recently, and decided to share. This one is a take on the red strings that link soulmates / true loves in Chinese myths. And this one is about an adorable tiny dragon. (WANT.)


Linkity on a Sunday

This week let’s do something different for the Sunday Summary! I haven’t written anything fiction-wise since NaNoWriMo ended, because I’ve needed to use my creative energy for making holiday cards and knitting gifts. So instead of discussing what I’ve written (which is nothing) let’s take a trip around the blogosphere and see what other people have written!

Lattes and Llamas shared this Llama Christmas Cookie link, and I think I mush make them. NOW. So cute!

Ally had this great discussion about medication in YA books, and how it’s not portrayed in a healthy fashion.

Zuky announced her December BookBum Club theme, and posted links to the November BookBum Club reviews.

In her linkity on Friday, Chris shared this tumblr post about how knitting led to the moon landing. She also had a link to a list of Mexican references in “Coco” (the Pixar movie, which I ABSOLUTELY LOVED — GO SEE IT).

I recently found out about Hunter Hammersen‘s knitting patterns (courtesy of the love given by SpaceCadet yarn). And for the first 3 weeks of December she has an advent calendar of sorts in the form of discounts on her knitting patterns! (Each day a different item is discounted through December 24th.) Love it, and I’ve already bought a few patterns as a result.

Best of 2010

Well, not the COMPLETE best of, but some of my favorite links from 2010. Notably, from the later part of 2010 when I started collecting links for blogging about.

Also, I believe these are all favorite links from 2010 that didn’t otherwise make it to the blog due to me being busy and not getting planned posts actually written.

So, I guess “best of” might be a bit erroneous, but at least it still sounds good. At any rate, without further ado, here’s the list:

Star Wars Day for Katie

In honor of Katie and in support of geekdom (and Star Wars geekdom specifically) I’m going to be posting twice today. (This one was unplanned. As I just said to a friend via text, “random oddball-ness can be good.” I think this qualifies on all counts.)

Anyway. In honor of Katie and geekdom, I’ll be updating this post periodically today when I happen across particularly cool geeky stuff. Especially Star Wars geeky stuff, but probably not exclusively.

To start? Cake Wrecks often has sugary geek-love posts, but the recent “Star Wars: The Next Generation” post was beyond awesome. Love it.

And EPBOT, the non-cake site created by Cake Wrecks’ Jen, has a post with fun Star Wars art.

ThinkGeek has tons of Star Wars stuff (naturally) but one of my favorites is the series of “Chop Sabers” – aka chopsticks designed as lightsabers. WANT. I think I feel a Christmas-shopping-for-myself spree coming up…

There’s also TONS of news articles about this. “The Force is with her,” indeed. There’s even a dedicated Twitter hashtag: #maytheforcebewithkatie. I think it’s great. GEEK POWER! (Or should it be NERD POWER? I’m never sure what the difference is. All I really know is I like the name Nerd Herd better than Geek Squad, and that sometimes one of the two sounds better than the other. Any thoughts on which means what?)

Jennifer at “Stop and Blog the Roses” (love that blog title!) asks if we know what today is. I found her blog by Googling “Star Wars Katie” (for which there are LOTS of search hits) and am posting a link because 1. I think it’s a cool post, and 2. I love the comment at the end of her blog post:

Blessed are the geeks, for they shall inherit the earth.

Did you know that Katie is the name of George Lucas’ daughter? Awesome. I wonder if Katie Goldman knows that.

So that’s my Star Wars linkity for now. I’ll add more as I find it throughout the day. More linkity:

Look! Star Wars snowflakes!

And Star Wars done Dr. Seuss-style! How cool is that? I want to buy it in book form.

Monday Musings ~ 8.16.10

Well, for reasons I may or may not decide to blog about, I am out of town today. And that means I am writing this blog post well in advance, so some of the linkity will be “old” (by ‘net standards) by the time it shows up on here. But it’s content, right? And it’s still cool stuff even if it is (*gasp*) a few days old by the time I post about it.

  • It has been cold in “Sunny” California this year. Truly, it has. I mean, I love our weather and the current temps are wonderful, but it hasn’t hit the usual highs. Nathan Bransford has a very funny, very true take on this:

Don’t let any San Franciscans trick you — yes, San Francisco is having the coldest summer in fifty years, yes, San Franciscans will complain like the dickens and act like it’s the apocalypse with a side of brimstone, but press us and we will reveal that no, we don’t want to trade with your heat wave, thankyouverymuch. The complaints are a ruse. You’ve been warned.

A Bit of Linkity

Not a whole lot going on here today, just a few links that I’ve had pointed out to me in the past day or three.

First, a Geek Girl blog by the author of CakeWrecks: Epbot. This site has all sorts of cool stuff, including jewelry she made out of squished pennies. Awesome stuff.

. . . aaaaand, now that I’ve finished catching up on CakeWrecks for a while, let’s see what else I’ve been reading lately.

Chris of Stumbling Over Chaos sent me over to Good Show Sir, a UK blog that features fabulous book cover art. And by “fabulous” I mean “hideous.” But funny.

Also full of funny blog fodder, I have been following The Rejectionist for some time now. How can someone like me (read: geek girl and fantasy author) not love a site that is subtitled “dropping mordor on your party since 2009”? I mean really.

And I’ve lately started following (again thanks to Chris of SoC) Seanna of Another Purl. She’s a knitter and theatre geek. Like me. Awesome.

Happy Thursday!

Linkity, Linkity, Jiggity Jog

Lots of amusing and informative things happen Around The Blog. What have you stumbled across lately? Here are some of the things I’ve found:

I know nothing about cars. … If you show me a car and it’s shiny enough, and has a sunroof, I’ll think it’s good. Only someone who knows what happens under the hood will be able to tell me whether it’s actually a lemon or not. A person who doesn’t know all of the complexities of writing a novel can usually be impressed without much effort. Don’t stunt your own growth.

  • Librarysarie has a new favorite Dewey number: 394. Especially the way it transitions from 394.5 through 394.9. Look it up. (Or, for the best effect, read her post.) Highly amusing.
  • Personally, when it comes to Dewey numbers, I like the 800’s. (Though any lit student would.) I also rather enjoy 741.5 (graphic novels), and have recently discovered 391 (costumes) to be handy in both my writing and in theatre.
  • L Squared has a thoughtful post about independence and what it means. Here’s my comment on that post:

“…taking on the responsibility of making all your own decisions – to do what you want; what you think is right; what you think is best instead of letting someone else choose for you – that’s the biggest, most difficult part of becoming more independent.”

Perfect answer. And I wish more people remembered that with independence comes the responsibility for the choices we make.

Have a great Monday, and I hope your Easter was awesome!

(And for those of you wondering where my weekly goals post is, it’s in a separate post. I wanted to be able to focus this one on the Blog-o-sphere, and not me, myself, and I.)