101 in 1001 ~ update the eighth

It’s time for the 8th update on my 101 in 1001 Challenge! If you haven’t been following along on this journey so far or have any questions about what the challenge is, you can check out this link for details.

February is a short month, but I still managed to get a bunch done. More than I anticipated, in fact…

Here’s this month’s progress:

February 2017

5 items completed this month
29 items currently in progress

~*~     ~*~     ~*~

Professional & Financial #75: Look into requirements for Project Management as a career ~ 2/13/2017

I have been looking into this for a while, and I recently decided that while it sounded interesting it didn’t sound like what I wanted to do. I have a different direction I want to grow my career, though, so I may eventually talk about that on here. The result, though, is that this challenge item is complete.

Reading #80: Move my entire TBR list into my TBR Journal ~ 2/13/2017

I have been working on this for some time now, and finally got it done this month. Yes, I will have to work on keeping the journal updated – I’ll probably update Goodreads more often than the paper journal – but at least I have reached a point where it’s all current. That’s a better place to continue forward from instead of having the list spread out in lots of different places.

Blog #23: Visit my blog friends at least once a week for 3 months minimum ~ 2/28/2017

I’ve been managing to visit my blog friends weekly since December, so that challenge item is done as of today. Granted, some friends do get more frequent visits than others, but that’s partly due to posting frequency and partly due to where the blog is hosted. I’m a lot more likely to visit often if I can add your blog to my WordPress Reader.

Food #32: Cut back to 1 Starbucks chai/frap per week max, and maintain for 2 months ~ 2/28/2017

This happened in January and February of this year. I intend to mostly stick to this for the rest of the year, because I had been spending too much money (and too many calories) on Chai Lattes. However, when I am running late the Starbucks mobile app ordering is a way too easy method to make sure I get breakfast. So I have no guarantees.

Writing #98: Organize my hard-copy writing folders and notebooks ~ 2/24/2017

This one involved a lot of purging. Yes, I know, keep it for reference later. But some of the ideas were plain old not good, and others are not a style that I have determined I am good at writing. And I don’t need to keep multiple drafts of the same work, either. One reason or another, it was a lot of purging, and very cathartic.

~*~     ~*~     ~*~

Hope your February was productive, and have a great March!

101 in 1001 ~ update the seventh

It’s time for the 7th update on my 101 in 1001 Challenge! If you haven’t been following along on this journey so far or have any questions about what the challenge is, you can check out this link for details.

And now we start 2017! Here’s hoping for lots of continued progress on this challenge. I am enjoying it so far, especially how it’s keeping me accountable on some of the things I want to get accomplished in the near future.

Here’s this month’s progress:

January 2017
3 items completed this month
31 items currently in progress

Arts & Crafts #6: Finish crocheting Babette blanket

I just picked this one up again this month after a hibernation of over a year. I’ve been enjoying working on it again, and want to get it done by the end of this calendar year. So far so good on the progress! I don’t have that many (comparatively) individual squares left, and then the joining should go fairly smoothly. I hope.

Arts & Crafts #7: Finish knitting the 2016 GAL blanket

Still working on it, but didn’t get it done in time for the official 2016 completed blanket drawing. I’m hoping to have it finished by the end of 2017, but since it’s a blanket for me and not for a present, that might not happen either. Besides, it’s more important to me to get the Babette blanket finished this calendar year than the GAL blanket. If they don’t both get completed this year, I want the Babette to be the one that gets finished.

Personal #57: Have a game night with family ~ 1/6/2017

 For Epiphany, we have a tradition of getting together for a family event. This year was no different, and we ended up playing games (first computer and then board) chosen by my niece all night. It was fun – and now I want to have another game night. There are so many games to play! (Including Wizard School, a game that I wasn’t aware of in time to back on Kickstarter, but which I got in on post-Kickstarter pre-order and which has art by Karen Hallion. Yay!)

Fitness #25: Complete the 30-Day Crunch Challenge ~ 1/18/2017

This started out as the 30-Day Plank Challenge, but planking for 60 seconds (or longer) hurt my back and I had to stop. I switched it to the crunch challenge instead, and was able to get it done! Hopefully I can include crunches in my regular exercise routine (which was the point of the challenge for me) but time will tell for that part. This part (the Challenge) is complete. Yay!

Fitness #27: Participate in 1 more Hogwarts Running Club Race ~ 1/30/2017

This is done! I did the Mad Eye Moody Constant Vigilance 5k (walk) – and I did it in Hogsmeade, so that felt extra appropriate. (I was visiting Universal Studios over the weekend, so even though I didn’t have my medal yet, I brought along a print-out of my race bib.) Felt appropriate. And the timing too… we all need to be vigilant right now.

~*~     ~*~     ~*~

There are other things I’m working on, of course, but those are the ones I feel like highlighting. I’m still enjoying the 101 in 1001 Challenge. Are you doing this (or another similar) challenge? Let me know in the comments so I can visit your blog and cheer you on!

101 in 1001 ~ update the sixth

It’s time for the 6th update on my 101 in 1001 Challenge! If you haven’t been following along on this journey so far or have any questions about what the challenge is, you can check out this link for details.

December is always a weird month for challenges. Many of them run over a calendar year, and so December is the last chance you have to finish them. And even if the challenge runs over a different timeline (like the 101 in 1001 challenge) there’s still a feeling like you need to finish ALL THE THINGS in December before the New Year starts. And yet… there’s also so much going on with the holidays and such that it also seems harder than usual to get long-term-goal things done. Oh well. All things considered, I think I did pretty good this month. Have a great New Year’s Eve, and Happy 2017!

Here’s this month’s progress:

December 2016
1 item completed this month
25 items currently in progress

Food #41: Try 3 new wineries in my local area ~ 12/4/2016

Our local winemakers got together this year for an annual holiday thing where they all collected Toys For Tots, had tastings (sometimes with extras not usually on their menu), and – in some cases – had holiday-themed music or craft vendors onsite. It was a lot of fun, and provided the excuse we needed to visit our local winemakers. We only made it to 4 wineries over the course of the weekend, but since we found out about it last-minute, I think we did good. (Found some amazing new wines, too.)

Writing #94 & 97: Complete the first draft of the 2016 NaNoNovel Find a writing schedule that I can keep going for 3 months minimum

This one is in progress. Sadly, I think it might take a while yet to complete the novel – but I am determined to do so. I am loving my story, even if progress on writing it is a lot slower than I’d hoped. Also, I have yet to get a writing schedule worked out. I’ve been trying writing at different times to see what works, but haven’t really made it a “schedule” yet. Hopefully soon, once the holiday stuff tapers off and our routines all get back to normal (whatever “normal” is…) I’ll be able to get something figured out.

Arts & Crafts #7: Finish knitting the 2016 GAL blanket

I’m working on this one, but I’m not sure I’ll be finishing it in time to enter it into the official GAL drawing. Still, I’ll keep working on it until it’s done.

Health #49: Use Invisalign to get my teeth straight

I found out that this should be done sometime this spring, if everything goes as scheduled. My teeth might need more adjustment after the process is officially “finished”, so it might go longer than this spring. However, it should still be finished relatively soon. Yay!

Anyway, here’s to some more good progress in 2017. Have a Happy New Year, everyone!

101 in 1001 ~ update the fifth

It’s time for the 5th update on my 101 in 1001 Challenge! If you haven’t been following along on this journey so far or have any questions about what the challenge is, you can check out this link for details.

It seems like I both got a lot done this month, and nothing at all. It’s been a very weird month. (I took a vacation during it, plus there was the Thanksgiving Holiday, so I guess those things contributed to the weird feeling of the month, but I’m not sure that was all of it.) Anyway, I guess I’ll let the numbers speak for themselves instead of trying to explain them. Here’s this month’s progress:

November 2016
3 items completed this month
22 items currently in progress

Food #31: Bake a pumpkin pie ~ 11/23/2016

Since I hosted Thanksgiving dinner this year, I could choose who would be providing which parts of the meal. I decided I would provide the turkey and the desserts – which meant I had the perfect excuse to bake a pumpkin pie! I used the basic recipe from the back of the pumpkin pie filling for this one. Simple, basic, and pretty good. I will make tweaks to the recipe next time I make a pumpkin pie, because it was good but not perfect. Since I like pumpkin pie, I will be on the lookout for the perfect pie recipe. Hopefully the perfect recipe won’t require me to start from a pumpkin, because that sounds like just too much work. I will make a pie crust from scratch next time, though. (I ran out of time for this one.)

Food #36: Go a month without eating fast food ~ 11/30/2016

When you have a long vacation in places with yummier food options than fast food, this challenge item becomes a lot easier. It helps when you have just finished a show that left you with no time for any dinner options except fast food, and so you are sick of fast food and will go out of your way to eat something different.

Writing #99: Participate in NaNoWriMo in 2016 ~ 11/1/2016

Technically as soon as I started writing on November 1st, this one was done. Didn’t plan out the challenge requirement for this one very well. Oh well, I’m glad I didn’t put anything about word count (especially winning NaNo) for this challenge item, because I had a miserable word count this year. I still participated in NaNo, and I intend to keep going on writing the novel, but it’s going to be a bit slower going than the at-least-close-to-50k in one month that I had hoped for.

Hard to believe there’s only one month left in the year, isn’t it? Hopefully 2016 will be kind to us in December.


101 in 1001 ~ update the fourth

It’s time for the 4th update on my 101 in 1001 Challenge! If you haven’t been following along on this journey so far or have any questions about what the challenge is, you can check out this link for details.

Here’s this month’s progress:

October 2016
3 items completed this month
18 items currently in progress

Personal #66: Try the KonMari method for organizing & tidying-up for at least 3 consecutive, active months ~ completed 10/15/2016

Now, this one didn’t get as much love towards the end of the 3 months as it did during the beginning of the challenge, but that was only because I was too busy to do much in the way of tidying. I did still maintain everything I had been doing, and I enjoyed the process (and the results) enough to keep going with the method now that this part of the challenge is officially over.

Writing #92: Complete full worldbuilding for 2016 NaNoNovel ~ completed 10/31/2016

Writing #93: Complete full plot outline for 2016 NaNoNovel ~ completed 10/31/2016

For these two writing items, I realized earlier this month that they would be completed on the last day of the month whether I had done as much work on them as I would do if they were for a non-NaNo novel. Because I WILL be starting to write this story tomorrow (11/1/16) and therefore the worldbuilding and outline MUST BE done today. Okay, so that wasn’t my best planning ever. Oh well, it’s still nice to have challenge items I can check off, and it’s also nice to have the novel planned and plotted this year. I have pantsed novels in the past, and that never worked well for me.

(Side note: I also did not really plan my “participate in NaNoWriMo” challenge items well, either. I didn’t say how much I want to accomplish for those items, just “participate”. So as long as I write anything for them, that’s good enough. Another note: “finish the 2016 NaNoNovel” does not mean I have to finish it in November. It means I want to take the novel I start next month and COMPLETE it, unlike the novels I’ve started during NaNo the past few years.)

Hope you’re having a great fall!

101 in 1001 ~ update the third

Hello again! Here’s the third month’s update for the 101 in 1001 Challenge. If you have any questions about what it is, you can check out this link for details. Still so far so good. There was a lot less progress this month because I’m into full-time rehearsals for my show. (For the record, “full-time” for my volunteer group’s rehearsals ends up being as many hours a week as a half-time job. So I’ve been working one and a half full-time jobs for the past two months or so. I love working in theatre, but I’m so looking forward to having my free time back.)

Anyway, enough about that. Here’s this month’s progress, limited though it is:

September 2016
0 items completed this month
19 items currently in progress

Fitness #25: Complete 30-Day Plank Challenge at least once

I have had to modify this one completely. I tried doing the plank challenge twice, but both times it hurt my back. I’m not sure if I’m not doing the planks correctly or what, but the longer planks just plain hurt. I tried splitting the long planks into shorter ones with breaks between, but that didn’t seem to help much. Maybe my breaks weren’t long enough. In any case, I have changed this challenge task completely. It is now: Complete 30-Day Crunch Challenge. I have done crunches before, sometimes lots of them all at once. I know I can do these, though I have gotten out of the habit of them.

I started the 30-Day Crunch Challenge half-way through September, so I should be able to finish this one next month. That will feel nice.

And… that’s about it. I’m still making progress on the other items, as you can see. 19 challenge items are currently actively in progress. But not much got completed in September. Oh well, progress is still progress! And given everything else going on in my life this month, I feel good about having made any progress at all.

Have a great October!

101 in 1001 ~ update the second

Hi there! Here’s the second month’s update for the 101 in 1001 Challenge. If you have any questions about what it is, you can check out this link for details. I have made some modifications to the challenge goals since then (mostly to make the goal either more or less specific, or sometimes to modify the timing of a goal) but it’s essentially the same thing. The first link in this post is where the current progress on my challenge will always be. But now, let’s jump right in to the progress:

August 2016
3 items completed this month
18 items currently in progress

Arts & Crafts #2. Clean spinning stash and rehome unwanted fiber ~ completed 8/2/2016

This is done. There was only a little fiber that I didn’t want, and it wasn’t worth passing along to anyone else, so I just got rid of it. The rest of my fiber I all want to spin… when I have the time. Now I must make time. (But the absolute priority for spinning is the Purple Majesty yarn for my sweater. That’s #11 on my list.)

Arts & Crafts #9. Clean yarn stash and rehome unwanted yarn ~ completed 8/5/2016

As with the knitting magazines & books from last month, I haven’t done the donating part yet. I also want to first offer them to the ladies in my S’n’B, and we’ll be getting together shortly. After that, any yarn that is not claimed by my friends will be donated somewhere.

Fitness #25: Complete 30-Day Plank Challenge at least once

I started this one on the first of the month and got about half-way through, but planking for longer than a minute really hurts my back. I’ve since restarted it, but using the suggestions I’ve found online, I’m not going to hold any of the planks longer than 1 minute. For the ones where 60 seconds or more are indicated on the challenge, I will split the one long plank into two (or more) shorter planks to keep the length down to under a minute each.

Food #38: Replace my Crock Pot and try 10 new recipes for it

I got an Instant Pot toward the end of the month, and have tried one new recipe in it. So far so good, but I’m not going to judge any appliance by a single use.

Personal #66: Try the KonMari method for organizing & tidying-up for at least 3 consecutive, active months

I’m still working on this one. (I’m about halfway through my goal of 3 months.) I’m not “tidying” (aka sorting and getting rid of) things as quickly as I had been before rehearsals started, but I am still managing to slowly go through some things. I am also still keeping my clothes tidied per Marie Kondo’s suggested order and style. I have stopped thanking items, however. That wasn’t working for me. When I do get rid of things, though, I remind myself to think about the good memories associated with that item instead of bad memories or guilt due to not using the thing. That part of the KonMari Method I do find useful. Mindful gratitude is always a good thing.

Personal #68: Watch 5 “what do you mean, you haven’t seen this?” movies (1/5) ~ (1 = A Clockwork Orange)

My reading this book (A Clockwork Orange) reminded Mr. Wyrm about the movie. When he found out I hadn’t seen it, he/we decided that it would be a good one to watch together. For the record: I liked the movie better than the book, but I think watching it once is plenty.

Personal #70: Write Morning Pages daily for at least a month ~ completed 8/31/2016

This was a chore on only one or two days, and that makes me feel good. I must admit, I love writing by hand (especially using my lovely fountain pens) and so even when I had nothing specific to write about I almost always enjoyed writing these Morning Pages. I intend to continue them as frequently as possible.

~*~     ~*~     ~*~

There are other challenge items in progress, but those are the interesting ones. Have a great September!