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#YARC 2020 ~ Year of the Asian Reading Challenge

I know, I know, I really wasn’t planning on joining any more year-long reading challenges. But! This one fits in with what I’m planning to read anyway, and is a low-pressure challenge, and it is so cute! Look at the art! Adorable! (Note: all of the art is drawn by the lovely CW @ The Quiet Pond. I think we are allowed to use it if we give credit, but please let me know if that’s not the case and I’ll replace it with something else (and not nearly as cute).)

This is the Year of the Asian reading challenge, where we challenge ourselves to read and celebrate Asian literature and Asian authors.


This adorable Reading Challenge is hosted by these lovely people:

Here’s what CW’s post about the reading challenge has to say about the rules:


The aim of this challenge is to read as many books written by Asian authors as you can! These books can be backlist titles (i.e. released in 2019 or earlier), new releases, and ARCs. We welcome books of any genre, any format, and any length. Check out the levels we have made for this challenge (I drew them too!) and set your sights on a level you want to achieve.

In order for a book to count, you must start and finish it within 2020; the challenge will end on the 31st of December of this year. (This means that books started in 2019 and finished in 2020 do not count!) Likewise, any books started in 2020 and finished in 2021 do not count either.

We want this to be a relaxing and, above all else, fun challenge, so you can join in at any time in the year! The sign-up form will remain open until 2020 ends.

Follow us on Twitter (@YearOfTheAsian) for announcements, surprises, and more bookish fun. The official hashtag for this reading challenge is #YARC2020.


You can aim for one of six challenge levels (based on number of books read) that are each represented by cute Asian animals. I’m not officially aiming for anything, though, I’m just going to read as many as I can. So I guess I’ll be aiming at whatever level is the one above whatever I’ve already achieved? Start at the beginning and keep improving, right?

I’d already planned on reading Death by Dumpling this winter, and Heroine Worship this spring, and then Shadow of the Batgirl snuck in there too. So those are all definite picks (because I’ve either started or finished them already). But I also want to read The Ghost Bride and more of Aliette de Bodard’s work, and I want to finish (and already own) the rest of J.Y. Yang’s Tensorate series. So that’s seven books I already own right there without stretching my TBR at all.

Beyond that, I don’t have a detailed list of which books I’ll be reading for this. However, I do know that several more of the books I’m already planning on reading this year will fit nicely, some that I own and some that I’ll need to pick up from either the library or the bookstore. Also, this post by Shenwei features a lot of great YA SFF books by Asian authors and I will be using it as a resource.

Do you have any recommendations of books by Asian authors for me?

14 thoughts on “#YARC 2020 ~ Year of the Asian Reading Challenge

  1. Off the top of my head- Ken Liu! I feel like I read a few books by Asian authors so far this year but I can’t think of them in this moment. If I remember I’ll come back with recommendations.

  2. Haruki Murakami is always a trip. His more serious book Underground about the gas attack on the Tokyo subway was quite good. Marjorie Liu? Laurence Yep? Banana Yoshimoto?

  3. man, I love this idea! But … I refuse to join more challenges. I’ve basically stopped updating the Pondathon. I’m so bad at this. xD Looks like you might get to The Ghost Bride before I do, so I’ll be looking forward to see what you think of it!

    I’m not sure what counts for this … but if American of Asian decent counts, The Astonishing Color of After, if you haven’t read it, is emotional and beautiful (but I’d warn that it revolves around grief after suicide). The author is the American daughter of Taiwanese immigrants. And Steel Crow Saga by Paul Krueger! If India counts, Crown of Wishes was also excellent!

    1. It’s one more thing I can track on a spreadsheet, so I’m all in. 😉 Hopefully I will remember to actually do my updates though. I fell off on that part of the Pondathon by the end, too. Oops. XD

      Thanks for the recs! I’ll certainly let you (and the rest of the blog) know what I think about The Ghost Bride when I get to it.

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