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WIP Wednesday for 2/19/2020 ~ GAL Duplicates

Another WIP post! This might look like an FO post, because all of the pictures show things that look completed, but trust me. These are completed squares but the blankets they will be a part of are still both very much in progress.

These are the Geek-A-Long blankets, one (the one with small squares) is for me, and the other (with the larger squares) is a gift.

I have posted about the GAL several times in the past, and you can find all of those posts either by searching through the Geek-A-Long category or the Geek-A-Long tag here on my blog.

One of the results of knitting two Geek-A-Long blankets, though, is that there are some squares I want to include on both blankets. I was thinking about the differences between the blankets, and thought it might be fun to compare the duplicate squares. So let’s take a look at them!



This one was an obvious one to duplicate. I wanted it on my blanket because D&D was a big part of my youth, and it goes on the gift blanket also because I used to play D&D with the people I’m giving it to. (Yes, they both have “1” on one side and “20” on the reverse.)



While I didn’t play the Portal video games with the gift blanket’s recipients, we have all played it (and love it). So this one is an obvious choice as well.

Dragon Age


I don’t remember which of us alerted the other to the first Dragon Age game, but I do know that Dragon Age: Inquisition was a game that was gifted to me by the couple I’m making the blanket for. Though, to be honest, I’m not sure they’ll recognize the sword here as being from Dragon Age. (Frankly, I didn’t either. It could be whatever magic sword you wanted it to be.)



If you have played Skyrim (which all three of us — me and the couple I’m giving the blanket to when I eventually finish it — have) then this is pretty recognizable as the logo. If you haven’t, it’s still a cool dragon.

Side note, while my goal when playing Skyrim is to finish all of the side quests, one of the people I’m giving this blanket to refers to Skyrim as the “peasant simulator.” She has been enjoying playing as a random peasant, chopping wood and collecting flowers to earn money. Not my speed, but it’s highly amusing.

Star Wars


Star Wars is a defining movie series of my generation. And so while we all have different favorites in the series, it’s hard to not include Star Wars-inspired squares on both blankets. There’s also a First Order square which I might include on the gift blanket (not sure yet) even though I don’t think I’ll be including that one on my blanket. We’ll see.

And that’s all the current duplicate squares. There will be others. The D&D Ampersand is one I know I’ll be duplicating, as well as the Studio Ghibli square featuring No Face. Beyond that, though, it will depend largely on what I feel like knitting at the time!

Also, as a side note, none of the squares have been blocked yet. They will all be blocked before I connect the blankets, because it will make joining them a lot easier. I still have to figure out how and when to do that blocking, though. (I should probably start now and do it in batches, or it will take ages when I’m done. We’ll see, though.)

10 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday for 2/19/2020 ~ GAL Duplicates

    1. Thank you! I love them too, though I get too easily distracted to finish them as quickly as I could. 🙂 It’s not as hard to learn as I had anticipated when I started, though it is still a bit complicated. The GAL group on Ravelry is great with resources and encouragement, though.

  1. Well if you’re going to duplicate squares across blankets- these are all great picks for that! Dragon Age was one of my favorite (and I think my first) RPG. And Portal is probably one of the best puzzle games of all time.

    1. Portal was a lot of fun. I was so happy when they released Portal 2! And Dragon Age will always be a favorite. It’s not my first video game RPG (that might have been Baldur’s Gate way back in the day?) but it’s one of the few that I’ve played all the way through.

      1. Did you play all three of them? My favorite was the 2nd because I liked those characters best (Fenris! Isabella! Lady Hawke!) but I know a lot of people had issues with the map and “recycled dungeons” (I’m still not sure what they meant by that).

  2. I love that you’ve decided to mirror some of the squares because it’s something you share with the recipients! Makes the gift all the more special. I love the Dragon Age one! I haven’t played Skyrim, but that symbol is *still* very recognizable for me lol. These squares are beautiful! Can’t wait to see the finished blankets.

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