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Tracking my Owned TBR

A short while ago, I mentioned having an Owned TBR spreadsheet that I use to track what books I own and haven’t read. In this post, I’ll be going into more detail about it!

First off, I am really, really sad that I didn’t record where I got this specific idea and spreadsheet example from. I guess I assumed I would remember, and then I didn’t. I do know that I made many changes from the example spreadsheet, but that still doesn’t excuse the fact that I can’t give credit to the person who inspired me to create an Owned TBR spreadsheet of my own.

But since I can’t share with you the link that gave me a start on tracking my Owned TBR, I can share a link to my spreadsheet so that you can see if you like any of the ideas I’m using.

(And because pictures speak louder than words, here’s an image of what my spreadsheet looks like… Apologies that it probably all looks very small. You should be able to click the pic to make it bigger.)

Owned TBR

The basic concept is that I made a list of all the books I owned but hadn’t read and entered them all into this spreadsheet. (This sample is nowhere near the real total. At the time I’m writing this, my real total is 190 books on the Owned TBR.) I like tracking random data, so I also added formulas to track how many unique authors were on my list, how many different series, what formats the books were in… well. Anything that I thought was interesting for books that I hadn’t read yet.

The only thing that I can think of which I didn’t add but am potentially interested in is where I got the book — for example, was it a gift, did I buy it, win it in a giveaway, was it free to download… etc. I might go back and add that later, but it’s not in this version.

And using it is simple. Once you’ve added all the books you own, you don’t have to do anything until you read one of them, get a new book, or get rid of a book. At that point, you update the spreadsheet with the new data, and presto! Your spreadsheet is accurate again. The initial entry might take some time, depending on how many books you have on your own personal Owned TBR, but upkeep is simple.

making_progress_2xI don’t know about you. But I love spreadsheets… maybe a little too much.

I will take just about any excuse to make a spreadsheet for something. This particular xkcd comic?

It me.

Also, look! A new post category! My new Sunday Sundry posts will be my catch-all for the miscellaneous posts without any real theme to them. Probably also a few smaller themed things that I am too lazy to make a blog header for.

15 thoughts on “Tracking my Owned TBR

  1. Hurray for spreadsheets indeed!

    Personally, I don’t really care about the books I own, as we’re trying to downsize (hence the monthly giveaways) but I always like seeing other peoples’ systems and how they do stuff. It’s fascinating 🙂

  2. Hahaha- I love spreadsheets too! I track my Owned TBR through GoodReads. The shelf is literally called “Owned TBR” I think. lol. Only it’s not up-to-date because it got too depressing to see how many books I was buying and not reading.

    But your spreadsheet is really pretty! Mine are functional but not pretty.

    1. Yay spreadsheets! I used Goodreads for this at one point, but then I stopped using GR frequently and deleted all my shelves and then I never went back to re-create it. I also don’t really want to admit to GR just how much of a book hoarder I am… 😉

  3. 190 books seems like a lot, but something tells me that sounds about right for me, too. But I refuse to count mine. This year, I’m really loving the idea of spreadsheets. They’re working great for helping me stay on task and organized, but I’m doing it with my ARCs instead of my owned (because ha, maybe I can tackle that one next year … one battle at a time).

  4. Oooh, I like this. You mentioned your spreadsheet to me not too long ago so I decided I wanted to do something similar once I saw what you did, but I wasn’t sure if I should add ALL the books I own or just ones I haven’t read. Probably just what I haven’t read. Otherwise it’ll take a long time to set up and I already keep track of owned books via Goodreads.

    I like the idea of including how it was acquired (gift, bought, book sale, etc.) as well. Thanks for sharing!

    1. You’re welcome! I’m just tracking the books that I own but haven’t read, though eventually I might modify this (or make a new spreadsheet) to have all the books I own. Mostly because I just love spreadsheets… 😉

  5. I have way too many spreadsheets LOL! I like the categories you are tracking on this one. In theory I use Book Collectorz to track my owned books, but in practice, it hasn’t worked out too well because I haven’t catalogued the entire collection yet. But I use multiple spreadsheets to track

    1) what I’ve read this year, along with the diversity of what I’m reading (I’m not doing too well on that front yet).
    2) which challenges the books I’ve read count toward.
    3) forthcoming books I want to read, with review copy status.
    4) Books I’ve bought this year. (I’ll combine it with last year’s spreadsheet at the end of the year.)

    And I have three spreadsheets dedicated to specific challenges (this year’s POPSUGAR prompts, COYER-eligible books, and Mount TBR books — the latter is akin to your “books owned but not read” spreadsheet, but only covers the books I own which I’m most interested in reading, which keeps it manageable.

    Keeping up with all of these takes more time than I’d like, and I may rethink the whole business entirely next year… but it’s also fun to see what I’m reading and how I’m doing with challenges.

    1. I’ve been trying to find the balance between tracking everything I want to track, and not drowning in spreadsheets. So far I think it’s working for me, but it’s taken many years of tweaking to get to this level of comfort with all the things. I’m glad it’s not just me who enjoys tracking books a little too much! 😀

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