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Discworld Read-A-Long 2019: Wrap-Up and Winner

Happy January! Now that there’s been time for everyone to get in their 2019 Discworld reviews, it’s time to figure out who won the goodie bag!

Discworld RAL

My Discworld total count for 2019 was: 9.5
  1. Equal Rites
  2. Mort
  3. Wyrd Sisters
  4. The Wee Free Men
  5. Soul Music
  6. Guards! Guards!
  7. Witches Abroad
  8. Lords and Ladies
  9. Reaper Man
  10. still part-way through Hogfather

And the RNG picked a winner of the swag bag I offered as extra incentive for joining me on this journey to the Discworld! There were 12 eligible reviews, and the default Google random number generator picked #1. That means Milou @ Simply a Book Drunkard is the winner of the goodies! Here is her review of The Colour of Magic which won the prize. Milou, I’ll ping you once I hit publish on this post so that I can get your mailing address to ship the goodies to!

While I don’t plan to read this many Discworld books all in a row next year, I will be continuing with the series. I do enjoy reading them, and I want to eventually get to all of them. Happy reading!

10 thoughts on “Discworld Read-A-Long 2019: Wrap-Up and Winner

  1. Fun! Are these all re-reads for you Nicole? I can’t remember. I feel like we discussed reading order at one point and you advised not starting with the color of magic…. lol

    1. About half of these are re-reads, I think? And I definitely do not recommend starting with The Color of Magic, LOL. The Tiffany Aching YA sub-series would be a good place to start, but there are other places in the adult series that would work as well. Book three (Equal Rites) would be okay, since it’s the first of the Witches books. So would Mort (book four) since it’s the first of the Death sub-series.

  2. Wow, 9.5 is an impressive number! I wanted to read one Pratchett book a month this year, but it’s halfway through the first month and I haven’t even picked a Pratchett book yet, so … it’s not looking great so far. xD

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