Linkity for the New Year

Let’s end the year with a linkity post, shall we? (And oh look! A sneak peek at the new blog pics!)


Do you love the Untitled Goose Game by House House? I love the Untitled Goose Game. I also love the Am Goose Twitter account which posts gems like this:


(click the images to be taken to the Tweets)

Publication order is the correct reading order for The Chronicles of Narnia. Also, The Silver Chair is the best Narnia book.

And… since we’re talking about Narnia… here are two links to fanfic stories about Susan Pevensie after Narnia, which I have probably posted about before, and will probably post about again. I love the way Susan is presented in these stories, in contrast to the ending she’s given in the Chronicles.

Also, is doing a great series of posts on The Great CS Lewis Reread. At the moment they’re on The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, but there are plans to continue the Chronicles of Narnia and then even move on to other of Lewis’ works afterward. There are some great articles there, if you’re interested.

This article on “the problem with busy” really hit home for me. (Emphasis mine.)

How about you? Are you busy? If so, it definitely should not be something you are proud of. Life is short. If you are too busy to enjoy things, take some steps to fix that.

(Thanks to Chris for linking me to it initially.)

Semi-random web surfing led me to the history of the ampersand, and I thought it was interesting enough to share.

If you’re a writer who writes about characters that have traits you don’t, this link has some articles that you might want to read. There’s a lot of good stuff there. (Chris shared the link originally, but I’m saving it for reference.)

If you’re looking for a new Christmas / holiday craft, Hunter Hammersen has a post about lovely German stars that she makes out of straw. They look amazing, and beautiful, and satisfying; and if I had many more hours in the day I might make some. (I still might someday, but not this year.)

I love this Tweet about Hogwarts houses as defined by their bitchiest traits. (Ravenclaw here. And this is SO TRUE.)


A while ago, kmkat posted a link to an awesome post about depression and managing mental illness in times of crazy social events. (Make sure to read the whole thread and not just the photo at the top.)

We have always been unlikely and implausible and probably doomed which means every moment we are able to live, thrive and help others do so is an incredible victory. Don’t quit now.

This Twitter thread has some AMAZING artwork! Go check it out, there are some lovely pieces.

If you are taking a Lyft or Uber home from a New Year’s Eve party (or really, anywhere), it’s a good idea to know how to access their emergency call feature in the app. That way they can give all the information about your trip and driver when they call 911 for you. Here’s where to find it in Lyft and Uber.

Hard to believe we’re almost at the end of a decade. I hope the 2010’s have been good to you, and may the 2020’s be even better!

6 thoughts on “Linkity for the New Year

  1. Great links! I enjoyed the ampersand article; I hadn’t realized how much variety there is. The art was beautiful. The first Susan Pevensey stories I had read before, but will always love; the second was new to me, and also good. And yes, publication order, always. (For Narnia, at least.)

    1. Thanks! The ampersand is a lot neater of a punctuation mark than I ever really thought it was.

      I read the Narnia stories in chronological order this fall/winter for the first time ever, and it felt so wrong. (It was part of a readathon, so I read in the same order as the group.)

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