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WIP Wrap-up for November 2019

(NaNo update is coming next week. Sorry for the delay, I just ran out of days to schedule post updates.)

Woot woot! The Minstrel Sweater is done! I mean, you already saw the FO post for it, but I’m still excited that it’s finished!

I also mentioned that I cast on the Simple Brioche Cowl, but it has been SO HARD to not cast on ALL THE THINGS now that the sweater is done. I’ve so far managed to limit myself to just one additional pair of socks. There are so many lovely shawl and sweater patterns calling my name too, though. I don’t know how long I’m going to be able to hold out. (I don’t know how long I want to. Though I do want to get some of these other projects finished, too.)

FOs (aka Finished Objects)

Nov 19 FO

  • Minstrel Sweater!  it’s done, after having been in progress for way too long. No fault of the sweater or the pattern, though: it took longer than it should have because I was knitting too many things at once. But it was a great learning experience, and I’m glad I made it!

UFOs (aka UnFinished Objects)

Nov 19 UFOs

  • 2016 GAL blanket  still hibernating, since I’ve been having trouble knitting two GAL blankets at once. This will get worked on again once the gift version is finished.
  • Weaving Project  I need to decide what to do with this one for sure very soon. But with everything going on in November, there was no way I could get to this also.
  • Dryad Hat  now that the socks are my travel knitting again, the hat is not getting as much work as it had been. And since I decided to cast on another pair of gift socks, I’m temporarily shoving it back in the UFO pile. It won’t stay here long. I promise.

WIPs (aka active Works In Progress)

Nov 19 WIPs

  • 2018 GAL blanket — current square: Star Wars — I had intended to focus on the Geek-A-Long blanket for my colorwork knitting once the Minstrel Sweater was done, but then I started the Brioche Cowl. I’m not giving up on the GAL blanket by any means, but it’s waited this long, so I guess it can wait a little bit longer.
  • Changeful Socks  these are back to being my travel knitting, and I’ve gotten a large chunk of the way down the second leg (though this is still not a current picture). I’d love to have these finished soon.
  • Simple Brioche Cowl  this cowl has been knitting up faster than I expected. It’s been my “relax in front of the TV” knitting for the second half of this month, and the time I’ve spent on it shows. I think it helps that I can stop anywhere and don’t have to make it to the end of a row. That makes me more likely to pick it up when I only have a few minutes to knit… and that really adds up.
  • Charybdis SocksI started these socks on a whim because I found fun rainbow stripey Mani Pedi sock yarn at JoAnn’s. My mom loves handknit socks, and I felt like working on a pair that was a bit less complicated than the Changeful socks, and these fit the bill! (Also, these are knitting up *fast*! The progress pictures was taken about a week after I cast on the first sock.)

Happy Wednesday!

6 thoughts on “WIP Wrap-up for November 2019

    1. Thank you! And yes, it is a huge relief to have it done. Most of my wool socks are nice and warm, though some aren’t as toasty as you’d expect. (The lacy ones, for example, but also some of them have a different fiber content and so look warmer than they are.)

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