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November 2019 Read-A-Thin Wrap-up

November readalongs always have the added challenge of needing to compete with NaNoWriMo for my time. So, while I decided to join this one, I didn’t have high hopes. But it turns out I did a lot better with this than I had expected to!


I switched out Night and Silence from my original reading plan for three reasons: one, my hold on Pumpkinheads came in at my library; two, the #ADayeAMonth readalong got extended to January so we can read and discuss the 13th book in the October Daye series also; and three, I decided to read Pumpkinheads for the Triwizard Tournament Readathon, so this way I could double-up on prompts.

  1. Read a backlist 2019 release ~ Echo in Emerald by Sharon Shinn ~ started, but haven’t finished yet
  2. Read a thin book ~ Prince Caspian by C.S. Lewis ~ read 11/15/2019
  3. Continue a series ~ The Brightest Fell by Seanan McGuire ~ read 11/13/2019
  4. Read a new to you author ~ Randomize by Andy Weir ~ read 11/8/2019
  5. Read a spooky book you didn’t get to in October ~ Into the Drowning Deep by Mira Grant ~ read 11/26/2019
  6. Read a fall themed book or a book with a fall colored cover ~ Night and Silence by Seanan McGuire switched to Pumpkinheads by Rainbow Rowell and Faith Erin Hicks ~ read 11/11/2019
  7. Read a book that has been on your TBR for a while ~ Legion: the Many Lives of Stephen Leeds by Brandon Sanderson ~ read 11/21/2019

So I read six out of the seven books, and I’ve at least started the seventh! That’s not bad at all for such a crazy-busy month!

Here’s some stats, just for fun:

  • Books read: 6
  • Pages read: 1,728
  • Average pub year: 2007
  • Average rating: 3.75 stars

8 thoughts on “November 2019 Read-A-Thin Wrap-up

    1. Well… I didn’t always have time to write full reviews. So you probably didn’t miss much. Though yes, usually when I do write reviews they’re posted over there and then linked back here in my wrap-up posts.

    1. I’ve been enjoying Readathons lately, and they’re a great way to knock out some books that I’ve been meaning to get to for a while. Readathons haven’t always worked for me, though, so I’m enjoying them now while they do work! 😀

      Pumpkinheads was really cute. If you can find it at your library, I recommend it!

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