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Triwizard Tournament Readathon

Darn it. I wasn’t going to join any more read-a-thons this year. I have too much on my plate already. I’m trying to write a book, darn it, not read ALL OF THEM.


This is shiny! And so many of the prompts fit things I’m already hoping to read during this challenge. So with that said, I’m joining the

Triwizard Tournament Readathon

Triwizard Tournament Readathon

All of the information for this readathon can be found at the official site, but this one section is the main reason I decided I could play along:

What are the dates of the readathon?
OPENING: Thursday 31st October 2019 – keep an eye out for announcements!
FIRST TASK: Monday 11th November – Sunday 17th November 2019
SECOND TASK: Monday 25th November – Sunday 1st December 2019
THIRD TASK: Monday 9th December – Sunday 15th December 2019
YULE BALL: Sunday 22nd December 2019

I runs through part of November and part of December, so that should space out the reading a bit. Yay! Now, for my reading plans…

First task: Dragons

I’ll be competing for Durmstrang, so my dragon prompt is the Swedish Short-SnoutThese dragons are sought after to use their skin to make shields and gloves, re-read a favourite that makes you feel protected.

And the method I’ve chosen for defeating my dragon is SpeedRace past your dragon to retrieve the egg by reading a graphic novel.

Since the other reason I decided I could play along was that I could combine my readathons, I’ll be re-reading Prince Caspian for the first part of the dragon challenge, and reading Pumpkinheads for the second part.

Second task: The Lake

I won’t know who I’m supposed to rescue until after I finish the dragon challenge, but I’m hoping that I can use The Voyage of the Dawn Treader to fit. It has both sibling relationships and friendships, so fingers crossed that I can use that book for this challenge. If I have to do the romance challenge, though, I’m not sure which book I’ll pick. Maybe Echo in Emerald, but I’m not sure.

However, I think I know how I’m going to go about the task. I plan to read Into the Drowning Deep for Transfiguration: Partially transfigure yourself into a sea creature by reading a book about a sea creature.

Third Task: The Maze

At this point I’m kinda guessing what I’ll read. I’m too much of a mood reader to really plan a TBR successfully 100% of the time. However, for the obstacle part of the challenge I think I’m going to tackle AcromantulaYou may need help to defeat this creature, read a book recommended by a friend.

And then we have to face the cup itself: Make sure it’s not a Portkey and read a book that involves travel of any kind for your final challenge to take the cup and complete the Triwizard Tournament!

I’ll (probably) be reading Legion (recommended by my sister) and The Last Battle for the third task. (Hooray for using books already on my Fall TBR and my #NarniaRead2019 list!) We’ll see how well I do!

(They’re @triwizardathon on Twitter and use the hashtag . And they’ve already announced their 2020 dates, so you can bet I’ll be setting aside the time to play along then, too.)

16 thoughts on “Triwizard Tournament Readathon

  1. Sounds like a great challenge! I love the theme, and the fact that the books you’re already planning to read will fit makes it even better. I’m swearing off adding any new challenges before January, except possibly the annual COYER Winter challenge. But if I were taking on any new ones, this would definitely be one to try!

    BTW, when did you add ads to your blog? Does it bring in enough to be worth it? I’ve been debating whether to try it or not.

    1. It sounds like a fun one! It looks like they’re going to be doing it again next years (the dates are already listed on their blog) so I’m planning to join in again in 2020. And yes, the only reason I decided I could do this one is because of all the crossover.

      I use the free version of WordPress, so they add ads whenever they feel like it. It doesn’t bring in anything for me, but since the blog doesn’t cost me anything either I can’t really complain. :-/

  2. Go for it! If you want another reading challenge then the more the merrier. ❤

    I hope you love Pumpkinheads (one I want to read myself) and your Mira Grant. I've wanted to try Seanen's other series as others have raved about it. Happy Reading Nicole!!

  3. This seems like so much fun!! Do these prompts lead into each other depending on what you read? Or are you just being a commitment-phobe? 😉 no judgement. I’m the same way.

    Either way the layout looks like lots of fun and you have some fun looking books planned!

    1. I think the score you get from the first task has an impact on what book you read for the second task. That’s about all I can tell, though, about them leading into each other. (Score might be determined by page count? Not sure yet.) And I’m kinda being a commitment-phobe right now. Between the other books I have planned to read and wanting to win NaNo this year, I don’t want to overcommit. 🙂

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