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WIP Wrap-up for October 2019

I haven’t finished anything this month (yet), but I am SO CLOSE to being done with the Minstrel Sweater! I might actually finish it in October, but I haven’t yet so it will have to wait for November’s wrap-up post.

(These are all old-ish pictures. Sorry. I didn’t have time to take new ones.)

UFOs (aka UnFinished Objects)

Aug 19 UFOs

  • 2016 GAL blanket  still hibernating, since I’ve been having trouble knitting two GAL blankets at once. This will get worked on again once the gift version is finished.
  • Dryad hat  still waiting on the current sock project to be finished before I start working on this again. I’m getting sick of having so few active WIPs, though, so I might change my mind and start working on this hat again sooner. Maybe as soon as I finish the sweater.
  • Weaving project — I will probably go with the plan I discussed with you last time, and turn this into a single place-mat instead of making the pillow or table runner that the pattern calls for. I do like weaving, but I’m not as thrilled with this particular design as I was when I bought the book and yarn needed to make it. (However, it did teach me some new weaving techniques, and I suppose that was the important part.)

WIPs (aka active Works In Progress)

WIP Sept 2019

  • 2018 GAL blanket — current square: Star Wars
  • Minstrel Sweater  SO CLOSE. I have both sleeves done, and I just finished sewing in all the (so many thousands) of ends on the second sleeve. All that’s left is picking up the stitches for the button band, knitting some corrugated ribbing, adding the buttons, and tacking down the steek facings. I might not have met my self-imposed deadline of having this done for the October WIP Wrap-Up post, but I will be able to wear it this fall (assuming it gets cold enough) and winter. Hooray!
  • Changeful Socks — done with sock #1! Now I just need to make a second one to match.

And with that, we’re nearly done with October! Crazy. But, this is ideal weather for a knitter (AKA, YAY! It’s just about cold enough that I get to wear my handknits!) so I’m not complaining at all. Have a great day!

9 thoughts on “WIP Wrap-up for October 2019

  1. Ahhhh that feeling of being so close but not quite done! It’s sort of painful. Especially when you have grown-up things that keep taking you away from just finishing it. xD

    Oooh, I can’t wait to see how the Star Wars square turns out! This is a great time of year for knitted things. xD Just about time to break all that out, isn’t it?

    1. I’ll admit, the thought of taking a day off to work on my knitting is super tempting… 😉

      I actually knit a version of the Star Wars square in different yarn, if you want to see what it looks like:
      But I’m excited to see how different (or similar) it looks this time around!

      I’ve started wearing my knitted scarves and shawls. Soon it will also be time for mitts, and then socks and sweaters. ❤ My only issue with where I live is that it's often not cold enough long enough for me to wear my sweaters as much as I'd like.

      1. We should totally get “creative” days off. Sometimes, you just need some time to work on creative endeavors, okay? Totally legitimate.

        Oooh, that’s super neat. Yeah, I’ll be interested to see how it’s different this time around.

        Really? Well, we had a super mild winter last year, so yeah, but usually, January and February are pretty cold and perfect sweater weather. Or, you know, two layers and a heated blanket on the couch. xD

  2. Still loving that sweater and those blankets! Hoping to see the completed projects soon! (Although the blankets seem to still have a while to go. You can do it!)

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