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BookWyrm’s Alphabeticals ~ M

Time for more Alphabeticals! M was difficult — but in the opposite way as some of the other letters. I wasn’t sure I would be able to pick just two for these categories!

Here are the rules as Alex posted them:

  • Credit Alex for the idea, and link back
  • Post at your own pace, do as many or as few letters as you want
  • Post your favourite authors, books and characters (ABCs) for a particular letter of the alphabet

You can find my other Alphabeticals posts here.


Authors beginning with ‘M’

Anne McCaffrey was one of my first favorite authors. You know how as a kid you like books, but you don’t necessarily associate that the same person wrote all these books, so that person can be called a favorite author? And then you finally figure it out? I think Anne McCaffrey might have been the author where it first clicked for me that I didn’t just have favorite books but I also had a favorite author.

Seanan McGuire is my current favorite author, period. She writes so much stuff that I enjoy reading. I also follow her on Twitter and she seems like a really great person, too. That’s always a plus. (And she shares pictures of her cats and her D&D dice. Both of which are a win in my book.)

Books beginning with ‘M’

Mystic and Rider by Sharon Shinn is a fun start to the Twelve Houses series, which is probably my favorite series by Sharon Shinn. It’s an adult series (unlike a lot of her work which is more YA) and I really enjoyed it.

Movies in Fifteen Minutes by Cleolinda Jones is a book that I can’t believe I have forgotten to talk about for several years. It’s an older book (published in 2005) and it started out on LiveJournal. (I found her first because of the Twilight in 15 Minutes series she did, but there are other amazing ones too, like the Harry Potter movies in 15 minutes and The Avengers in 15 Minutes.) If I remember correctly, the book is largely a polished and published version of some of the movies she did on her LJ, but it is so much fun and it seems that no one knows about it. (I think this is partly because it wasn’t published in the US, so you have to have bought it on Amazon UK. Or eBay. I got my copy of the book years ago on eBay.)

Characters beginning with ‘M’

Murderbot is my newest favorite character. It is sarcastic, it is funny, it is vulnerable. I love it so.

Magrat Garlik from Terry Pratchett’s Discworld series is a really enjoyable character. I love how she straddles the line between the more traditional witchcraft that Granny Weatherwax and Nanny Ogg practice, and the newer stuff you can read about in books. She might be a wet hen, but she’s a fun wet hen.

series beginning with ‘M’

The Murderbot Diaries by Martha Wells has quickly become one of my favorite series EVER. I hope you haven’t gotten sick of me talking about it yet, because I don’t think I’ll be stopping any time soon.

The Magical Bookshop Mysteries by Amanda Flower is a new series for me, but I enjoyed book one so I’m hoping it will become a favorite cozy mystery series. We’ll see.

So there you have it… just two “M” favorites for each category! (I’m not even doing honorable mentions here, because I honestly wouldn’t know where to stop.)

13 thoughts on “BookWyrm’s Alphabeticals ~ M

  1. Murderbot!! Still need to read it. But how could you go wrong with a name like that? My M pick would be: Mycroft Canner. My favorite, but also the only one I can think of right now. lol

          1. No worries! I don’t think many have read it anyway- I wouldn’t expect you to know his name. I just spaced mentioning the book.

  2. I immediately thought of Seanan McGuire when I saw this was M too. XD I’m going to have toto check out that in 15 minutes book. I briefly read some of the Prisoner of Azkaban one and oh my gosh, I couldn’t stop giggling.

    1. The Magical Bookshop Mysteries (or what I’ve read of them so far) are a lot of fun! I just hope the series continues with the magical bookshop part. I really liked how that played into the sleuthing part of the plot.

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