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Writing WIP Wednesday ~ getting back on track

I’ve been slacking lately. Multiple co-workers have been sick (and still coming in to the office, grrr) and I think I’ve been fighting off their cold. So when I get home I have had little to no energy for anything else. I’m trying not to beat myself up for resting instead of writing, but I really am annoyed that I slipped on the writing-habit front.

So. Now I’m trying to get back on track, and that’s what this post will be about: things I can do to be productive instead of berating myself for not being productive in the previous couple of weeks.


1. Re-focus

  • Sometimes I get too caught up in the big picture and don’t see the small stuff well enough. This happens a lot when I get overwhelmed by a writing project that I’ve gotten started, yet haven’t finished plotting / planning.
  • In some cases, I can fix this by focusing really, really small. I think I’m going to write a few journal entries from the POV of my main heroes to focus on them, and see where that gets me in terms of ideas for plot and conflict.
  • I might also do a focused deep-dive into my villain’s backstory. In addition to giving me a good sense of who they are, this should also help me plot out the endgame.

2. Re-orient

  • I want to take a different approach than what I had been doing, so that it seems new. I get distracted enough by the shiny that I want to be sure I can continue to stay with this project, and if that means tricking myself into thinking it’s something new, so be it.
  • I’m planning on doing at least the first few steps of the Snowflake Method for my current project. It’s one way to take a new look at the material I already have, and hopefully find holes that I can work on filling.

3. Re-connect

  • Once I’ve started coming at the project from a new direction, I should be able to go back and pick back up where I left off.
  • At that point, I’m hoping to finish outlining a full plot for the novel so that it’s ready in time to write this story for NaNo.
  • I should also have enough mental detail about my main characters to make proper notes about them by this point. That way I won’t have to write up character notes after I’ve written the story. (I’ve done this too many times to count in the past because I got lazy. It doesn’t end well.)

And that’s my current plan for getting back on track with this. I’m hoping that I did actually kick that cold (and don’t get another one) so that I can stay on track.

Have a great Wednesday, and I hope you have good luck keeping your own projects on track!


17 thoughts on “Writing WIP Wednesday ~ getting back on track

  1. You go!
    But ugh re the sick coworkers. 😦 That’s another great thing about working from home – you can just stay home until you’re not contagious or not making horrible noises. For example, when I couldn’t talk because I started to cough every time, I was able to participate in conference calls muted, sending questions and comments to the team via Slack. I would have had to go into the office coughing because that stage was a week long! No way you can take a week off for a cold.

  2. Diary entries sound like a fabulous idea to reconnect, refocus and reorient!! Sometimes free writing really gets our creative juices flowing. And its always good to know where your character stands on various things that will be coming up in their book. Sounds like a win, win, win. ❤️

  3. oh, my, I can so relate to this slacking thing. I’ve been really slipping on the writing thing, because it feels like so many other things have come up and taken priority lately.

    I absolutely LOVE your plan, and I think I’m going to steal some of these from you. 😉 I fall into this cycle where when I don’t write, I kick myself and feel bad, and then the worse I feel, the less I want to write, and it’s this self-fulfilling cycle.

    Oh, goodness, you’re going to tackle NaNo? Best of luck! I hope you have fun with it, and good luck at getting back on track as far as writing goes. :3

    1. Steal away! I hope my admitting that I’m slacking helps other people not slack also! 😉

      I’ve done NaNo many years now, and it’s a fun habit for me. (The years I decide I’m not going to do it, I have a habit of panicking at the end of October because “I should be writing” and then I do NaNo anyway but completely unprepared.)

      Good luck with getting your own writing back on track, too!

      1. I love watching people do NaNo! I did it when I was younger, but since being a boring adult, it just stresses me out. I like to hop into sprints and write with my friends who are doing it, but without the pressure of hitting 50k words, because that just doesn’t work for me. :3

          1. Ugh, right?! That’d be nice. First drafts are where I struggle the most, because I want to fix everything and not finish the draft, even though I know I need to fix the draft in order to properly fix everything. It’s a conundrum.

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