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WIP Wrap-up for August 2019

I’m trying to determine how long it will be before I can reasonably eliminate the UFO section from this update. The name of the section will always amuse me, but I like having projects finished more than I like having the joke listed. I think it will have to stay until I have finished the gift version of the GAL blanket, though, because working on both blankets at the same time really didn’t do it for me.

FOs (aka Finished Objects)

Aug 19 FOs.jpg

  • Kitty Mine Crafts Beach Balls & Bikinis hand-spun I really enjoy the way this yarn turned out. Chain-plying can be a great technique to play with spinning intentional color patterns into your hand-spun yarn. I’m not sure what I want to knit out of this yarn, but I do know that I want it to be something which will show off the color repeats.

UFOs (aka UnFinished Objects)

Aug 19 UFOs

  • 2016 GAL blanket  still hibernating, since I’ve been having trouble knitting two GAL blankets at once. This will get worked on again once the gift version is finished.
  • Dryad hat I should really work on this again soon. I think once my current sock project is done this may become my travel knitting.
  • Weaving project still haven’t decided if I want to continue working on this or not. I guess I don’t have to decide until I want to work on it, want the loom for another project, or decide it’s time to get rid of the UFO category.

WIPs (aka active Works In Progress)

Aug 19 WIPs

  • Minstrel Sweater making progress! It might not be as obvious in the photos, but I can definitely see progress on the sweater knitting. This might actually be wearable by the time my local weather requires sweaters.
  • 2018 GAL blanket: current square: Skyrim I’m making progress on this again, but it still takes second-place priority to the Minstrel Sweater. So I haven’t finished this square yet, though I’m getting closer.
  • Sakaki Shawl I’m not sure what I’ll do with this finished shawl (keep or gift), but I’m enjoying knitting it. The lace panel in the middle was fun, though I am glad it wasn’t much bigger. It’s lace on both sides (rather than having one side be all knit or all purl) so it was a slightly more complicated lace pattern than I usually do. (Not because I can’t, obviously, just because I’m lazy and one-sided lace is easier.)
  • Changeful Socks these are a gift, so they won’t get a ton of focus on the blog until after they are gifted. Whenever that happens to be.

Not as much finished this month as last month, but still lots of progress! Several things are close to being done, so that’s a bonus.

12 thoughts on “WIP Wrap-up for August 2019

      1. Haha- I understand. That’s kind of how I feel about books. Sometimes it takes me so long that I feel like I just need to commit and buckle down so it can be finished.

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