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#mythothon Round 2

Oooh, two posts in one day! Why, you ask? Well, that’s because I have scheduled enough posts that my blog schedule is full through this month and I want to post about another read-a-thon I’m going to be joining, and there’s no free time in the posting schedule! So, two posts in one day. #sorrynotsorry

Louise @ Foxes and Fairytales is doing another round of the #mythothon read-a-thon, and I decided to play along this time around.

From the announcement post:

The readathon itself will run from 1st to the 30th September in your own timezone.

Please feel free to post Twitter updates, reading sprints, Instagram photos or just generally share how you’re getting on with the readathon using the hashtag #mythothon2. Follow and tag @mythothon for updates, info and retweets.



If it can be added on Goodreads, it counts — novellas, graphic novels, audiobooks etc. are all fair game.

One book per square.

Your TBR can change over the course of the readathon.

There are a couple of different ways to play: it’s entirely up to you! Get a five-in-a-row bingo line, tackle the Nine World prompts in the centre (blue) or challenge the gods around the outside (yellow). This should mean you can increase or decrease how challenging you make your month. I’d love to hear what you’ve decided on!

All of the prompt explanations can be found on Louise’s sign-up post, so I’m just going to copy over the descriptions of the prompts that I plan on doing.

At this point, I plan on doing a line of five-in-a-row, going down the middle (because I like Thor’s and Freya’s prompts but can’t commit to tackling the prompts for ALL the gods next month). It doesn’t hurt that this line includes the “free” space (Asgard) either.

THOR, GOD OF THUNDER: Read a book that makes a lot of noise: hyped, controversial etc.


The Princess and the Fangirl by Ashley Poston (Once Upon a Con #2, I’ve seen it hyped up a lot, at any rate)

SVARTALFHEIM – LAND OF THE DWARVES: Read a book that’s less than 250 pages in length.


Exit Strategy by Martha Wells (Murderbot Diaries #4, 176 pages)

ASGARD – LAND OF THE ÆSIR GODS: Read any book you choose!


A Red Rose Chain by Seanan McGuire (October Daye #9, I’m not doubling-up any #mythothon2 prompts, but this will double-up with my #ADayeAMonth read-a-thon!)

MUSPELHEIM – REALM OF FIRE: Read a book with a “hot” coloured cover.


Heroine Complex by Sarah Kuhn (Heroine Complex #1, since it has yellow and hot pink and ACTUAL FIRE on the cover I think it counts)

FREYA, GODDESS OF LOVE, FERTILITY AND BEAUTY: Read a book with a beautiful cover.


Aru Shah and the End of Time by Roshani Chokshi (Pandava Quartet #1, I think the cover is pretty. I love the way the animals look especially)

So that’s my Setpember #mythothon2 TBR! It might not sound like a particularly ambitious plan for the month, but I’m trying to keep it to something I might actually finish.

Are you playing along with this too? If so, which challenge are you going for?

20 thoughts on “#mythothon Round 2

  1. This looks like so much fun!! I’m going to have to check it out. I don’t know if I’ll be able to commit, since my September is already mostly packed (thanks to all the fabulous new releases in September) but I might see what I can add.

    And I love all your picks! I’m looking forward to your updates.

    1. Oh no! I bought Heroine Complex the other day when I saw it in the bookstore, because I didn’t want to run into problems if my library didn’t have it. (I haven’t checked, though, so I don’t know if they do.) But hooray for Murderbot!

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