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BookWyrm’s Alphabeticals ~ J

I think “J” will be a little easier than “I” was. I hope so, anyway. Let’s find out!

Here are the rules as Alex posted them:

  • Credit Alex for the idea, and link back
  • Post at your own pace, do as many or as few letters as you want
  • Post your favourite authors, books and characters (ABCs) for a particular letter of the alphabet

You can find my other Alphabeticals posts here.


Authors beginning with ‘J’

Norton Juster, author of The Phantom Tollbooth, has to top my list of favorite “J” authors. Even though I’ve only read the one book of his, I really like it.

Diana Wynne Jones also belongs on this list. I’ve also only read one book of hers, but that book was Howl’s Moving Castle. So she’s earned her place on this list. Plus, I want to read more of her work.

Books beginning with ‘J’

The Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan is a book that I consider a favorite, but oddly I don’t remember it now. (I’m due for a re-read.) Still, I remember loving it.

Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë I think is one that will become more enjoyable with re-reads. I’ve only read it the once so far, but I did really enjoy it.

Characters beginning with ‘J’

Jilly Coppercorn from Charles de Lint’s Dreams Underfoot is a new (to me), but awesome, character. I’m looking forward to reading more about her.

Dr. John Watson is a character whose first name I always forget. (I was looking online at lists as a refresher, and that reminded me.) I always think of Sherlock Holmes’ friend only as “Doctor Watson,” but since his given name is John he belongs here and not with the “W”s.

series beginning with ‘J’

I thought I’d be able to come up with at least one series I liked beginning with “J”, but I can’t. They exist, but I haven’t read enough to consider any of them a favorite. (For example, I’ve only read one James Bond book, and only the first Jurassic Park book — and neither of those books were favorites at the time I read them. I don’t think either of those qualify for this.)

I thought about using James Potter as one of my favorite characters… but then I realized he’s not. Harry Potter might be a favorite, but his father? Not so much. (The way to change this would be to write a decent prequel about James’ time in school. Then again, based on flashbacks, that might not make me like James any more. I might like him less instead.)

11 thoughts on “BookWyrm’s Alphabeticals ~ J

    1. I really want to re-read Jurassic Park! I think when I read it I was annoyed that it wasn’t the same as the movie, and so I ended up disappointed in it. (Or maybe I just wasn’t into Crichton’s style at the time?) I suspect I’ll enjoy it a lot more now than I did then. 🙂

  1. I think that a James Potter prequel could be a good idea. He comes off rather poorly as we mostly see him through Snape’s eyes. But if Lily loved him and he had many devoted friends, then he must have had some good qualities. Plus he died trying to save his wife and son. That indicates that there was a good heart in there. I think he just needs a story that lets readers see those qualities.

    1. A well-written Mauraders prequel could be really great. But we’d need to get both sides of the story for it to really work, though. We’ve seen enough of the dark stuff from Snape’s memory that it would have to be in the prequel too, and not glossed over.

      Still. I’d 100% buy it.

  2. Yeah I’m not sure I know a J series either! I will agree with you that James Potter seemed rather a bully to me due to the flashbacks. It made him more real to me though. I mean sure he died protecting his baby son so he’s not all bad… but he’s not perfect either. Its so easy to be a bully when you’re part of an insular group. ❤️ I remember really enjoying The Joy Luck Club too! It’s a fascinating concept. But I really love learning Asian culture.

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