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Discworld Read-A-Long 2019: July Recap

I took a short break from Pratchett to re-read The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (I didn’t think I could handle reading Pratchett and Adams at the same time) but now it’s back to Discworld!

I have read:

2442Witches Abroad

I really enjoyed this one! It was great fun to have the Witches moonlighting as fairy godmothers, and I enjoyed the addition of voodoo to the mix. I loved the way the different fairy tales were twisted and retold in Discworld fashion, and the way they all fit together so nicely.

I guessed a few things going in to the story, and there were a few surprises as well. I really love Greebo, he’s an awesome cat. And the witch trio was as much fun as ever. In fact, this might be my favorite Discworld book yet. (It’s either this one or The Wee Free Men, so points to Pratchett’s witches for the top two spots. I think my third favorite so far is probably Soul Music, for the record.)

And I’m currently reading:

Lords and Ladies

I still want to stick with the Witches sub-series for now, and then move on to the Death sub-series. I’m not sure how long this plan will last, but it’s the plan for now at any rate.

Discworld RAL

Now: how about you? Let me know what you’ve read, what you liked, or what you didn’t.

And if you read a Discworld book this month and wrote a review, link it here! I’ll be drawing a random winner at the end of the year from all of the new reviews (book must have been read and reviewed in 2019) to win a fun prize!

Remember — reviews can be on your blog or on another site like Goodreads or LibraryThing! Anywhere there’s a URL you can link to will work.

Happy reading, and enjoy whatever journey to the Discworld you choose! I look forward to reading your reviews.

22 thoughts on “Discworld Read-A-Long 2019: July Recap

      1. I feel the same way. I read almost exclusively (actually, not even sure it was ‘almost’…) Pratchett in 2018, and this year I decided that I would only read a Pratchett book for every other book I read, and it’s made me enjoy the books so much more.

        1. I definitely think they aren’t books that you can enjoy quite as much if you read them exclusively without any breaks! I really enjoy Pratchett’s humor, but I like it most when it’s not the only thing I’m reading.

  1. I’m kicking myself that this is still on my TBR. Witches moonlighting as fairy godmothers sounds amazing! I think it’s the prospect of reading out of publication order that I find daunting.

    1. Pratchett himself apparently suggested not reading them in specific publication order. So I’d suggest picking a sub-series that interests you, and read those books! You can read those in order, and probably should. But don’t take “Discworld #1” as the required starting point.

      1. It’s not that it’s “required” it’s just that I’m quirky that way and feel like I need to read them in publication order… lol. Like it bothers me a little to read them out of order? (Okay it bothers me a lot.)

        1. I get that, but also know that the early books are not as good (IMO) as the later books. (I know some people who disagree, but I think his writing ability improved greatly as he hit his stride.) Maybe start with the YA Tiffany Aching series? It could be seen as a separate series in the same world. 🙂

          1. Like even with Mark Lawrence and everything, I want to read Red Sister because I know I’ll love it, but I feel like I should read all in order because it’s technically part of the same world/timeline. Grrh. This is what I do to myself.

    1. I think it’s certainly worth trying! Just… I wouldn’t start with book 1. I think you’d enjoy the Tiffany Aching series (YA Discworld) or the Witches sub-series (Adult Discworld + retellings) a lot more than the first couple of books, at least to start with.

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