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Limerick Linkity

Here, have some links! I bordered them this time with some screenshots of things that amused me on Facebook.


‘a human got me but nothing bad happened’ is a much more frequent thing than ‘a human got me and tried to eat me’

some good news about climate change (found via k m kat)

Fun fic about a child who was promised to 2 different witches (LGBTQ+ story, very touching, and I’d love to see this developed even further)

The god of Arepo (warning, I needed Kleenex for this one, also very touching)

I like the idea of making a winter blanket from this Snowflake Granny Square

The Hogwarts Interhouse Nuisance Orchestra

It’s been a while now, so all my knitter friends (and many non-knitters) probably already know about this, but Ravelry has banned support of white supremacy and, by extension, President Trump’s administration. I have been a Raveler since 2007 (I’m Raveler #2029!) and am proud to be a member of an organization that takes and stand when it’s needed. (They also have been very inclusive of the LGBTQ community and BIPOC designers, from what I can tell. And I applaud that as well.)


“Impromptu Dissection” would make a great band name. Just sayin’.


10 thoughts on “Limerick Linkity

  1. Ahahaha this is a great post! I love the math limericks and impromptu dissection (somebody should totally make that into a sci-fi story). I also read the God of Arepo- very good! Where do you find this stuff?

    1. The math limericks came from a Facebook post I saw, and the other links came from a variety of places. Sometimes they were things that other friends posted links to and I wanted to share also. Sometimes they were things I found randomly while browsing.

      1. It takes me forever to compile lists like this- do you save them as you go? In a folder or something? I’m just not organized enough I guess but I think I could save as I go!

        1. I do save them as I go! I’ll start a draft post, and just keep adding to it until I have “enough” stuff to publish it. I have so many draft WP posts, though. I keep draft copies of all my regular blog series so that I don’t have to remember how I did it before and can write the next post more easily.

          1. Haha- I have almost nothing in draft. Wish I did! Somehow it seems like more work to write an unfinished post than to start from scratch.

          2. My problem is I’m too scatter brained. Sometimes I’ll start a post with a very specific goal in mind and if I come back to it later I won’t like it as much and it will get deleted, or I’ll lose confidence in myself or some other silly thing. So I just have to blog as I go- a lot of posts are written at the midnight hour the night before, but otherwise I try to do all of my blog posts on Saturday and get them scheduled out for the week.

          3. That makes sense! Most of the posts I have drafts of are for my ongoing blog series or the one draft where I collect any links to share until I have enough. Discussion posts or reviews I don’t usually keep as drafts.

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