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Mini Book Reviews (All the Birds, One Word Kill, Geekerella)

Here are a few mini-reviews of books I’ve read over the past month or two. Since I’m not posting snippets of my books reviews with my monthly recaps any more, I thought I’d try doing it this way instead. I’m leaning toward making this a monthly thing, so you should be seeing more of these in the future.

28369444._SY475_ All the Birds in the Sky by Charlie Jane Anders

This is a rare book that is both fantasy and sci-fi. It’s for books like this that the term “speculative fiction” seem made for. (It also has quite a bit of dystopian fiction thrown in in the last third, there.)

But… did I like it? I don’t know. It was interesting, that’s for sure. And I read it quickly. But I only sort-of liked the main characters and I didn’t really like any of the secondary characters. Some of the secondary characters I actively disliked. I thought a lot of the plot was too big and yet also too easy. And lastly, the price paid at the end – even though it was a price paid for something smaller than Saving The World – was barely even a price. They got past the cost way too easily.

To me, this book was a little bit like The Night Circus but not nearly as beautifully done. I can certainly see why it was nominated for & won awards. It makes the reader think. But I don’t personally think it holds a candle to what it could have been.

39792427One Word Kill by Mark Lawrence

Enjoyable book about a teenager who discovers he has leukemia but there might be a way to guarantee he survives cancer if he follows the advice of a time-traveller. I don’t know if I would have picked up this book if it weren’t for the heavy use of D&D as a plot device. The D&D isn’t magical or anything, but it is used a lot as a metaphor for what the characters are going through in real life, and the players are all completely believable to someone (me) who started playing D&D at age 13. I know people like that. I have gamed with people like that.

To be honest, the D&D part was my favorite part of the book. The rest of the plot didn’t matter nearly as much to me. Also, while this is book 1 in a series I don’t intend at this point to read the rest of the series because I feel this ended the plot perfectly.

33224718Geekerella by Ashley Poston

Super cute contemporary romance about a pair of fans who meet and fall in love under unlikely circumstances.

Reading the blurb I was expecting insta-love, since this is a Cinderella story (and the classic Cinderella is kinda the definition of insta-love). However, that aspect of the re-telling was handled much better than I expected, and I really enjoyed the entire thing.

I think my favorite scene was the one that poked at the “geek girls are lying about being geeks just to get the guy” scene. That is something that every geek girl has probably had to deal with at least once. And I love how that is resolved in this book.

So there we go! Three mini reviews of books I’ve read lately. Have you read any of these? If so, what did you think of them?

9 thoughts on “Mini Book Reviews (All the Birds, One Word Kill, Geekerella)

  1. I read half of all the birds in the sky and I really loved it. Then the book switched in tone and scope and i lost interest. I put it down and meant to pick it back up but never did. Now I be unsure. Do love this new mini-review feature though.
    x The Captain

    1. Thanks! I plan to do at least one mini-review at least once a month.

      I liked the beginning of All The Birds in the Sky a lot better than the second half too, so it might not be worth it to you to finish it. It just seemed to lose all the magic that the first half had. Oh well, I know a lot of people enjoyed it more than I did.

  2. So where were all these geek girls back when I was in college? Oh wait, I wasn’t that tall, devastatingly handsome guy. I was just ordinary.

    I don’t even know where I was going with that! Sigh….

    I do like the mini-review thing. More people seem to be doing it recently…

  3. Great review of Geekerella! The dealing with the “fake geek girls” line of thinking was one of my favorite parts of the book 😀 I liked how they handled it too. Are you going to read The Princess and The Fangirl now?

    1. I’m going to read The Princess and the Fangirl soon! I bought it immediately upon finishing Geekerella, but have another ebook that I want to read first. On the other hand, Geekerella was such a quick read that maybe I should read TP&TF first after all. 🙂

    1. I’ve heard from other non-D&D players that One Word Kill was still fun, but it is a large component of the protagonist’s social activities. It doesn’t really impact the plot, so you might still enjoy it. I’d check out other reviews first, though.

      I need to read the sequel to Geekerella soon too!

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